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  1. Hey Laura,

    The M1 concourse event is June 26th put on by Haggerty ins.

  2. About that time to put er' away. Dumping big bucks in the spring to finish up my project.

    Stay tuned.


  3. Hey prostock3, My loss about not seeing your reply sooner. Cars & Coffee at M1 sounds awesome. Wish I'd known sooner. Please let me know in advance. Email me at [email protected] for quicker reply. Look forward to it. Ever been to Pasterners hobyshop Cars % coffee every Saturday morning from 8-10 AM. Around 13mi on woodward? Let me know what up. Russtafarian
  4. Anyone have their 2' out yet? Mines going into the shop for some needed work and maintenance. Let me know. Instead of cars and coffee, how bout 2's and dubes. Let me know as the first fatties of the driving season is being rolled. Russtafarian
  5. Very nice my friend, very nice. Russtafarian
  6. You'II also have to roll the outside edges of the fender wells. Looks stock but extra room for the tires,
  7. Wow....That 2 of yours is awesome! what kind of suspension do you have? Lowered quite a bit. Any road scraping? Tire rubbing! Please let me know as I'm replacing my front suspension in the spring. Good susp. back in the day, but just wore out.
  8. Name: BMW 2002 Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2016-10-11 Submitter: Russtafarian BMW 2002
  9. Hey Big Mac how's your 2 runnin I'm in West Bloom if you would like to get together and do some back roads cruising. Let me know.



    1. maikell77


      I'd love to burn up a back road but right now it's a bare shell in need of paint, wiring, plumbing cooling, it's a ways off.

    2. Russtafarian


      If you need a 2nd pair of hands, please let me know. I've have time on my hands. I'll roll the fatties.


  10. Russtafarian


    Lightened, I'm assuming.
  11. Yep...sportin' an ANSA on my 2' also. Screw the noise. Sounds and looks great.
  12. Hey Prostock3,

    Russtafarian here, WHAT KINDA 02' YOU SPORTIN?

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