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  1. Good stuff! I am in Maui right now! Where abouts are you?
  2. When I redid my rear end a few years back, I wound up leaving the old bushings in...simply because I couldn't find the new bushings, period! It seems now the only solution as of now is to look into sleeving the the trailing arms so the new BMW bushings can be pressed in!
  3. arminyack

    Too many cars?

    '68 BMW 1600-2 '70 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI (just finished a 2L conversion) '74 Alfa Romeo Berlina (semi-daily driver) 2018 Toyota Tacoma (the DD/utility vehicle) 2018 Mercedes E300 (the wifes ride) I've got a lot to do....and i keep telling myself I have enough...but yet I still keep finding myself looking for that NK I've always been looking for.
  4. what about your wheels? If you're like me (give me 13's or give me death) then that puts a damper on your choices. I run 6" Borrani's, with the Alfa 75 calipers up front...and they clear just fine. Stopping power is good, but my pedal is stiffer than I'd like it to be, but I think its from my unique-ish setup ( I had to reduce the pedal ratio when I changed from a mech. clutch to hydraulic). I was toying with the idea up going to Wilwood myself up front, but I am usure of just how much is to be gained from my Alfa setup, and whether or not they clear the 13" wheels. I do know that Volvo calipers require grinding off some material to clear 13" wheels. I dont know if 320i calipers have the same issue....something to think about.
  5. arminyack

    Brake booster delete master size?

    I'll be giving this MC a whirl this spring...I've already got it mounted on a pedal box. I'll let you know how it goes! Master Cylinder (TM1)
  6. So my ignition switch has gone on the fritz...when I turn the key to OFF, the starter turns. When I turn it to just ignition on, it does not. Starting the car is normal. So, before I dig into this and see whats wrong...I thought Id ask here if I can get any insight on what I am looking at, since I've never actually looked into how this thing works.How easy/hard it is to remove/service the internal of this? I hear its just easier to ditch the whole column/switch assembly for a new one? May it just be as simple as removing the barrel, and replacing that?
  7. arminyack

    Bavarian Klasse

    I never got anything....he sent me a blurb at one point saying that he sent them a long time ago, buy when I asked about tracking, it was back to silence.
  8. Ah, the good old days! Thanks for sharing!
  9. arminyack

    Sleeved cam lobes?!?!

    That looks like someone said "hey I wonder if I could just weld on a loop of sheetmetal, regrind and call it good!?" Nope.
  10. strip LED from Autozone, then use double sided VHB tape to the insode of the rear glass weather strip. Cant even see it when its not on.
  11. arminyack

    Free: Early seats

    someone local already spoke for them via PM...but has yet to reply....I'll let ya know
  12. arminyack

    Free: Early seats

    Free for local pick up, a pair of trashed early seats.