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  1. Both fenders are heavily rusted. Dash is cracked. Thanks for the interest
  2. I would be interested in the glove box and the EGR pod on top of the dash.  Let me know your price including shipping to San Diego, CA  92131.  If you cut up the body, I also would be interested in both sides of the lower rear windows, between the "B" and "C" pillars, mine have rust.






  3. Hi,


    How much for the sunvisors?





  4. Sold the Passenger Latch Already. $35.00 shipped for the driver if interested.
  5. Parting out a 1974 2002 I recently picked up to get a couple things for my self. This car is midwest rusty and isn't worth saving as every body panel is rotted. I'm keeping the engine, front subframe, and center console assembly. Everything else is available. I can ship almost anything but please be patient and allow a couple days for a response. Belt Line Trim- Sold Tail Lights- Sold Pedal Box- Sold Transmission, Shifter, And Driveshaft- Sold Door Panels & Armrest's - Sold Steering Wheel- Sold Instrument Cluster- Sold B-Pillar Covers and Rear Roof Handles- Sold Google drive link with more photos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BuVCEDQwGDLFVJsRInNNCWWbOhCs3mMk?usp=sharing
  6. Looking for two door lock rods, I have a photo for reference (circled in white). I can't seem to find a difference on realoem.com so it looks like any 1600/2002 will work.
  7. Functioning door brake and both door lock rods. The rod circled in the photos. I need them from both doors. let me know
  8. Looking for a good working condition door brake and 2x door look rods (the rods that goes from the door panel to lock mechanism part number 5216442150) shipped to 63376 Thank you
  9. Selling a set (4 pieces) of e21 Recaro seat adapter brackets. I'm unsure of who these were manufactured by as they came installed in my car. They seem to be decent they had no flex or other issues when installed. They do show signs of being used with scratches and wear. Some of the hardware is included but not all of it is there. Just regular metric bolts found at any hardware store. Swapped for a lower mounting brackets. Asking 110 shipped to the lower 48
  10. You could check with https://classicdaily.net/ I've seen them make a subframe on their instagram
  11. As the title stats, I'm looking for a drivers door brake shipped to 63376 Thanks
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