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  1. arminyack

    Camp Fire, Paradise CA

    It boggles my mind that Paradise is gone. I went to college @ Chico State, and went through and to Paradise very often on all the outdoor activities I did back in the day. Such a beautiful spot....up in flames. After reading about ow bad that fire was, its very fortunate that the loss of life wasn't exponentially higher.
  2. arminyack

    Autumn Time is Driving Time

    Nice pictures! However, you are on the wrong side of the road! 😎
  3. I found mine by dropping by a local auto upholstery shop, and browsed through the set of swatches they had...and bang, there it was....wool black and white houndstooth, $80/yard
  4. Its really hard to avoid cheap chinese steel tin general these days....even when one really tries!
  5. arminyack

    Will an electronic fuel pump help?

    Funny you should mention this...I just hauled out the pressure regulator from Summit racing on my Alfa and tossed it in the trash as it was incorrectly reading...I had it set for 3psi, and it was actually below 2 psi, giving me starvation issues...installed a malpassi, problem solved!
  6. arminyack

    SoCalVintage ROLL CALL 2018

    I'll be there...maybe with my set of 5X Opel Kadette wheels for sale as well!
  7. If one hooked up a leakdown tester to a cylinder of a head that just got a valve job much air leakage from the intake/exhaust valves would one expect? I've got quiet a noticeable amount!! I am trying to diagnose the possibility of a bent valve without too much teardown at first..
  8. arminyack

    Best engine advice 1600

    Vintage Autobahn had a set of OEM Mahl 1600ti pistons at lengeds of the Autobahn this year....he might still have them! I had the proper intake manifolds that match the port size of the 118 head if you are interested in that....or I could just offload everything I have for the conversion.
  9. arminyack

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    Where there is a will, there is a loophole to be found and exploited!
  10. arminyack

    Best engine advice 1600

    I have been running with a bone stock 1.6L for a number of years now. It has served me well. I was going to put 2X Dellorto DHLA's on it. I have everything to do it....but then I decided as the others have above. They'res no replacement for displacement. After I got a 2L Alfa with a hot motor, the 1600 became almost undriveable. Especially now, since I have upgraded the brakes, and upgraded to a Ground Control suspension can stop on a dime, and go around corners like a cat on a carpet....but when I press on the gas pedal after exiting a's bitterly disappointing. That's why I have a Tii motor sitting in my garage, waiting to go in 😃
  11. arminyack

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    I'm wondering about Montana...that's apparently to easiest and least expensive state to register anything (how many high dollar cars do you see with Montana plates). I's look into that...keep it a Montana car for a year, then switch to Kali
  12. Yep....they deep sixed the ability to import cars directly to Kalifornia. I grow increasing tired of the politics in this state...
  13. Looking good! I large part of me regrets selling them....but then I go out and see the Borrani's, and I'm ok with it again! Oh BTW....I bought another Alfa...
  14. arminyack

    Bavarian Klasse

    I have bought things from him previously with no issue....on this one, he turned on me & ripped me off
  15. Now sold! I run Borrani 6x13 et 17 own personal vahalla of wheel! My wheel whoring days are over!