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  1. Brake Caliper Binding Brakes

    it should be back on the road very soon so i will see how it goes then thanks
  2. Brake Caliper Binding Brakes

    the pistons are good, they were replaced a few years back, but just been out of use for the last two years so maybe you right, just need a good pumping thanks
  3. gangalang. whilst the cars not been in use the brakes have all been apart, now ive come to put them all back together and fit them up, im noticing that the front driver side caliper is making the disk bind. i free'd up the pistons using a gclamp so they are fully depressed, however when i actually bolt the caliper to the hub/strut, it makes the disk not be able to turn very freely. could the hub/caliper be warped or would it be the disks/pads anyone else had similar problems
  4. Havent actually posted in ages, not because i havent been working on the car, its the contrary, ive been there as much as possible evening and weekend and really working my socks off to get it finished before its just too cold to work on it. since my last post ive managed to install the new hardlines up front for the brakes, the new flexis to the calipers. fitted all the braking bits and got the system ready to receive the re-conditioned Master Cylinder. i should have taken some before pictures of the M/C however here is an after shot this was an original part which was re-conditioned by a company in england. really happy with how it came out and the turn around was really quick and reasonably priced. fitted up went in like a dream ive also ordered all the service bits for the car so i can fill it with nice new fluids before we start it up note: the oil filter is wrong! ive sent them an email and i am getting a new one soon slight disaster with the servo the bleed nipple sheeered off inside the body, going to have to drill it out and replace before i can bleed it all. :'( makes me sad, was so close to getting it done today. on a positive note, getting closer to a final decision with the center console, and even finished the speaker pods to give me some back pressure on the front mids and to stop any phasing of the speakers. made from heavy duty cardboard tube and filled with sound insulation to dampen any vibrations a final shot of the console mocked up. will probably change the orientation of the ashtray and button holder as there is some depth issues with the ash tray. the whole console will eventually be flocked in black to help it tie in with the interior of the car. this week: hopefully will get back to the garage and get the pesky broken nipple out and get it fitted back up, a good thing which has come out of this, is it gives me a chance to clean the servos and paint them before they go back in. its just more and more things to do before the january deadline wish me luck
  5. guys, i have searched this forum for the answer and i cant find it, ive also looked in my books and online articles and i just cant find the correct size for the bleed nipple on the top of the brake servo. mine sheered off inside the body today so i need a new one. appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction thanks
  6. Fluids and Flushing

    this is interesting reading, will look at some GL-5 Product for the rear diff, thanks for the help
  7. Fluids and Flushing

    i got 2 quarts of RED LINE MTL 75W80 GL-4 Gear Oil. ill fill the gearbox up first and then whatevers left ill throw in the diff, hopefully itll be enough
  8. Fluids and Flushing

    BRILLIANT! and one final thing.. how many quarts/ml do i need to buy to do Diff and Gearbox? ta
  9. Fluids and Flushing

    would this be ok? https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/car-tranmission-oils/manual-transmission-fluids/?522776052&0&cc5_868 sorry to ask so many questions i just want to make sure i get this right first time! ive had far too many things go wrong up to this point and i cant deal with/afford many more mistakes! haha thanks
  10. Fluids and Flushing

    i managed to get a second hand one for £40 which was seized and the bore was rusted from water damage. sent it off to a firm and they have re-conditioned it, bored the M/C and sleeved it was a stainless tube. all powdercoated and done, cost me £112.50 + the cost of the M/C. this was slighty cheaper than a £480 NOS from Jaymic
  11. Fluids and Flushing

    everything at the front has been replaced, new brake lines, flexis and a reconditioned M/C. so its a good time to drain the whole system out and start a fresh with nice new lines. i didnt bother changing the hardlines to the rear as they are fine and will just flush them out with some dot4 i have left over from the last topup. then ill go for a full bleed and re-fill. very exciting times but i thought i would ask these questions as i dont wanna mess things up at the most crucial point. thanks so much for your advise! i might Pm you soon if i get stuck
  12. Fluids and Flushing

    amazing mike, thanks for your help. i've always used 20-50 in the past but just wanted to be certain it was correct. would this be ok to use in the trans and the diff? i've got a 69 1600-2 so has the early box. https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/-/-/-/-/?522773382&0&cc5_868&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInuWa4vK71wIVZ7vtCh0zygPmEAkYAiABEgKMpvD_BwE i'm going for any DOT4 for the brake fluid, just wondered if anything else would improve them for me. Also is it advisable to get new drain plugs for the sump,diff and transmission when i do the fluids change?
  13. Heatshield Bolts - Size Please

    you are a hero! saved the day for me. gonna order them up and get it fitted this week
  14. i know most of you are in the US, but i know you can help me more than my local eurocarparts. I'm getting very close to finishing the car and wanted to do a full fluids flush and refill. including the Gearbox and Diff. could someone please give me a definitive list of the fluids i will need to replace and if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with certain brands. Engine Oil - Gearbox/Trans Oil - Diff Oil - Engine Coolant - Brake Fluid - Engine Flush - Radiator Flush - any others i should be using - thank you so much!
  15. Hi gang, just a quick one please i cant find any information on the size of the two bolts which hold the heatshield onto the exhaust manifold ive lost mine and need to get this car finished asap, can anyone advise what i should be looking for??. thanks