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  1. Very Cool indeed!!! on my list to get...but it's a very long list
  2. Ugh.. Need the rear.. but I probably won't get it because of all the demand in the west coast & fair price.. GL
  3. If you do wind up doing it, firstly expect a lot of requests :-) secondly, I would love a trace as well... obviously, there would be an investment of time on your part. Let us know what you would want as a compensation of your time and postage.
  4. PM about silver dollar cluster inbound...
  5. Thanks Steve, not to sound too cliche, but this is the most important tool in my tool box!!! and Thanks to the rest of the wise and experienced membership that has been and continues to be mentor to newer members. Omer
  6. I'd you still decide go through the part out. I would like that speedometer cluster and the rear bumper, I was going to ask what kind of shape the rear bumper is in but then read your comment about not having seen the car. If somebody else is interested in the front I'd definitely be interested in the back Omer
  7. Good luck, I think the car will fetch a great price for sure...
  8. Thanks Steve, as always you are a plethora of information of these cars i think the previous owner chimed in on BaT that the air plenum is not original to the car. But he does say that the damaged one had the same "74ish" configuration. Omer
  9. I just post a question on BAT and figured I'd post it on here too, i know most of us do troll BAT on occasion maybe some of the wise ones can chime in. " Beautiful tii, as an owner of one, I can confirm the sheer joy of driving these cars. Here is my confusion though, the car has a matching VIN engine, however, there are bits from a “typically” 1974 tii that came with a vacuum retarded distributor. That was for emission reasons. The vacuum hose running from the port on top of the manifold, between runners 1 and 2 (from the nose of the car) going to little bit on your air cleaner is give away… Oddly enough, in my one year search for my tii, have not seen that vacuum port on any pre-74 tii, in fact i never came across the vacuum retarded system on anything other than a 1974. Could it be because of late 73 production? or is the manifold and aluminum runners from a different car? Maybe some of the wiser 02er would know the answer. I’ll also post the question on the 2002FAQ and let you know if get any info. " <Edit>... upon further review of the motor pics, it appear that you( or someone) as just hooked the vacuum lines to just go to "nowhere" ergo the distributor you have is not being vacuum retarded because if appear that there is no vacuum line running to it... your main line is running from b/w runner 1 and 2 to the vacuum control atop the air clearer to the thinner vacuum port (next too the tuna can/toward firewall) there should be a "T" there and one of the line runs to the distributor. With that said, some people, including myself abandon the Vac-retard dizzy for a standard Tii one, which most likely happen here, the odd thing is that those to ports on the manifold are just capped. Not sure why the system is still in place without serving any purpose... certainly not for aesthetic reasons.
  10. Guess i am out of the running for the bumper because the "best offer", but am still interested in the Gauge cluster if that is still for sale... what is not working on it? PM me a picture and a shipped price to 19428...thanks
  11. If Steve (above) take the front I am down for the rear and the silver dollar cluster ... Send me pics when you get a chance and a shipped price to 19128 Thanks and good luck, everything seems reasonably priced so it should move quickly. Omer
  12. gallian93


  13. I'll take the door sills...PM inbound

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