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  1. Frank Franker sold me my Borranis....I had no issues....per se. It did take much longer to recieve the wheels than he claimed...but in the end, i got them.
  2. arminyack

    Steering idle arm tightness

    So I got my late model subframe out of powercoat, and the new blue-clad bushings installed. I torqued down the nut to 86 ft-lbs....and it was like the idle arm was set in stone.I loosened it up until its felt smooth, no play and a little tight, and called it done. At least with this set up, the action is smooth, unlike with the old subframe, where the resistance varied, and was crunchy.
  3. arminyack

    SH02 Sunday Road Trip- Chico, Ca

    Good Ole Chico. I miss the old college days (who doesn't) You know, back in the early-mid nineties, a pint of beer at the brewery was $1 on Thursday nights?
  4. bleah, the adaptor is NLA....time to combine these two fittings into one!
  5. Naw, I want to step down to the smaller sized nipple, and keep my heater stuff unmolested.
  6. So I was about to tackle issue as described in the thread title, and thought I would ask here first, instead of reinventing the wheel. Has anyone who's done this have an good solution for going from smaller connection to the bigger? the 1600 connection is the left, 2002 is on the right...
  7. Very cool.....but holywhatapricetag!
  8. arminyack

    Steering drop arm removal

    I tried everything to get that damn thing wouldn't budge. Pullers, Sledgehammer, soaking in Aerokroil, etc. Then I busted out the propane torch. After 2 minutes of heat on the arm, it just fell off.
  9. arminyack

    Steering idle arm tightness

    Good to know! The situation with the 1600 subframe was that is was so tight after torquing to 58 ft was rock solid. The later subframe I obtained is takes some effort to rotate, but not too bad. I just didnt like the movement with the one piece of urathane and metal spacer. When it does rotate with that set up, the urathane rotates with the arm, and its against the metal of the idler tube. I cannot see that lasting long before it grinds off urathane from the bushing, and I start getting excessive slop. I really wanted a good idea on how it should feel...because once its all together and in the car...and my steering feels weird or too tight....fixing it would be a whole lot of work!
  10. arminyack

    Steering idle arm tightness

    the original question still much resistance should one feel in the idle arm after its tightened down? Should it be loose so it will move with no resistance? or is it rather tight...or somewhere between?
  11. arminyack

    Thoughts on an old guibo for use

    You should see the crap front suspension ball joints for Alfa Romeo coming from Frap. Brand new pieces only lasting a couple of months in some cases. Damn scary.
  12. arminyack

    Steering idle arm tightness

    Whelp, I messed with stacking washers of various thickness' to try and get the torque and feel of the idle arm right...and no matter what, it was always hard to turn, and sticky at various points in its rotational range. I think it has to do with the bush design...its just a one piece bushing on each end, whereas the original was a bushing w/ a sleeve. Then by happenstance...I came across a late front subframe locally, and bought it. I could try some tricks with turning down the blue bushings, but I've had it. In hindsight, I should have left the metal cladding from the old bushing in situ, and removed the blue cladding from the later models, and shoved them in, and be done with it.
  13. arminyack

    Ignition switch

    No one has them...on back order, with no ETA...
  14. arminyack

    Steering idle arm tightness

    I see what your are saying, and I agree...but with the lack of availability of the right bushings, i'm not seeing how i have much of a choice...other than getting my hands on a later subframe....
  15. arminyack

    Ignition switch

    WTB a working ignition switch...not the lock, but the electrical piece that screws into the back of that