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  1. So a small update... I asked a guard today who was watching over the area and he said that both the 1600 and Alfa have no owners? I am going to check more into it when I get the time. Thanks
  2. I am going to look into it this week when I get more time. It is! I think... The back end is munched so the only identifiable area is the front.
  3. Hey guys, It has been a while since I have posted or done anything really on the site. I have been out of country in Ethiopia for a little over a year. I kept my 02 covered and cared for back in Utah and haven't had any fun with cars for a long time. My entire time here in East Africa I have been hoping and wishing to see something worth sharing about. Believe it or not I have seen quite a few E30s out here and even a few e21s. After talking with the owners not a single one really knew anything more than "It's an old car and I wish I could get a newer car." Ha. The other day I was walking through a back neighborhood and found what I have been waiting for! A 1600. Sadly it has just been tossed aside and doesn't have much going for it. It seems to be in pretty decent shape rust wise and all. It didn't help that the "guard" started waving his stick at me and yelling some choice things in Amharic to get me to leave. One of these days I will go talk to the owner and see if he sees it as more than a scrap car. Who knows, maybe I can get it for a few hundred bucks and start a project here of my own. Haha. Well, truth is i just miss the site and the cars and so I thought I would send out a post that Ethiopia has some pretty neat cars if you look for them. Colby
  4. Hey guys, So tonight I got to work on replacing my water pump and t-stat. Everything went smooth even through the fan and pulley. Once I got to the bolts on the water pump I noticed some things. First, one of my bolts was tight, but too long, leaving about a half inch of bolt sticking out. The second was the mixed head sizes (a few 10s, a few 12s and a 13 mm) and last was just how there were a few different kinds. So, can anyone tell me what bolts are the correct ones for my water pump? Are any of mine correct? It's obvious that one is wrong. And how can I go about getting the right ones? Hardware store? Thank you guys, I really appreciate it! Colby
  5. Hey everyone, I had my CSB go bad a little while back and I finally got around to replacing it. I purchased a new one online and got right to it. I found a thread on here that had some pretty vague instructions so I used that and did my best. After the job was done, I drove the short trip home and parked it. Driving it the next day, I started getting a furious ticking noise that turned into a thumping noise, so I immediately drove back to the garage and put it on the hoist. Sure enough, one of the bolts on the CSB had vibrated loose and fallen out. Yikes! So I bolted it back up, made sure everything was tight and drove around a little more. It seemed good so I assumed I just forgot to tighten them down the first time. About 2 days later, the ticking and thumping noises came back. Again, I lifted the car and found both bolts still there, but loose. What the heck? I must have installed the bearing incorrect. Does anybody have an idea for what I've done? I guess I will get under there this weekend and start from square one, taking the drive shaft out and trying to replace it again. That being said, does anybody have a link to a good, step by step process to correctly replacing the bearing? Thank you all in advance. Colby M
  6. No PMs received from either of you... Is it something on my end? Try emailing me at [email protected] . Sorry for the trouble.
  7. I've got some e21 M10 parts that I figured someone might want on here. When I purchased my car, the previous owner had put a newer m10 from a 78 (I believe) M10 and gave me some of the extra parts from it. So here are a few things: Injection Manifold w/ Injectors Pierburg Fuel Pump Thermostat (not the greatest condition) Water Pump (No shaft play) I would love to put prices but I honestly have no idea what each item is worth. I will do some research and try to come up with some prices but in the meantime feel free to offer. Each item does not include shipping and will need to be covered by the buyer. Thanks for your interest! Colby
  8. And yes you're right. I did see that though I was thinking maybe someone on here could put them to good use!
  9. They were originally on this mans mk1 gti I believe
  10. Hey guys, Just thought I'd share this and see if anyone was interested. These are for sale on a local classified site in my town. The owner of the wheels lives only a few minutes away from me. I would totally buy them in a heartbeat but I'm looking for 15 inch wheels. This is a sweet and pretty rare wheel for a great price. They are in perfect condition. If anyone is interested I am willing to pick them up and ship them to you! I just think it's a great wheel! Let me know! Colby
  11. Awesome. I did LEDs on my roundie tail lights too. I really like the look.
  12. That's good news. Thanks, any pictures by chance? Sorry if you've already posted them.
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a set of Enkei 92's for my 72 2002. I really like the lower offset of the 8 inch wheels because of the deeper dish but I have heard thats a bit too much width for stock flares. I will be on Bilstein HDs and H&R lowering springs. Sooo I have a few options and need some help: First would be to sadly get both 15x7 et38 with the smaller dish and have less trouble fitting after spacers. Second would be to do a staggered setup and do 15x7 et38 up front and 15x8 et25 in the rear and get camber plates and spacers. Then I would roll my flares and with some tic tac-ing get them to fit. Third would also be less liked. Cut up my car and weld on some smaller sized flares (alpina small flares or mk1 rabbit flares) and see if I could fit 15x8 et25 on front and back. So these are the options I am considering. Ideally I would like to keep the stock flares but at the same time I really like the look of the et25 dish over the et38 dish. So with that, could anyone give me some advice? Different wheels? Small fender flares that look good? Would option 2 be possible with that suspension setup and rolled flares with some spacer and camber adjustment? All advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you Colby
  14. I've been planning on getting enkei 92s for a while. So yes I will probably get thoseThanks
  15. Yeah I assumed. Thanks for the help guys. Colby
  16. Hey guys, These were thrown up for sale and they are really close to my home. Seems like a good deal except they are 5x114. I know that's of course not the right lug pattern but could I do a conversion? How hard would it be? Worth it? Etc. They are 15x7 5x114 et40. They just seem like a good deal and I like the way they look. Plus the added bonus of them being a stones throw from my home and I can pay in cash no tax. So, hit me with whatever you've got. Tell me this is smart or stupid. Thanks Colby
  17. Sadly just left. And my 2002 stayed home. It would have been cool to meet and see your car in a bit more detail! I loved it
  18. Spotted this square tail at Fashion Island in Newport. I'm out here from Utah and my goal for my trip was to see a fellow 02. So this was an awesome sight. I think it was fjord blue on euro weaves? I didn't get a good look so I could be wrong. Anyone on here? Colby
  19. Here's a cool photo I just found. This was in one of my moms photo albums. She was capturing a photo of the Rodney King riots in L.A. in April, 1992. I know this is extremely unlikely but does anyone recognize this 02? That would be neat. Otherwise, here's a cool picture. Colby
  20. Okay then. I'll get it timed correctly tomorrow. Who knows, with my luck this probably isn't it. But we can only hope. Side note* this happened tonight just when I thought everything was coming together. A bunch of hidden bondo uncovered though!
  21. So my timing is insanely off? That second line is actually just a reflection. Just checked. But I will find the line in the window and show.
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