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  1. I would need the actual part to draw up, but that looks pretty simple!
  2. Sweet! I will keep you in the loop if I ever get this right.
  3. If you mail me a glued together one, I can most likely draw it up, let me know if you are still interested!
  4. Random question: are all the late model 02 front bumper mounting holes the same size? Here is a new model square bumper hole cover, should have some samples printed up next week.
  5. Yep this kit is universal! This is the best fit for 02's given the column setup (from what I remember).
  6. I have a NIB Painless Wiring Harness kit. After some research I concluded this was the best route for my 71 '02 but thanks to this forum I found a very nice factory harness. This would be perfect for a motor swap/track car. This is kit 10102, 21 Circuit. $325
  7. Just sold my last set of Black ones, I have one set available Raw (Grey), but I will be running more if there is enough interest.
  8. They are the same exact size, it is an optical illusion!
  9. That will need the square ones, I will let you know when they are ready!
  10. This is so awesome! Thanks for putting in the work!
  11. I have a couple square ones printed, I will have them tested out soon! Round ones still available!
  12. Working on square ones right now! I've got the CAD done, and should have some printed out by the weekend.
  13. @Bibm5 Here is a cover design I threw together, I will let you know when I get a test pair printed!!

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