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  1. I have the factory Behr a/c unit ,thats the evap unit , the covers , the ash tray and the wiring $750 plus shipping

  2. Fellow enthusiats, I would like to install A/C in my 2002. Does anybody have a set for sale? I can use modern parts under the hood, someone has the Center console maybe? Any help is appreciated. JW
  3. Hi People, I want to install A/C in my 2002. Does anybody have a set on offer? Or maybe just the parts in the interior? Thanks in advance, [email protected]
  4. This is a rare opportunity to buy Original Seats + Rear seat for the BMW 2002 Turbo. This interior cannot miss in a perfectly restored BMW 2002 Turbo. Only 1672 cars were built, so the seats are a very rare item. -Left Seat for 2002 Turbo -Rear Seat for 2002 Turbo -2 Parts for the rear seat for 2002 Turbo. The doorpanels for the 2002 Turbo are the same as other late 2002's. The seat rails are the same as normal 2002's, these are interchangeable. The condition is very good. No cracks or tears. Folding and adjusting function works as it should. Ready to mount. Many many pictures below.. View them carefully for exact condition. (Tomorrow!) Price for the Interior is 9000 Euro. These are located in the Netherlands. Shipping on a Europallet to Belgium/Netherlands/Germany 125 euro's. Shipping to most other European countries 150-350 euro's. I will send worldwide to any country in the world, but will have to ask for exact quote. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to help you.
  5. Hi all, I'm restoring a BMW 2002 Turbo. I'm nearing completion and i need the right color for the front bezel of the instrument cluster. It's a bit of red brick red. Anyone an ID on the exact color? Where can i find out? Please help.
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