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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-3-0-CSL-SCHNITZER-group-2-slide-throttle-BMW-3-0-E9-ALPINA-Kugelfischer/143257817353?hash=item215ad4d109:g:dggAAOSwAYtc4F27
  2. Give me 13's or give me death Keeping an 02 Stock...the way these cars respond to mods is so great, keeping one stock is a travesty.
  3. I'm sure many of you know or have dealt with Bavarian Klasse....an 1600/02 restorer/part supplier located out of Oregon. I have done business with him the in the past, and he was quick, responsive and his prices have been reasonable. I made a deal with him almost 3 weeks ago for a set of trailing arms & axle shafts, and sent over my payment. He sent me pics of the parts, and told me he was boxing them right up. Since them the parts have not arrived, he has provided no tracking information, and is unresponsive to messages. Has something happened to him? has anyone else here done business with him lately experiencing the same thing I am?
  4. arminyack


    Thanks! Hit up LimeySteve for the roof rack...he's got a guy who makes them to order. As for brake parts, Im not stock anymore...I used e21 250mm drums out back and e21 vent rotors up front w/ Alfa Romeo Brembo calipers off an Alfa GTV6
  5. arminyack


  6. I was trying to champion the cause for this (getting more cars to the Heritage Corral) I have since taken down my banner...and will be now attending "Friends of Steve McQueen" in Chino. All the other crap that goes on at Bimmerfest is hard to get past...
  7. Maybe if that video was a little longer. From what i was able to make out in 2 seconds..it sounds almost like trying to start the car when the dizzy is 180 deg. out
  8. Yep...the ditto machine! Everyone would smell the test papers as they were handed to them, like it was some strangle ritual.
  9. Yep...that ashtray. I converted my dash from padded to chrome, and had to track down all of this. I lucked out, and a FAQ member sent me a message saying he had all of this stuff when he saw a post of mine looking for it all. What he did have that bears mentioning is the carriage that holds the ashtray. I looked and looked..never found. So I wound up chopping mine down to size, then spot welding it back together. Worked like a charm!
  10. I remember one of those manifold popped on ebay, and someone posted the link on the FAQ.
  11. Welcome to my world. My car has been doing this since the engine rebuild last year. The sound is there ONLY at idle. I thought I had it nailed down as coming from the oil pump chain...but I changed it, got tension right, and it still makes the noise. I run Brad Penn 20-50. I've been running with the theory that it is piston slap...however, it does not go away or change when the motor gets up to temp. It runs good and strong, blows no smoke, great even compression across all cylinders. I have made a number of trouble free road trips in the car...it just makes this noise at idle. I actually had someone next to me at a light ask me if it was a diesel!
  12. For a 1502 to use a 32/36, you need the manifold off a euro model 316 e21, carbed car. Those ones have the smaller intake ports to match your head
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