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  1. Hi, Looking for a Hella 4 prong signal/horn relay 91/6-14-12v. Can anyone help? Thanks, Chris
  2. Skicoach


  3. Needed for a Glas 1700GT. Thanks, Chris
  4. Please place me on the list of those interested. Great ideas!!
  5. Thanks Newclassnh, but believe it or not, I have a long neck LSD on the way.
  6. John, if it's the knob I think it is, it has a tiny set screw facing the back. Works great.
  7. Found one; NOS 3.91 with 40% lock:-)))))
  8. How's that for an attention grabber. The reward is for the person who can direct me to an "ORIGINAL LONG NECK Limited Slip Differential 3.45-3.99:1 gears". Thanks!!
  9. I'm in NH RED. Do you have one?
  10. Hi all, Have pretty much given up on finding a good 235/5 for my 1600GT build, so, how about a 245/10. Does anyone know of a good one that can be purchased? Thanks for any help, Chris
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