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  2. Well guys she has started everyday since this post - took her for a spin today - got a lot of work ahead - brakes - she is a bit sluggish and her steering is super tight - feels like her shifter is a bit sloppy as well - but she runs! Yay! Mahalo gentlemen!!
  3. Ok - so after changing the hose from firewall fuel line to filter - and from filter to pump - reconnecting with plastic under rubber on the sending unit fitting, with the help of starter fluid and several attempts - I got her running. Now I wait - for an hour - then I will start her up (I hope) again. Then again in the morning - trust will be hard earned before I take her for a spin! haha Not sure about the vent from gas tank yet Mike - I did take off while running - seemed to make no difference at that time - so I snipped off the end and reconnected. Will try if she does not start again - but I assume I would have to do the suck fuel to filter & starter fluid again if she won't start without vent hose on. Fingers crossed!
  4. Ok - I checked the lines - I also cut a small piece of the clear tubing from the trunk and put it on the sending unit post and re-attached the rubber line. I cut the ends off up in the engine area of the braided line from plastic fuel line to filter and re-attached. Now off to get some starting fluid to try her out. The braided line out of tank (old return) not sure where it goes and if it is sealed off - but is definitely not up in the engine area. I attached some photos so you guys can see what I am looking at.
  5. Wow - thank you all very much - I will get starting fluid today and try again - the fuel line might be a task for me cause I can't get the car higher than a jack up height. So there are a couple sizes of hose I need it seems. It looks like a newer rubber one from the sending unit goes to a smaller clear one - then from the firewall - the clear plastic to a small section of braided to the filter - then rubber to pump and to carb. Not sure there is that small one off of the tank your speaking of peter. I'll look. All my Instincts tell me this is a fuel issue and not a spark because she will start with the blasts to the carb - but for some reason no fuel supply in the bowl for the next time. Yes jrkoupe - I am a girl named Rebecca! I've been known to get my hands dirty on several occasions! Haha I will check the sending unit again - what does the other braided line to the left of the sending unit go to? Again thank you all - I will report back later today with all the results of these tests. Becca
  6. Thanks Mike Not sure if you got my email reply. New here - so not sure exactly how it work! lol
  7. Possible hole or something? Should I use rubber or upgrade?
  8. Aloha I just recently purchased a 1973 2002 sedan. I shipped her over to the Big Island from Oahu. I drove her home ok - but the next day she would not start. I checked all kinds of things - changed her fuel filter, took off the mechanical fuel pump - seemed ok. Called my mechanic - he said to come by and pick up a pump and suck some fuel up to the filter - shoot some brake cleaner into the carb a few times to get her going so that the pump could start pumping. Great - worked. Drove her down to get a safety, tune up etc. He called one day and said she would not start again. I went ahead and ordered a new pump. A week and a half later it arrived and he put it on. Started! Great - I drove her home. Started her the next day no problem. Two days after that - nothing! I did the old trick of using my vacuum to suck fuel to the filter - which I changed again just to be sure - brake fluid shoots - running again - seemed to be pumping ok. Let her run for about 15 minutes. She seemed a little rough so I adjusted the idle to about 8-900 - smoothed her out and I was super excited once again. Shut her off - waited 15 minutes - turned her over and nothing! ahhhhhh I looked around again - for anything unusual - cleaned the filter on the bottom of the fuel sending unit - nothing. Im sure I could suck up fuel and get out the brake cleaner - but I'm over it! Can anyone help me out - I am dying to take her out for a cruise. I can't get parts here on the island so I am about a week and a half out from getting my hands on those. I just don't understand what the issue could be when the guy I got her from said she was not driven for over a year - but was started and ran about every week or two with no issues. Please help!!! Thanks, Rebecca
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