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  1. thank you so much for this! i will have them make me some period correct style belts with enhanced saftey
  2. ive tried searching everywhere, and i cant find anything that looks half decent and isnt £1000
  3. this was my worry, i cant find any online
  4. i will take a picture when i get home, should be too long thanks
  5. i have, and i dont know how, managed to lose one of my sets of lap belts for the passagers seat (LH side). would anyone happen to have one or a set of OE belts for sale? i cannot find one anywhere in the UK so have to reach out to you guys in the US and see if someone can help. i have spoken with Blunttech and the shipping is very expensive for what it is. if someone does have one i might be able to arrange someone to bring it over to the UK for me so delivery would be within the US for you. thanks Laurence
  6. larryt

    Finished.. For Now

    its not been easy, the purest in me wanted to keep it nice and original but there was too many bits missing or been changed to make that happen. so the next best option was just to take it in the opposite direction
  7. so we finally got there, its running and riding. it needs the diff oil changing and the tranny oil could do with a refresh, but its running like a beaut thanks to all the help and advice from everyone on the forum. i genuinely couldnt have done this without all your help and insight, its been invaluable. i have a video of it running but it wont let me upload it to the site, i will upload it to youtube and get it linked on this thread asap.
  8. so this wire on mine is new, but i will double check
  9. larryt

    Funky Window Movement

    I will get a video of it tonight and upload it to youtube so i can show you, it doesnt really bother me that much, would just like a smooooother movement
  10. i will have a dig about and re-wire and get back to you with an update! thanks
  11. afternoon all! so my dilemma isnt as such a problem more a confusing situation. after installing both my front windows into their new homes, using all the original bolts/connectors/slideybits/stoppers etc. i have noticed that the passenger window slides up and down nicely with no extra movement backandforth. however the drivers window is "home" when its at the top and bottom, however on the way it dips away from the front quaterlight runner, and finally as it reaches the bottom it slides back into place.. very odd! i have checked both sides of the car and the internally door mech is setup exactly the same on both sides, also both windows are new and were installed into their running tracks by my good self. any help would be appreciated thanks Laurence
  12. i have the same problem! my fuel gauge is acting up big time. since re-assembling the car, the fuel gauge wasnt working at all, so i switched the wires on the sender and the gauge jumped to the top. this assures me that there is some power there. now when i run my stereo the gauge actually moves in time with the music, as cool as this looks (down with the kids flashing lights/moving things etc..) i would much rather it serve its function as a fuel gauge! any ideas?
  13. larryt

    Under bonnet stickers

    where abouts in london are you dude? could do with a set of these if youre able to print me some? im down in kent but travel into london every day for work
  14. larryt

    New 1600 Owner

    welcome mate! bristol is a fantastic colour! would love to see some pics