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  1. Mechanicals are newly rebuilt. But why was put together without taking care of underbody is a long story I gather.
  2. Adamha thanks for the specific tips for inspection. Given the car's out of way location, my next step would be to arrange for a body man I'm in touch with to examine the car. He knows rust, but not BMWs so these suggestions are helpful. Per a comment above, I believe frame rails came with the weep holes seen.
  3. Have not seen this tii in person, just photos. Are there informed opinions on amount of rust repairs needed?
  4. I'm in touch with a somewhat distant seller of a tii that has a Metric Mechanic 2200 motor installed, I assume with a hotter cam. The owner of car has passed on and the car while assembled hasn't been on the road. But my question here is what experience people may have actually had with a Metric Mechanic engine or similar working with a Kugelfischer? I've searched the forum so know that there are limitations on the KF accommodating a changed engine as well as some tuning of the KF that some have done. But is there a bottom line from those with experience? Does it end up working well? (I am going to contact Jim Rowe try and learn just what mods this engine has).
  5. I picked up this 1973 book off eBay. It covers all types of mechanical and electronic fuel injection systems up to that time. A half dozen pages cover Kugelfischer equipment and the tii. I'm posting photos of those pages here.
  6. twistinglane


  7. For comparison... https://m.mobile.de/auto-inserat/bmw-2002-ti-wien/242108579.html?ref=srp
  8. Looks very sharp. If I were looking for a dedicated track car I'd be checking... Maybe car has a history on the forum? Seller seems to have encountered tough times. http://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/5807195783.html
  9. Is this image enough to ID this wheel? If so what would be a fair offer?
  10. At least I think it is Momo. There is an 83 stamp and it looks about that period. But the hub looks like it would fit an 2002 if choose, if im right? Front says "Motorsport" if resolution doesn't allow reading...
  11. Not mine. Said to be good https://allentown.craigslist.org/pts/5587079698.html
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