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  1. Link for detailed photos:https://picasaweb.google.com/107366207168656539170/2014121320002?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCOjZ0PjFv-WgkQE&feat=directlink
  2. sorry, the asking price is $14K, but after I saw the post and noticed that I was not able to figure out how to change it.... The car is also going to be on the BaT auction starting 12/31
  3. Year:: 1976 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 14,000 Location: : Arcata CA Excellent example of this iconic model. Originally titled in CA but lived all its life in eastern Oregon, there is no visible rust on this car. All smog equipment was removed long ago (I don't have it), and car runs strong with a weber carb and 4 speed. Original owner had it until 2011, and 2nd owner did some nice refreshing of the car and added the Enkei wheels. In the last 3 years the car received a new exhaust system, front brakes, replaced inner and outer tie end rods, replaced differential shaft seal, shift mount bushings, motor mounts, partial new gas line, new battery, plugs, wires, fuel filter, Bilstein shocks, fog lights, fluids, flushed the radiator, new BMW front windshield seal and more. AC compressor does come on, and has a new drive belt but does not blow cold air, (has probably not been used in a long time). Sunroof works properly and all lights and gauges. All rubber and chrome are very nice. Odometer is working and reads 78,500 miles, (which could be original based on condition, but impossible to say, however the car is running its original starter and alternator). Car starts immediately and performs as intended on all levels (very enjoyable to drive and shift). Front seats have been re-done at some point and are comfortable. One re-paint in the original Manila color is probable, though there are some stone chips (but no rust). Engine bay is very clean, as is the trunk. Overall, a strikingly beautiful car (IMHO) that runs strong and sounds even better. Large file of detailed photos available. A PPI was done in September and all work noted in the inspection was completed and showed cylinder compression of 130/120/120/120 and is considered operating as intended. Happy to take the car to Hubbard's German Auto in Eureka if a buyer wants to order another one. 2nd owner bought the car from an estate, and prior records were not found. This car has always been well-taken care of and it shows.
  4. After much consideration, I've decided that I like the car too much to put the 1976 smog array back on it, and that it should either go to a state where it will be exempt, or go to a CA enthusiast who understands the equipment better than I do. So, I'm going to be listing it for sale soon.
  5. I hope to get this sorted out this week. What are you asking for the air pump? thanks Mark
  6. Looking to get the thermal reactor, air pump, and whatever else is needed to restore the smog equipment of an original California 02 that has been living in Oregon and the equipment was removed long ago.
  7. markm1955

    1976 Base

    Nice 78K mile example, and available
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