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  1. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I hadn't thought to look there, but I will check now. Is it just a matter of looking up industrial buildings with availability and then calling to see who's willing to rent me some space? or is there a site or brokerage Business that locals use when they need workshop space?
  2. Funny that this will be my first post ( or near as makes no difference ). My wife has a great job offer in Manhattan, and if she takes it, we'd be moving out there in the next year. problem is, she has a 74 '02 that we haven't started in on yet, and I have my 73 Toyota Celica thats nearly finished. It seems like theres great places to store the cars, but is there anything in / near the city that would be good place to look if i wanted some shop space as well? we'd be in NYC for the foreseeable future, so just putting the project on hold isn't something i'd want to do necessarily. Anyhow, figured i'd check! thanks for any advice anyone has.
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