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    e21 Front hubs for Tii struts

    Hi, I am looking for some e21 front hubs that fit tii struts. Will also need them shipping to the UK. Thanks, Aaron
  2. a.south1234

    1977 E21 front hubs--SOLD!

    pm sent
  3. a.south1234

    BMW S2002

    Hi, I am Aaron living in essex. This project will move quite slowly as I dont have proper garage so work will take place when the weather is good. So this weekend not much got done. heres a pic of when i got it. I purchased it from another member on here so some of you may recognise it. Stripped it apart yesterday looks very clean no rot at all the previous owner done a good job I have no idea whats happened around the handbrake? looking to put a fast engine in it, with small bubble arches some nice recaros. I will be asking lots of questions along the way,I apologise in advance for all the newbie questions, any comments are welcome. Hi, Made a little progress but the weathers been terrible. Picked up a engine stripped it down to a manageable size. Lots of loom :/ I am looking to convert the steering to rack and pinion as the engine wont fit :/. I've got some newbie questions that some of you might be able to answer. Can anybody who has done this before please give some guidance. Firstly a steering rack need to be picked which has the same distance between UV joints as the steering box system. Does anyone know which one is close? The steering rack needs to be mounted at the right height compared to the TCA's reduce the affect of bump steer. The steering rack needs to be mounted the right distance back and the steering arms need to be shorter to counteract the short throw the rack has compared to the steering box. Am I missing anything? Thanks for the comments, keep them coming Is there anything i'm missing? I've measured the S2000 engine mounting points and attached them below if anyone needs them. I'm not absolutely sure they fit as havn't got them back from the cutters yet so take no responsibility if they dont fit. Just thought they might be useful to someone else. I've also measured the distance between the universal joints on the steering box and got 410mm I measured the distance between the pivots of the tca's and got 470mm. Correct me if i'm wrong but i thought they were suppose to be very similar otherwise it will cause bump steer? Does anyone know a steering rack that is 410mm between universal joints? Thanks, Aaron Thanks for any suggestions LH Engine Mount.pdfRH Engine Mount.pdf