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  1. Okay, My 94 Toyota pickups camshaft just wiped out. I knew $200 for a new head with a cam was too good to be true! Only lasted 5000 miles! I'm going to pull the cam out Saturday, if the rockers are okay i should have it going again. I'll pm you.
  2. My car is in the body shop. My last visit i noticed the sheet metal around the hood latch area has been cut away and bent by a previous owner, no idea why... I need a good used one off a parts car, if anyone has one. thanks.
  3. What is the reason? Oil pressure? Also, am i correct that an internally lubricated cam would have oil passages going from the center journal out to each cam lobe and have visible oil holes on the lobes or base circle? Or is that not how they work? I've never seen one.
  4. So just to recap, ignoring the Korman konfusion, the notch was only required on older Schrick 304 cams and is for installation purposes only but, since Schrick has switched over to using a Schmicky Mouse cam blank, the new 304 no longer needs the notch. Correct?
  5. Their website says its for oil flow, they told me its for oil flow over the phone but, they sent me istallation instructions saying its for installation. 🤷‍♂️ I checked the cam and i dont see any holes in the lobe or base circle so i don't think its internally lubricated, i could be wrong but, im running a oil rail regardless.
  6. I just got off the phone with Korman. They said the new 304 cams from Schrick don't require a grove to be cut because they are oiled internally. I should find oil passages in the cam if that is the case. Ill have to take a look tonight.
  7. Strange. I got the cam from Wallothnesch.com it says its a Schrick cam on their website, unless its s "Schrick" cam grind. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/schrick-camshaft-304-deg-all-4-cylinder-up-to-9-80-11-04-05.html My machinist said he did not have to notch or groove anything to install it. Im using a new e12 head as well. I hope i didn't reserve a miss packaged 292. Ill inspect the cam for a part number when i get home. Thanks for the PDF, Looks like it will come in handy when im timing the motor.
  8. That makes sense to me but kormans website says its a oil groove. I'll have to give them a call tomorrow. Maybe they will fax me a copy of the instructions.
  9. My car had a 4 bladed fan and a dent in the hood when i purchased it. The alternator bushings were bad.
  10. I bought one of those "low milage" JDM engines for a Subaru powerd sand rail one time. It was completely packed full of acorns. Ended up having to do a full teardown on my drop in replacement...
  11. Hi everyone, i just got my engine parts back from the mechine shop. I was looking over his work and noticed he didn't cut the groove that is supposed to be nessesary to install the 304 cam. The head is however, fully assembled. I was under the impression the groove was required for the lobes to pass threw the center journal. Unfortunately i didn't study the provided instructors before giving it to my machinist. The instructions are now missing and I am having difficulty locating a new copy, online or otherwise. Does anyone have information on what exactly the groove is for, installation or oil supply, and where/how deep it should be cut? Is it even nessesary?
  12. Do you have the Carb and throttle linkage? I have a customer with one. Her last mechanic installed a 32/36 and now it has no throttle cable.
  13. Looking to buy a Mallory dual point distributor. Ill pay 200 +shipping. Any condition as long as its all there.
  14. I know what the problem is! You got 2 confusers trying to run your engine. Install a mechanical fuel pump, a points distributor and a carburetor on it and see if that fixes the problem. Why do you want a bunch of ones and zeros flying around your engine bay anyway?
  15. And maybe miss-aligned throttle plate is the wrong term. It seems to suggest the throttle plate is installed incorrectly. I mean the position the throttle plate sits relative to the progression holes. This is set with the idle speed screw. When you turn the screw clockwise the throttle plate is opened and the top of the plate moves down in my diagram. This lets more air into the engine and increases the idle speed. On some engine/carb combinations, the desired idle speed leaves the throttle plate in a sub-optimal position relative to the progression holes.
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