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  1. Toronto. By the way the car has US title also so no issue to bring it to the US.
  2. Hi, I have 1972 BMW 2002 and recent adventure with a C63 AMG made me want something different than what I currently have. I also have 1971 mercedes and two other newer vehicles and have no space for any more so I'm contemplating of some to go to get closer to a C63 AMG. I would greatly appreciate your feedback of what is a fair price to ask for this vehicle and let me know if this is in the wrong forum as I don't have the car "for sale" yet. Here are few words about the car: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NO RUST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Description: Verona red 15" Konig wheels new 195 rubber New brakes front and rear (November 2014) Webber 38/38 tii exaust manifold Ansa exaust system Petronix electronic ignition Electric fuel pump 320 radiator Battery in trunk Front and rear strut bars Euro turn signals, hela fog lights H&R sport springs Bilstein HD shocks New strut mounts (June 2015) all bushings and subframe (June 2015) ST Performance front swaybar ST Performance rear swaybar Led lights Rear fiber glass spoiler Tinted windows New axles rubber boots (April 2016) Complete rustproofing underneath (April 2016) Interior: Painted trunk Sound deadening Recaro front seats 6 series rear seat (buckets) New headliner Signed nardi steering wheel New one piece dash Custom consol Alpine audio system New salt and pepper carpet New seatbelts new plywood door panels and few pics I can also do videos per request.
  3. It's a Chinese version. I got power directly from the battery for testing and the minus on the coil. Not sure what you mean by switched. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have shift light and the schematics are below. When I connect as described I don't get anything coming out of it but I know the light is good. Where does the 02 gets the signal for the rpms from? it looks like the shift light doesn't get an imput from the negative of the coil. Thank you
  5. Don't overthink too much. Make sure that the shop uses assembly lube once they put all the components together, disconnect the ignition, due few spins and let it rip.
  6. I don't know if there will be any benefit or not but I was given the wrap so I did it. Few pics and video.
  7. That I have, which prongs do I test and what voltage should I expect?
  8. Hi, I'm tracing headlight problem (no lights) on my car which has upgraded relay lights. I've changed the relays and i do get power to the relays but nothing after that. connecting the wire to the headlights bypassing the relays works. Next i will measure the voltage going to the relays, suspecting faulty headlight switch. What is the best way to test the headlight switch? Are these hard to find? What can i use in the meantime? after market switch? Thank you.
  9. Crap, you are right. I dint notice, I will fix that..
  10. You think something is wrong with the sway bar? It is an st performance setup to the most agressice setting.
  11. After some adventure to find new cv joint (one had broken cage) i finally managed to install the new rubber on the cv joint and drive the car, without any issues so far. Color selection is of my 10 year old daughter, i had to obey her wish plus it kind of matches the bilstein shocks.
  12. I'm passionate about the automobile in general. I own two "zermans" 1972 bmw 2002 and 1971 mercedes 250c. I love them both equally for different reasons, the bmw is a little fun maker, so fun to drive but ha zero luxury and quality is so so. The mercedes is a cruiser, build quality and materials used are superior over the bmw. Loaded with features from factory, a/c, power windows, power sunroof, leather seats, power steering, all disc brakes to name few. I don't find it as much fun to drive as t little bmw. I keep the merc original while while modify the bmw to the t**s. I personally think th German cars are th best engineered cars but as they say different strokes F different folkes.
  13. I agree, this was a quick test of the camera in residential area. I will be taking more videos on the track this summer. Stay "tuned".
  14. I got ansa with dual tips at the end, it came like that and i absolutely love it. take a look at the pic and watch the video, it is kind of bad because of the camera location but you get the idea. i would recommend it.

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