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  1. I have a 123 in my 74 tii and don't use any vacuum retard
  2. Take a look at the manual pages posted by gallian93 It shows the timing at 0 - 9 depending on year/model at 1000 RPM
  3. Thanks! Looks like my advance curve is close Now I need to figure out the retard and how mm Hg relates to the units the 123Ignition uses
  4. I bought the bluetooth version a while ago. I have a '74 Tii stock build as far as I know. I've tried various curves but haven't found what I like. I've attached the curves I'm currently running. If anyone has questions or better settings please let me know
  5. Sbawolf


    That's it
  6. Sbawolf

    new trunk boards

    EXCELLENT! I need to do sides boards too. Did you have a template or made your own?
  7. Sbawolf


    Yes it is from Esty. did you get mats and what are you doing for interior?
  8. I have the rear brackets, brand new.
  9. Sbawolf

    new trunk boards

    made my own boards and carpet
  10. Sbawolf


    Carpet is done
  11. Sbawolf

    chrome bumpers

    Had to make some brackets and mounts Still need to add the rubber bump strips
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