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  1. Wow thank you all for the quick helpful replies. Upon further inspection I found one of the smaller positive cables had actually become cracked/broken. I’m guessing it happened in between removing and installing different batteries.
  2. What’s up everyone, doing some work on the car (‘75 2002) the other night and it started to torrential downpour and in the midst of grabbing tools and closing up the hood I left the keys in the ignition in the ON position not realizing until the next morning when I went to look for them. I had just put a brand new battery in, so I figured I could let it sit on the tender for a day and charge back up... battery charged up fine but when I put it back in, the car had zero power anywhere. I went and warranty exchanged the battery just to make sure, and still nothing. Leaning towards maybe a the ignition switch got ‘burnt out’ from sitting in the on position for so long? Never had an issue like this before so any input is appreciated
  3. And as always don't forget to use the discount code 'FAQ15' at checkout to receive 15% off! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What's up everyone haven't updated this thread in awhile we have since released a few new goodies I think most of you will Enjoy! 2002 Track Rat Pin 2002Tii emblem pin (as well as 2002 & 1600) 2002 Turbo style pin E9 CSL Hans Tribute M1 Procar pin E28 M5 pin E30 M3 DTM style and plain black Icons sky blue Shirt Icons banana Shirt Icons white Shirt 02 Outline Black Shirt 02 Outline Ash Shirt 02 Outline White Shirt 02 Outline Sweatshirt Ash Check out the site for more info www.neueklassesupply.com
  5. Will take this as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Still have this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. What's up guys. Today is a great day for me as I just bought my first 2002. After many years of searching for the right one to come along I got pretty lucky (I feel) with this one. The car is a 1974 all original numbers matching car. The guy had it for the past 12 years but it's been sitting for 6 years. He said he parked it after the clutch slave cylinder went bad and never got around the fixing it. The car has some rust and the interior is pretty shot from one of the windows being stuck cracked open. Has the original spare wheel and tire, original tool kit. Unfortunately at some point in it's lifetime it was resprayed. But all and all I think I lucked out. It's an air condition car, 4-speed, the plan is to get it running and driving and eventually do a compete restoration with my dad. More pics to come. What are some things you'd all recommend going over for a car that's been sitting so long?
  8. What's up everyone.. made a few new pins you all might be interested in.. E9 tribute, 2002 Alpina racer, and two e30 m3's! Check em out... And still have the new 'icons' shirt Everything is available online at www.neueklassesupply.com Or pm me for PayPal invoicing! Enjoy everyone!
  9. And as always faq members can use the code 'FAQ15' to save 15% at checkout.
  10. What's up everyone bumping this post to showcase the latest shirts labeled 'Icons' I've put out, working with 8380 laboratories, hope you enjoy them! These are printed full color on 100% Gildan shirts. Big back print and small left breast logo. Also, I worked on making some tshirt tags which each feature a free golf yellow 02 lapel pin !
  11. Seems like a scam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Also just got these made. 1600 & 2002 emblem pins!
  13. Appreciate that, I do have a hard time getting good pictures. It's tough with lighting and glares.
  14. Appreciate the kind words! Thank you!!
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