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  1. They’ve just refused. Mario at VSR has been trying to get this done for a long time. No one wants to bother creating a safe crate. I just thought someone that was bored and wanted to make a few bucks might be interested.
  2. Hello Nashville guys. I have a new windshield for my 1600GT sitting at the Lane Auto museum with no one there willing to properly build a crate and cushion for safe transport. Anyone out there able to help with this?Glad to pay for the help)chris
  3. Long shot, but does anyone have one? My 1600GT is one of 5 sold new in the US and was sold there. Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi, I have a very rare set of Recaro Idealsitz sport seats restored in Camel leather. They're not cheap but if you're interested, please send me your email and I'll forward you pics/price. Cheers, Chris
  5. Well, I’ve examined the seats and the passenger seat’s center panel was mis-sewn causing a mal-alignment and slanting of the seams. If someone wants the seats to be used with their current cashmere interior, I will properly correct before they’re shipped. That would be a waste if someone plans on recovering. If interested, we can discuss. Thanks-Chris
  6. You know, I think it is mostly the way they were photographed, but you are absolutely correct. I will check them next week and respond. I never even installed them because I decided to go original in my Glas 1700GT. They came restored from a fellow in Germany. Thank you for brining this to my attention, chris
  7. The above ad with the black seats is an old ad that was inserted just to show that a proper pair has the slider control on the same side for both seats.
  8. Hi, I bought them from Germany and they were both originally driver’s seats. I went to the expense of installing correct reclining mechanisms to make them a correct pair. But yes, this is how a pair were made. jpsurfer Posts: 594 Location: Oceanside, Ca Very nice pair of Recaro Idealsitz S seats. This is a true pair with left and right seats which is extremely hard to find. They are in excellent vintage condition with sliders and brackets to mount directly into an early car. All hardware works as it should for tilting/unlocking seat backs and sliding. Pictures can be seen in the link below and they are located in Oceanside, CA. Price: $6000 https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157691067471981
  9. These seats are restored in Cashmere leather and come with rails and sliders. They were produced between 71-73 and are considered some of the most comfortable seats ever produced by Recaro. Please pm me for additional pictures. Thanks, chris
  10. Hi, Looking for a Hella 4 prong signal/horn relay 91/6-14-12v. Can anyone help? Thanks, Chris
  11. Please pm me if you happen to have one. Thanks, Chris
  12. I’ve had my grille powder coated, then ceramic coated with rest of car. It looks great and it’s easy to clean. Chris
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