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  2. Hi all, responses sent. Fadilz, sorry, no grills.
  3. no BMW mirrors, the car had two Vitaloni Baby Turbo mirrors with the blue glass. Cool mirrors, but not perfect, 20 each +sh?
  4. Hi gang, long day at work, responses coming.
  5. Hi Eric, I didn't see a PM from you in my inbox, but you're next in line for it.
  6. PM responses sent, Thanks for all the feedback. Banda, Confirmed! thanks for your payment. PartsforRich, send me a PM Mucci, keeping the body parts, they're not worth shipping anyhow.
  7. Hi 02Faq, I'm moving, so I'm gonna be unable to sell anything else off of this car for a while. Of course, I'll be sending out all the pending stuff. Thanks to all who responded. I bought a parts car! 1976. My wife is thrilled. The car came with so many things that I don't need, and I know someone could use. Here they are. Parts are gonna be cheap, starting at 10$. shipping cost will be actual USPS. If you're in the north bay area, picking them up is even cheaper. All this stuff is quite used, but some is no longer available, so its not dumpster bound just yet. Engine, Trans, diff, and Body parts are spoken for, and rough anyways. I'm planning on 'lemons'ing' this car later this year. on both sides, all glass is all there and available. Windshield and back glass is staying with me. Trim is not lovely, but cheap. Two more single barrel intake manifolds. Smog stuff, looks like it's all there. Heyco lug wrench, rusty. Sunroof tracks and a air deflector, and an ok golde hand-crank. Automatic shifter, extra handle. Drivers seat is blue, for parts. no pass seat, rear seat for parts. Hood catches, three of these. Yes, I can take more pictures! Anyhow, please let me know if you want anything specific, DM me. Parts will ship from 95403. Turn Signal switch is sold. Rocker trim sold both. Deflector is sold. "2002" is sold Drivers seat hardware is sold, frame and padding still here, but the vinyl is nasty. Most trim is sold still have some; rear lower between lights ($20, $10) drivers trunk (3x), passenger trunk, R,L doors, R,L under side windows, Passenger hood. Please see pictures, $10 plus shipping, Single barrel air cleaner is sold Both 2bbl air cleaner sold, Snorkel and box are sold. Fuel Diverter is sold Drivers vent window is sold Bumperettes still available
  8. Did you find this? I think I have one. I'll check later today
  9. Still got the E12 head from the other day?
  10. Still got that coolant flange?
  11. no cracks or holes, but I discovered that the EGR tube is missing. I can send you more pictures if you want, I don't have any more uploaded at this time.
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