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  1. Im Mr Brightwork

    so another evening in the garage and another step closer to finishing the car, a few bits went on tonight, the grills and the wipers. i also managed to wrap the new parcel shelf in a brown material i found, just to cover up the speakers. might do this black if the brown doesnt fit in with the rest of the interior.
  2. Weird Ignition Issues

    morning sir! it sounds like you a bit more of a problem than your ignition switch, might be worth looking at what the previous owner did?! i had very similar issues, where the previous owner had cut and spliced in many different wires for radios, switches, buttons, lights etc... in the end i was left with no choice but to cut everything back to the fusebox and start again, just to know that i had everything correct. best place to start is to find the correct wiring diagram for your model
  3. My Custom Console(s) Part 1

    I feel your pain! ive been really struggling with the center console in my build. its hard to visualise how it will look in the car whilst theres no interior. youve done a cracking job on yours and it really will suit the build
  4. Door Cards

    Another day closer to the end, i'm really pushing hard to try and get this finished now before winter, i want to get it back to my house before winter sets in. so after my success with the arm rests i set about cleaning and painting the old door cards, i figure i couldnt make the look any worse than they already are! The original dirty door cards, worked out that the burning came from the previous owner who welded in seat belt mounts without removing the door cards.. thanks chum! I think we can all agree they look pretty horrible, and i dont really want to put these back in the car after all the work i've done. Cleaned off the crud with some non-acidic citrus cleaner, really good stuff, and after a quick dry in the "sun" they were ready for some masking tape and prepped for paint. as with the front arm rests, the rears would need to be done too, so a little clean and dry, these were also ready for some spray. i chose to use the same 'Direct to Vinyl' spray from rustoleum, its a great product and goes on well. My only word of advise is, it does come out a bit wet, so recommend many light coats, not one heavy coat.. you will get the runs Painted and Drying. This photo was taken after two coats of the paint and a bit of curing in the sun. With the bits all screwed back on, i think its looking pretty dang good! the bottom part of the door card is slightly shiny compared to the original black top, i hope this fades over time. Sitting in place in the car, not secured down but so far not to bad! You may be wondering why i have left the chrome trim a bit tatty? its a conscious decision to leave the car with some characteristics of its former life. i didnt want to strip every ounce of character the car had, so i am leaving the interior trim and all exterior trim with the bumps, scuffs and marks they came with. whilst i was waiting for various interior parts to dry, i got cleaning with the calipers and licked a fresh coat of black VHT paint on them. Much Better back down the garage again this evening for more work!
  5. Hey all, i had an issue in the past with my dirty old arm rests, they were brown, cracked and one was missing the support so it was really floppy and not much support for your arm. i was on the hunt for some black arm rests to go with the black interior, however these seem to be hard to come by in good condition, so i opted for a grey arm rest which i would clean up and paint with Rustoleum Direct to Vinyl Black Gloss Spray Paint. The arm rests were particularly dirty and grubby when i got hold of them, also slightly sticky and smelly, YUK! a quick rub down with some thinners and a rag to remove dirt and grime. and then a quick dust coat with the Paint. The paint adheres very well and comes out of the tin very well. i let it sit for around 20minutes to go off a bit more before the first pass. already looking really nice! i took a close up shot to show the paint sitting nicely in the fabrics contours. i have to leave them for 24hrs before they are totally dry and ready for one more coat just to cover any areas that were missed. but so far i think they look really nice. also had a chance to test fit the new parcel shelf which will be wrapped in a black cloth. the Boot lock also arrived and after many months of having an open boot, i finally have a closing, lockable boot! result until next time
  6. Engine is Ready to Rumble

  7. Center Console

    Hopefully going to add to this as the build progresses but the plan is to make a smart custom center console to house all my bits and bobs. To start off with, i got hold of a nice longer center console, i like these a lot more as they make the cockpit feel a bit more snug, i still have the original smaller one just incase this plan doesnt work. This wouldnt fit my car as standard as i have a round gearstick and the hole on this is square, dont worry about this for now as i have plans for that piece. it was so grubby when this arrived and full of cigarette ash and dirt, the vinly was ripped and the holes on the sides, well, there was more holes on the sides than there was wood! it would have to be stripped back to bare wood. at this stage, we started to fill the holes up with some upol filler, sand them back and then use some blocker to get a nice smooth finish. blocker on and setting (i will come back to this after as you will see the filler primer didnt fill the gaps very well so will probably have to skim the whole side. going back to the center support (gearstick holder). i decided that i wanted to use this part as it was nicely cut and the correct size. after some cutting and stripping back of the vinyl and foam, i was left with this. i threw some primer down on it just to protect the bare metal but i will cover this in black and lacquer it, hoping to use the holes in the top or sides for the airride switches, could look quite cool and a bit factory if i can get them mounted in there. for now the project ended with a bit of filler primer on one of the sides just to get an idea of how it would sit or if the old composite wood would just soak up the primer. it was a very cold night so had to leave it inside to dry off, we will find out how it comes out in the next thrilling installment of Center Console!!!
  8. Sub Frame Install and update

  9. how about a taught wire placed conveniently at neck height of a child... one slip and bam, a self garroting. see how much lying the kid can do with a lacerated larynx
  10. Had a delivery of a small tube of silicone so i shot over to the garage to get my aerial fitted. from previous blog entries you may have seen that the old holes were in the wrong place for the new bracket so i had to modify the original bracket to fit the new aerial. doesn't look to bad! because of the original and the new bracket a slightly different shape, i used a small dab of silicone behind the plate just to keep the water from seeping in behind, not that it will but i just wanted to be sure. once the silicone goes off i will trim off the little excess there is. i also had a visit from james dad, Paul. he popped over to talk about the possibility of fitting AirRide to the car. it seems do-able using the coilovers i already have a modifying the rear trailing arm to a bellow bag on the rear. the only issue i am having is getting the Air Aero Sports bags in the UK for a good price, obvs over there in the good old US of A, they are $175 each.. over here they are £250!! we also chatted about a new straight pipe for my exhaust, so i drew him a little picture and cut a bit of pipe, hes off to get one made for me as he has a friend with a big bender enjoy x
  11. Wheel Fitment Question

    feel free to slide into my DM's if you wanna chat about it
  12. Wheel Fitment Question

    you could fit them if you ran stretched tyres.... just saying its possible i ran 8j's up back with some 185/45's worked ok, obvs had to cut away the arches up a bit and also hardtail the suspension.. but it can be done
  13. Howdy all, i'm reaching the arse-end of this restoration now and it's driving me wild, im so close yet i feel so far away from finishing. the last few bits are the horrible bits which have been left and its causing me much distress.. so, i thought i would give my good friend martin a call (the man from autoglass) to get some screens in. whilst he was there i wired in the new amp and some new rca's for the rears. first 30 minutes was spent trying to work out which rubber was the front and which was the back... with a little bit of research we discovered the ones with the corners is the front its nice having the right tools for the job, stretched the rubbers over the glass and got them ready to fit we went with the old tried and tested method of using a cord and me being inside pulling the cord whilst he pushed from the outside. rear in, the new rubbers are a real treat and fit like a glove! from the inside big mart fitting that strip, oooohh yeahhh all stripped up and fitted, snug as a bug front in avec le strip.. you're all probably noticing the gap in the trim, ive managed to lose the little filler bits, more things to find whilst martin was fitting the strips i worked on this mess. new amp is savage and sounds amazing! just need to secure it down in the gap under the seat, maybe using a bit of double sided velcro so i can remove it if needed. bit of a dark photo, but heres some of the wires which have had to be run up front, it looks such a mess but i hope its all going to be nice and hidden when everything goes back together. also had a bang at straightening out a wonky wheel more to come this week!
  14. Driving my 2002 in 2017.

    great little story! well done on the prize, car looks fantastic
  15. so this weekend i started finalizing the wiring for the aftermarket sound system, i really didnt want it to go to all this effort for it not to sound as good as possible, so i actually ordered a much nicer focal amp (Still waiting for delivery) but for now just used an old lanzar amp i had knocking about to check the signal and wiring was correct. a real tangle of all sorts of speaker,power,earth,rca's and remote wires all in one area and all over sized at the moment, will defo cut these down and tidy it up before final fitting under the rear seat and hopefully! never been seen again. have run all the cable seperatly to avoid interference from the power into the RCA's or speaker wires. its been a real fun job doing the sound system from a comple blank canvas to actually turning the ignition and it working first time! was really pleased with how it sounds even with just the rear deck wired in. have got a short video which i will upload soon maybe so you can see/hear a taster, but i would like to get a proper video after the car has finished to show it off, its more SQ than SPL. along with this, i had painted my bumper supports in the same stone guard black was happy with how they came out after a little bit of rubbing down and some nice etched primer. (Excuse the mess) i wasn't very happy however with how they mount with that horrible captive spinning nut thing inside the chassis rail.. so we went in with a little rail modification and a bit nut bolt and washer combo.. it was drilled and sealed up with primer and stone guard before the nut and bolt applied.. very happy with this actually as will make bumper removal much quicker and easier. still unsure if i will add another hole for stability as i quite like one at the moment so i can adjust the bumper to sit perfect. thought i would snap a quick shot of the inner wheel arch at the moment as i thought it was looking rather tidy, kinda annoyed i didnt get a picture before as it was horrible beyond imagination. just waiting for the calipers back so i can start on the front brakes!!!