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  1. Like Andrew says, Alfa aluminum front calipers are the easiest, but have just gotten too rare, and too damn expensive....case in point below https://www.ebay.com/itm/Alfa-Romeo-GTV6-75-BREMBO-FRONT-ALUMINIUM-CALIPERS-RIGHT-LEFT-NEW/143148567577?hash=item215451cc19:g:FCsAAOSwO5JdH~fp
  2. Yep...its ridiculous. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/monterey-1971-porsche-911t-with-healthy/6975037397.html
  3. I removed my calipers, turned em upside down, bled, then turned them right side up and re-installed. Those little bubble you are continuing to see is the air thats making its way past the threads in the bleed nipples. Vacuum bleeders are a PITA, The Motive Power bleeder is the way to go. Before I had this, I smeared a glop of thread sealant on the bleed nipple threads to keep the air from sucking through. It worked, but only for a few bleeds.
  4. I have a set on my car; the quality is outstanding. I still have some tuning to do, but the initial set up was east & fast. I just need to work out some kinks with my WUR (not throttle body related) that is giving me a super rich idle.
  5. Standard 02 faire....007". Get your self a set of .006/.008 go-no go gauges. I cant image you'd find the clearances that far off, but lotsa things settle in in the first 1K miles.
  6. Ok< I got mine sorted out. I removed both front calipers, and turned em upside down. I slide them on the rotors so the pads wont push out too far, and then bled them. Big air bubbles, followed by a flurry of small ones, then no bubbles at all. Bingo, a working brake pedal. GO figure.
  7. If you change your mind, just pry out the e21 grommets, and put these in: https://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-brake-master-cylinder-grommet-2002tii-2800cs/ I'm back at the the bleeding problem grindstone tonight.....I have a plan...
  8. My new e21 MC just arrived today (early), and i put it it, bled everything.....and the pedal still goes to the floor. Im new to this particular brake set up (the standard 02 with the actuating rods the press on the booster, then the booster on the MC. What could go wrong at this end? I'm not trying to hightjack a thread...it just seems that we both have the same problem now, and maybe the same solution
  9. I have a similar problem with my car right now; the e21 MC worked fine for about 3 years...then the car came in to the garage for an engine swap, and the the brake system was dry for about 8 months. I upgraded my braking system from the old, remote booster system on the 1600-2 to the 02 style MC/booster assembly, the brake pedal goes to the floor....after bleeding everything (including bench bleeding the MC) Asking questions to various people has led me to believe the MC going dry for that time has ruined the seals, as the quality of the new e21 MC's are all over the place. I've ordered a new e21 ATE cylinder, and as I wait for it, I'm going to pull the newish MC off my Alfa Berlina, and see hos it goes with that. I know of a few people who have had bad e21 MC's when they were brand new!
  10. Lucian nooooooooooooo! So sorry! Your car was so beautiful! So the guy took off....people these days. Its why I have a dash cam running in all my cars! I hope its fixable
  11. USB version has a blue wire that needs to go to ground.
  12. Not making it this year. The A4 system ain't done yet...but it might be this weekend....which means I'ma looking at a the bottom of the hill of tuning it, and working out the kinks, not a road trip!
  13. As for that lower bushing, I was wondering where to get one myself. The cover, however, is here as well http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-tii-turbo-plastic-ball-cup-bushing-1971-75/
  14. So I'm going through the motions of getting the Tii motor set up in my car. I was about to get the linkage set up..but noticed the following condition after I hooked everything up: Should the ball joint on the firewall bellcrank be lined up with the corresponding ball joint on the kugelfischer bellcrank? As it stands right now, mine are offset. I know the linkage rods themselves need to be pretty exacting on there dimensions, with minimal slop in the whole linkage system.
  15. I took mine to Garage Los Ponchos. That was 3 years ago. I paid $2500 for rear end repairs after being rear ended, and getting tho whole car painted. Im still very happy with the results. I'm heading back down there in one of my Alfa's very soon The garage Los Ponchos Experience

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