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  1. ScottCLo

    WTB hood center stop

    Thanks but they are NLA. I still need a good used one.
  2. ScottCLo

    WTB hood center stop

    I need 1 hood center stopper. P/N 41 61 5 480 193
  3. ScottCLo

    WTB Center console ash trays

    I need 2 center console ashtrays. I also need the housing and green "button". I know everyone is pulling them out and tossing them in junk piles for shiny VDO gauges and fancy 2 din radios. Why not toss them my way?
  4. Interesting, do you know what issue it was?
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  6. ScottCLo

    101 European Automotive

  7. ScottCLo

    123 Ignition distributor..... WOW

    I have one of these on the shelf but I'm leaning towards points as I don't trust electronic ignition. Anyone have any problems with theirs?
  8. ScottCLo

    Header recommendation.

    Are you running a Schrick 304? If so how do you like it on the street? It seems everyone who has one loves them and everyone who doesn't hates them. IE 421 has the same diameters maybe I should just get that with their stainless steel exhaust. I'm still waiting for an email from super sprint. I think they forgot about me. I'll just have to call them I guess unless someone knows.
  9. ScottCLo

    Schrick oversized valve set.

    Send me a pm and we will talk about it. Thanks!
  10. ScottCLo

    Schrick oversized valve set.

    Still available. Feel free to make me an offer.
  11. ScottCLo

    Mechanic Needed 4 my 1972 Bimmer

    I'm a mechanic for classic cars and I can tell you one thing. If someone is working for cheap they are working cheaply. You won't believe the horror I have seen done to classics like our 2002's by mobile and home mechanics. Any mechanic worth their salt will be working for a reputable shop or will have their own shop with all the tools, equipment and experience to get the job done right. I'd hate to see you pay money for work that will cause more harm than good. What kind of work needs to be done?
  12. ScottCLo

    Hard to Troubleshoot Rough Idle

    This is why I dislike electronic ignition. Even when it's not the problem, it always lurks in the back of your mind making you second guess what you are doing. I got a 123 distributor on the shelf for my car so I hope your problem does not end up being the distributor. It's hard to diagnose running problems when you're not with the car. I don't know much about those Webbers but I think they have 2 idle jets and 2 mixture screws. You said you covered the top of the carb with your hand and it died. Did you cover both sides or one at a time and did you cover them all the way or partially?. This is the way I do it on Weber IDF carbs. I partially cover one throat at a time. The slight restriction over the throat will create vacuum below your hand and pull fuel through main jets (this is how the choke on a carburetor works). Under normal idle conditions, the vacuum is under the throttle butterfly and drawing fuel through the mixture screw. So if you cover one throat partially and the idle gets worse that throat is probably functioning properly. If the idle smooths out then the idle circuit on that throat is probably not functioning properly or set too lean. You can also use this to diagnose a clogged main jet. If you partially cover the throat and look down it at the same time you can normally see the fuel dribble out of the auxiliary venturi. If nothing comes out then you know you have a problem. This won't work the same on your car because if I'm not mistaken both throats of the 38dgxx feed all 4 cylinders. If you partially cover either throat and either idle jet is clogged the idle should pick up regardless because it will be drawing more fuel through the main circuit compensating for the dead idle circuit. To pinpoint which throat has the problem you can try and slowly turn one mixture screw in until the idle starts to drop. If you can turn the screw all the way in with no effect then you could have a clogged jet on that throat or a very poorly adjusted carb. If you cover the throats completely it will just apply the full engine vacuum the float bowl and blast fuel into the engine with no air and instantly flood it.
  13. ScottCLo

    Header recommendation.

    This is going into my daily driver haha. I'm a nut, I know! I drove a car with a Schrick 292, which seems like a king of the cams around here. I liked it but it was a little too tame for me. I'm not worried about the low low-end torque I just hope it will get close to an idle but I don't expect it to.