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    I have built a Heidegger Valve Cover replica that I will produce in limited numbers. So if you know anyone interested, please let me know. You can see more on my Instagram page @timjasonperformance


  2. wasnt that happy with the look so i changed it up again
  3. Im waiting for some more to come through at the moment, but i will upload a selection when i get them
  4. She did me proud and traveled over 400 miles without a hickup. looked the nuts on the stand and everyone loved it. thank you to everyone on here who was able to offer me help or advise during the build.
  5. hi mate, just waiting for the weather to pick up over here and ill make a start. ive nearly got everything ready to go now
  6. morning gang. just having a few thoughts around the best way to Safely install airride to the rear of my 1600-2. i have some slim rear sleeve bags for the rear which will go in place of the springs. i will mount these "upside down" so that the larger section of the "bag" will sit on the base of the spring (on the trailing arm) and the thinner top of the bag will be against the body (where the spring currently sits) i would like to know the distance or diameter(red line) of the standard spring so i can start to design bag mounts for the top of the bag. also does anyone know if it would be possible to mount something on the trailing arm (yellow line). thanks in advance Laurence
  7. yeh i agree im looking for 5x112 hubs
  8. hi, the hub is below https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/momo-steering-boss-for-bmw-1502-2002-no-airbag-155 and the spacer was https://www.demon-tweeks.com/momo-15mm-hub-spacer-kit-momm12114111111/?istCompanyId=a2904180-3a7d-4e56-b876-cf81c9512180&istItemId=-xpwaariqrm&istBid=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI26uNiayw3gIV7b_tCh2RfQYsEAQYAiABEgKvr_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds im sure you can find the same in the US
  9. yeh i went with the MOMO hub and adapter plate for my nardi, looks and fits perfectly well.
  10. after reading everyones advise, i think im going to try and pick up a 2ltr to drop in it. https://forum.bmw2002.co.uk/discussion/1589/engine-wanted-m10#latest - i have posted on this forum, not sure if there is another one over here but ive always frequented this one. the m10 on ebay for sale is this one, from an e30 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E30-M10-Engine-93k-Low-Mileage-E10-E21-E12-E28-2002/132795385843?hash=item1eeb38c7f3:g:7K8AAOSwy09bguql:rk:1:pf:0 not much else there
  11. offload everything to the UK for me. im struggling so much to find anything over here thats even vaguely useful. ive found one m10 2lt with an autobox attached, and he wants £600. i have cast my net out on the Uk forum to see if anyone has anything but its highly unlikely.
  12. thank you so much for everyone input on this, i think i'll try my best to source the bits to go for a 1600ti clone, its hard getting parts in the UK but if someone could give me a little list of bits to start looking for i can start collecting. the engine in the car is solid and doesnt NEED to be changed but as i recently got a new 525d, ive noticed the power difference is astronomical.
  13. This is a good start, whats my carb options tho. im so lost with it all and at my wits end with slowness
  14. hey guys, i know this subject has been approached before for the 2.0lt engines, but what (if any) are my choices for increasing the power output of my 1600? is it worth it at all? ideally i dont want to do a swap, id like to keep the stock engine in the car but im finding it more and more dull to drive. any advise very welcome. thanks
  15. very strange, what sort of benefit would that give you :S
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