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  1. Agree everything else is inferior to autosol, if applied correctly and following the rotation of the wheel you wil not get scratches or gouges. using clean clothes to wipe off. see below pics of just auto sol'd wheel i really like the gtechniq C5 Wheel Armor. lasts 6 months at least and very easy to apply
  2. thanks man, yeah based in the UK, house dates back to about 1560's.
  3. I just had to throw a picture of these up for you guys. im chuffed with how they have come out, just a little polish with some autosol, i will get a bit more serious with some other polish and then seal these suckers up! tyres next everyone knows the germans make the best porn
  4. very nice work, love to see some customisation with the intake and home made gaskets! they charge too much for those things
  5. thanks roark! just making sure everything is done to the best standard i can, got a few more bits done last night and will probably be down again tonight.. no rest for the wicked i got the carpets from a guy in the UK who makes sets for all BMW's. i think they were about £220 for a full set and they are really nice quality. i fitted the tunnel carpet last night so i can start working on the center console i'll try to get some pictures for you
  6. thanks for your help! i will replace the rubber and adjust my length accordingly. half an inch makes all the difference
  7. thanks for this, i did try adjusting the coupler. it does seem slightly odd that ive not changed anything but ive lost an inch or so. ive just order a new rubber for the coupler so i will give it a nice clean out and re-assemble and hopefully get that inch back!
  8. hi all, this weekend ive removed and cleaned my steering box, changed my track rods and center sections and removed and cleaned the steering column. the coupler was covered in oil and muck also so this took a dip in the parts washer. when i came to refitting everything, it was going so well (a little too well!) the track rods and center section went in nicely, the steering box fitted perfectly.. when i slid the coupler onto the column and attached it all together i was very happy.. then i came to try and refit the cowling for the steering wheel (after 3hrs of re-wiring under the dash) and What the HECK!? why is my steering column about an inch too short?!?
  9. The car is getting closer and closer to being able to be driven, but the closer i get the more i see there is to do! this weekend i managed to fit some important bits and address some of the questionable wiring from the previous owners. quick pic of it up on the stands, really nice to have the car in the garage and i can work on it in the dry! so the first job was to replace the horrible track rods and center section. i didnt get a picture of the before but i removed the whole steering assembly including the box and gave it all a good clean up before refit. going to be nice to have full adjustment on the tracking finally and be able to get it to track in a straight line finally! i have a before picture of the wiring we found under the dash ! :/ see below if you dare crazy amounts of rubbish! not even sure what the previous owner was trying to achieve but it wasnt working for me either way.. time to strip it all back to the essentials. this job took me much longer than i wanted but i needed to make sure it was correct. pretty happy with the results. everything nice and tidy, everything that wasnt needed was removed and all the connections checked and headshrinked to protect them. fitted the pedal box back in aswell (see above photo) this includes the cleaned and new sealed clutch slave, just waiting for the brake master! i sent the hubs off to my man big tony he helped me out massivly and pressed the new longer studs in for me! as im running these magnesium wheels, the face of them is much deeper than usual and the offset means i needed to press a super long stud in, room for spacers and safely being able to tighten the lugs up. rebuilt the hubs (excuse the overspray on the coilovers.. i need to get some thinners and remove this. cheeky test fit.. think its gonna look real smart when its rollin'. james and dad helped me out over the past few weekends, james's old man came down and took a few photos of the boys at work . if youre wondering where i am.. im underneath the car trying to get things off or put something on! hahah next job: get the windows fitted and start fitting up the new carpets and seats!
  10. So, ive been quiet recently, ive had my head down in the garage working on bits that arent very interesting.. lots of cleaning and painting underneath. removing bits and refitting bits. got a few snaps from last night when i test fitted the wheels posing with the project Porsche BBS E32's - Harder to get to fit but will be worth it
  11. ive done it!!!! i managed to get various hacksaws on the stubborn ones and worked myself silly to cut the heads off and remove the manifold! the studs that were left in just took some work with a pair of grips! so happy with the work i managed to do! got the steering arms and center section off, got the steering box out and its in very good condition (was covered in grease which has protected it!) a very good day! now i have to start cleaning them up and putting them back. thanks for all your help guys
  12. good thought about the chisel, its a bad idea and may damage the block. i think im going to try an old school hacksaw and just work slowly on it! im sure itll eventually come off hahaha first job tomorrow, pb blaster and mole grips, second job 4hrs of hacksawing in a tiny space and smashing my knuckles on everything
  13. there doesnt seem to be enough space to get anything onto the nut. im potentially thinking of using a large chizle and a hammer and just trying to take the head off the stud. at the moment im left with three still in, 1 is round 1 is out of reach (bottom rear) and the other cant come out because i cant get the other 7 out to pull the manifold off and unscrew the stud.. never thought changing the manifold would be so difficult! should have just filled the edges with liquid gasket! hahah will update after tomorrow when i will be trying to get them out again
  14. i can see it from underneath as the car is up on stands, i can lay underthere and i can get to it, but its very very tight in there.. i have purchased a set of vice grips and a new blowtorch.. this will be my first port of call. otherwise i may have to drop the engine out through the bottom of the car whilst its on stands... not ideal but probably easier that removing that b*strd rear stud