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  1. Please pm me if you happen to have one. Thanks, Chris
  2. Skicoach

    front grill removal

    I’ve had my grille powder coated, then ceramic coated with rest of car. It looks great and it’s easy to clean. Chris
  3. Skicoach

    5 speed OD shift decals ($5ea)

    Just sent payment for 5sp OD Thanks Mo:-)) chris
  4. Skicoach

    MOMO Moretti Signature wheel

    Sorry no, both of those wheels I had were passed on.
  5. Skicoach

    Thank you Steve

    Hi Steve, I would suggest including the: BMW 1600GT, Glas 1300GT coupe and cabriolet, and the Glas 1700GT coupe and cabriolet. I have original brochures, production numbers, Color availability, and much more. Please let me know how you'd like this information shared.
  6. Skicoach

    Thank you Steve

    As long as it's OK, I also wanted to share another example of why I find these cars so appealing. This is my Glas 1700GT cabriolet. It is one of two in the US, Axel Coelln having the other.
  7. Skicoach

    Thank you Steve

    Steve, A big thanks for adding this section to a forum I visit daily. Here's a shot of "The Silver Bullet". Prior to this, the car was referred to as "Valdez" because it blew so much oil. Mario Langsten at VSR is completing the transformation currently. I will post pictures and description when complete. It was built up as an accurate recreation of the one known Alpina 1600GT. All the best to everyone, Chris
  8. Skicoach

    Headrests in early cars

    Thanks Mike. Why didn't I think of that!
  9. Hi, As my seats are being restored in a 1600GT with no headrests, I was thinking about installing those accessory rests that were used on 356's. They can provide some restraint capability if a support bracket is welded onto the upper frame under the fabric. Has anyone done this on one of their early cars and also, is there someone that has a pair they'd sell? Thanks, Chris
  10. Skicoach

    WTB: Petri hub for 2002

    Anyone have one laying around for a 2002? Thanks, Chris
  11. Skicoach

    Steering wheels(3) before Ebay

    Is that "Guido Goldberg, The Famous Italian Jewish F1 Driver" Miss you Toda Tod
  12. Skicoach

    Steering wheels(3) before Ebay

    -Daytona is sold -Personal is sold -Prototipo still available
  13. Skicoach

    Steering wheels(3) before Ebay

    That is an original excellent condition Personal stamped 1968. It has a bolt pattern the same configuration as MOMO but slightly larger. Hubs are readily available. I think it's the same as Nardi. Chris
  14. Skicoach

    Steering wheels(3) before Ebay

    Please let me know if you want it. I know it is expensive, but this model is very rare. Chris
  15. Skicoach

    Steering wheels(3) before Ebay

    Prices Did't come through: Datona-175. Personal- 300 Momo Prototipo-1700.