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  2. arminyack

    67 and 71 open differentials

    Bumping this; I just learned he ripped off someone else. Another person to pay and get nothing. He's becoming the new DenverTii
  3. arminyack

    67 and 71 open differentials

    Are you ever going to send me the trailing arms and axles I bought from you on July 16th, and never received, and never provided tracking despite me asking for it a number of times?
  4. arminyack

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    Payment sent!
  5. arminyack

    Ceap seats

    You'd probably die in a car accident with these....dont go cheap on seats.
  6. arminyack

    Bavarian Klasse

    I've been trying to get tracking from the get-go. No response.
  7. arminyack

    Bavarian Klasse

    Well, its been a full month parts, and he still ignore my messages. he is still very active on his FB page selling this, so that rules out any illness or anything like that that would explain this.
  8. arminyack

    1981 320is part out

    damn all the good stuff not available from the getgo
  9. Because i suck at it. Cylinders #1-4, L to R
  10. arminyack

    WTB: CV axles

    I called IE...but was told their part guy was out till.monday
  11. arminyack

    WTB: CV axles

    I am in dire need of a set of good 02 axles!
  12. arminyack

    1602 Brake mst cylinder

    The number they have on there is 83%! EDIT nevermind...I am retarded....that s a number not including tax!
  13. arminyack

    1602 Brake mst cylinder

    I was going to send my 1600-2 remote booster to a place here called Power Brake Exchange fora rebuild....but reading this thread makes me wonder how they rebuild them. I looked into the place you are using....gah! is the tax really this high?
  14. arminyack

    Upgrading a 1600

    I was in a similar boat as the OP...I had to order the brackets that weld to the swingarms and weld them on myself...AND put in a latter, long neck subframe that had the slotted brackets that holds one side of the swaybar bracket. As for the front, my early style suspension arms were bent to hell and beyond, so i replaced with new style ones that had the holes. You'll be in the same position I was in...
  15. arminyack

    Upgrading a 1600

    is the IE engine a 2.0L? if so, if you want to keep the 4.11....get a 5 speed. if its a 1.6L, get a 5 speed anyway.