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  1. the rears look too long imo. pretty useless but the front might work. would need to cut your hubs and weld these on. as for lenght im not sure you'd get that much drop as the e30 coilovers might be longer than e10 one.
  2. Too nice to drive?

    get in it and take it for a spin, its going to get dirty eventually
  3. apologies for this as i have seen a previous post on this however i am wondering if someone could give me some more information that ive previously found. i have had some pooling of oil in the two small wells next to the dizzy (on the housing/head connection) i removed the dizzy housing and cleaned it up, upon inspection i noticed that there was a small crak on the shaft where the dizzy goes into, this isnt huge but could oil be leaking from this? also there was a fair bit of red silcone sealant all over the mating faces of the dizzy housing and the end of the head. also another small crack on the end of the head which doesnt look to be part of any oils ways (will get a photo of this asap). anyway i noticed on a previous thread that someone had said i need a special washer? none of the 5 bolts i removed had a washer on them, therefore which should i get and which one does it go on? i will take the housing off again soon and clean it up the best i can, i want to apply some sealant to both faces of the housing and the end of the head, should i be looking to put sealant anywhere else? also should i replace the Oring on the dizzy as oil could be coming up through this? so so sorry for all the questions but ive never experienced anything like this and its frustrating and causing me a small but potent oil leak onto the manifold and meaning i cant use the car
  4. Oops I bought it.

    nice, looks like a great base for a project! for your KFish issues, there was an episode of Wheeler Dealers where they were refurbishing an TII and they took the Kfish unit to be reconditioned and i believe it was about $600 but dont hold me to that.
  5. Rear axle nut stuck

    i cut them off with an angle grinder and bought new ones
  6. thank you so much, this is great
  7. re-hashing this old topic.. ive just re-installed the fuel tank and sender unit in my car after a de-rusting of the fuel tank. the lifter i have has 2 outputs on the top and two wires connected, either way round, there isnt a reading on the fuel gauge up front. i have about 4gallons of fuel in the tank at the moment so there should be a reading. also when you turn the ignition on the fuel gauge needle jumps from resting position to the bottom of the red line on the gauge.. any idea? calibration or physically not enough fuel in there to register. thanks
  8. yeah this is fantastic, lovely attention to detail and great to see another car being kept on the road, regardless of the money it costs, the time is takes is priceless. very excited to see the rest of the process
  9. WaterTight-ish

    Hi all, another weekend passes and the closer i get to getting the car finished and roadworthy. i managed to get the front windows in and the door seals in, however the doors are now proving difficult to close.. any ideas? the front bumper needs some work before i can re-attach it, this requires me to put the car back up on stands AGAIN.. ill get to that this weekend as its been up and down more times than i can remember. also i started putting on some of the trim and the badges the number plate is held on with magnets which have been covered so they dont scratch the paint, its great and allows me to remove the plate for cleaning and aesthetics.
  10. Long time gone

    the air is for the old car
  11. Long time gone

    Good day to you all!, sorry its been such a long time in between posting updates but ive just been working my hardest to try and get this finished now as my time in the garage is coming to a close, and i must be out before march. ive been really bad with taking photos of everything that ive been doing but i have managed to get a few pictures for your delectation. first off, i did treat myself to a new car, loving it thats enough of that new rubbish, back to the rust and old bits!! so me and the old man popped down the garage to get the brakes bleed and the clutch sorted a little oil change for the beast, was actually fairly clean oil however i know its been sitting for about 4 years without a change so was worth doing! a lovely new pump i managed to get from a gentleman in croatia, it works so well! i cant believe i was using that old one for so long and actually getting anywhere in the car. picture of the bay, i know that the paint around the edges is a bit shonky, but thats all cosmetic and i can fix that another time, the main point is to get everything working as it should so it can be driven soon. pretty happy with how clean the engine looks now. then onto the next challenge.... lots of air ride bits! i really hope that i can get a good video of the fitting process as it would be helpful for future any questions on airride just shout
  12. Custom Air Ride Article

    i dont think it'll "hop" like a hydro car!
  13. Custom Air Ride Article

    The front bags im using Aero Sport Universal Bag over Coil setup. The rear bags are F9000 Firestone bags Custom brackets for the rear to attach to the swing arm and then the spring mount will be cut away to allow attachment to the body/load bearing point. a single 444c Viair Compressor 5 Gallon Tank 2 Way manual electric setup using 4 solenoids and switches. The reason i've decided to go homemade is that i had a quote from a reputable company in the UK and they wanted nearly 5000 Pounds for a full kit including the installation. seemed like an awful lot to me and when i started to price up the parts of designing my own kit. so far i've managed to pick up some parts new and some parts second hand and i'm at about 900 Pounds for what i have at the moment. im just waiting to find out what solenoids i need and the air line, but i should be able to bring it in for just over 1000 Pounds. i will get a video together as at the moment i couldn't find anything to actually explain how to wire it anyway. it will be a trial and error video as i'm sure i will come across issues.
  14. Hi guys, i am about to embark on a full airride installation on the 1600-2. Ive near enough worked out everything im going to need to make it work, and worked out how to install the bags in the rear and wire the whole thing up.. my question was, would anyone be interested in seeing a video of the process? i was thinking of making a video for youtube/the forum however its not worth making if no ones going to want to watch it. thanks
  15. Leather dye?

    +1 for getting someone else to do it. its a very tedious job and can get very messy if you start getting dye all over the house/garage/car/human.