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  1. Thanks Toby, those spring spacers are a much lower cost alternative than what I was finding.
  2. Oh gosh, I hope I see the next sale in time before it expires! I missed out on this one.
  3. Hi guys, My car is an M20 swapped street car, and I have front coilovers that need springs. It is a koni race strut,, IE spring perches, e21 hub, IE camber plates. Anyone have any input on what front spring/rate/height to get? My only find so far: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/eib-7002501100?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0IDtBRC6ARIsAIA5gWsANyY4s8MOZv-LV5WqcTtf2nLUNg67TvfBvqlqWL2TUqHe7NWqJx8aAhNrEALw_wcB For the rear, I have Bilstein Sport struts and just want to add height adjust ability and a OEM style rear spring to closely match the front. Don't want to go coilover because of the fab work involved with reinforcing the strut towers. Maybe IE perches? But what rear spring? http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02rha.html Ground control makes these, and can possibly provide different spring rates, but I'm a little lost on what spring rate I would need.. https://groundcontrolstore.com/collections/e9-e10/products/bmw-e10-height-adjuster-conversion-kit-rear-bmw-2002-67-76
  4. to the top, still up for grabs
  5. Sorry guys won't ship. Too much hassle and cost. Need these gone, price lowered to $150 picked up in San Marcos, CA.
  6. to the top, anybody need seats?
  7. Not to be a negative nancy, but isn't a new genuine prototipo $200 and the ebay flashpower hub is $65?
  8. Complete E21 Steering Wheel, the only imperfection are is the emblem underneath the surface plastic, I actually think it adds character. Located in San Marcos, CA. Free ship with full asking price.
  9. I went with Miata seats, got the pair for originally for $50. I really liked the silhouette of these seats, they look a lot like the older Porsche 911 style seats. Then added upholstery and welded together some simple seat brackets. MUCH less cost intrusive as the Recaros that everyone runs.

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