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  1. I have one sitting around in my parts stash, though it seems to be buried now. I remember being happy with the quality but I can't speak to the fit yet.
  2. I have a set of new URO ones sitting around, I will dig them out and see if the bag or seals have any kind of marking.
  3. Personally, I would just fill the cracks and put one of these on: http://www.ebay.com/itm/351351222387?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  4. Ouch!!! I think CCA is free for the first 25 miles and it applies to any of your cars, as long as you add them to your account. I had them tow a Ford Ranger to my house that I bought at an auction. There is an extra annual cost for the towing but its minimal, less than a tow a year.
  5. Well it was driving me crazy so I just started unwrapping the harness. The 3 in the last picture with a ground ran to the old plug from the first picture... so they are gone. Snipped the 2 blue, spaded them and hooked them to my alt. Now I just need to clean all these wires and rewrap. Hopefully my car doesnt explode when I start it
  6. So I opened up a can of worms that the PO of my 74 Tii left me, It all stated with the alternator squeeling. I removed the battery to check out all the bushings and I found an alt that looked like the 318i upgrade but there was no PN/labels. It was cocked at least a good 5deg towards the engine because of the bushing he used to fill the space on the bracket. For my own sanity I decided to buy a new one from BRN that fit the Tii with no spacer: I cut the battery tray out and grabbed the stuff for battery relocation from an e30. However after they tray was out I could see a rats nest of wires the PO had added. I cut away all the junk that I could trace back, mostly to aftermarket mods. Now im left with stuff that im not quite sure about, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be a huge help. First off, I have the old plug to my external voltage regulator which has the two blue wires cut and attached to a new plug: I assume this is safe to ditch? Secondly, the new plug: I assume I can just cut those blue wires off the crimp, solder a spade on and connect directly to my new alt D+ terminal? Lastly I have a ground that was bundled into this set of 3 black wires that goes into the harness down by the oil filter, any clue what they go to? Red and yellow are +/- for my alt, not in the same bundle.
  7. Ok so I had a further look at your seat types at the yard today. They hook up to a pillar that's welded to the floor. Without a lot of fab your seats are a no go, sorry
  8. I need to go back there this weekend anyway so I will keep an eye out for some rails for your style seats.
  9. So I went to the junk yard today and I saw several of the VW seat bases that you have. Mine have the standard recaro bolt holes like this. Center slider bar could be attached, I just used the stock slider. Ride height is good for my 6 foot frame.
  10. These are trophies from a VW. Manual and no mods just e21 brackets.
  11. No smoke whatsoever, doesnt burn oil, or leak anything significant. Like I said im pretty sure it was recently rebuilt, I just dont have documentation so I cant justify asking rebuilt prices. Its in my DD and im just not a fan of carbs for a DD so im going the M42 route(sacrilege!!). Its still in the car which runs perfectly well if you want to come check it out before I drop it, the one caveat is that I already drained the oil so bring 4 qts with you Forgot to mention, it has an e12 head also.
  12. I have one that I'm about to pull from my car. I suspect the PO rebuilt it because of how clean it is, how well it runs, and all the new rubber in the bay. I'm located in SF, will prob pull the engine next weekend. 600 sound fair?
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