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  1. Is this still available? I’d like to offer you half of your asking price and then issue veiled insults when you don’t agree. 😄
  2. Yes Chris_B, sorry for the hijacking the thread. Apologies, all around. Thanks 2002Scoob for explaining. Great analogy.
  3. Hi all, great info here. I’m running dcoe40-151s, 292cam, headers, 123 distributor on the ‘ti’ curve, red Bosch coil. I have an AFR gauge. I have the synchrometer. Fuel pressure is 2psi. I’ve found that my smoothest running jet combo was 55f11- 130/f9/195 -50p50b. Great drivability, but it’s rich (and stinky). A trusted local 02 guy says not to worry about what the afr says, that how it runs is the thing. He showed me on his famous 2002 race car, that 11-13 is ‘normal’. I can rationalize rich idle by the cam and I’ve tried 50f8 and 50f11 idles, which were worse running. I have read the Weber book. And the Des Hammill book. And the older Weber book. And the Haynes book (Humble brag). Here’s the question. Why not closer to 14.7? The leaner jets don’t get anywhere close before the engine stumbles. Even through the rev range it’s rich. My concern is that I’m leaving air (power) on the table, and maybe washing the cylinder walls. 11-13 to 1 on the gauge is something I can ignore (maybe) but the DGAS38 I ran before the upgrades lived happily between 13-15 all day. I see sensible folks on here saying the same thing that 11-13 is fine, normal, right. I’m not disagreeing, I just want to know why side-drafts ‘should run richer’?
  4. Hi All, pulled this out of a 77 320i and got it checked out at a radiator shop where it held 13psi, no leaks. Looks like it’s been blessed by the fan at some point. No big. Comes with a shroud specifically for this size. See pictures. I haven’t tried to fit it in my car, but I’m told the battery tray needs to get clearanced or moved. It’s brass not plastic so the look is more stock, a little like the Turbo radiator. $150obo pick up in Guerneville or Santa Rosa. 831-600-6334
  5. Hi, I know it’s been a while, but did you sell this pair yet? Thanks. Jake
  6. HeyBikey


  7. A fellow member asked about the tubes and jets; Chokes (Venturi) are 30. Emulsions 7772.5 jet 120. Idle 7850.1 jet 42.
  8. Dell'Orto DHLA 40 sidedrafts. I've never bolted these guys on, I put the parts together and then recently got distracted by a more interesting setup. The carbs got cleaned out and new gaskets and rubbers. Aluminum stacks. They came off a running (crashed) 2002. I found bits at eurocarb in England. The manifold is SOLD. Dual cable linkage by Mangoletsi; this is new, moves smoothly and comes with some replacement bushings from Mangoletsi. It works with any manifold, like those without bosses for levers. $700+ actual shipping USPS from 95401, I would also be interested in whatever trades you have, 15" wheels? Thanks for reading!
  9. Anyone ever polish these?


    1. tashakes


      I had the lips polished and then I repainted the mesh and centers, look brand new with a little twist.  Love them. 


    2. HeyBikey


      That looks great. Thanks!

  10. I’ll miss the 13” BBS’s in terms of these being noticeably heavier but I like the bigger look and the ride is actually smoother. Oh and I can buy tires now!


  11. Hi all, responses sent. Fadilz, sorry, no grills.
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