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  1. Price lowered. Make offer if interested.
  2. I did not know they where leather wrapped. I pulled it off the car shortly after i bought it because the horn did not work and i could hardly pull out of my driveway with the 205 tires he had on the car :P. I'll update the listing.
  3. I have a set of 40phh carbs with air cleaner for a 2000tilux. The carburetors seem to be in good shape mechanically. They would probably just need cleaned and resealed. I have been using them as decoration but i am moving and would like to get rid of them. I would like them to go back onto the car they came off of and not butchered up for someones half baked 2002ti replica plan, that's why i'm posting them in the NK forum. If anyone has any interest in them for their 2000 ti restoration send me a pm.
  4. Driver condition e21 sport wheel. Slight scratches in horn face, split in trim ring, missing leather wrap and broken horn contact. See pictures for more details. Free shipping anywhere in the us or pm for local pickup.
  5. Just wanted to share this nice parts catalog a co-worker showed me. It has factory parts diagrams for most makes and models. Its not as good as real OEM for 2002's, as it does not have prices or pictures but, it does cross reference bmw part numbers to aftermarket numbers. For example if you are looking at rear drums for your 2002, you can click the little symbol with 2 arrows and it will bring up a list of part numbers for different brands like ATE, Textar, Jerid, Brembo, and so on. You can also go to the aftermarket section on the main screen and find all the aftermarket parts for the car in a list. Most of it are discontinued part numbers but you might be able to use them to find new old stock on ebay or something. https://7zap.com/en/
  6. I bought a Caswell zinc plating kit a while back. I plated a few test parts and they turned out great. No pictures though. Caswell makes a yellowing solution but i recomend mixing your own. Its cheaper and from what i hurd does not wear out like the caswell solution. 1 gal. distilled water 10 oz Sodium dichromate 0.5 oz sulfuric acid. You can get the sodium dichomate off ebay for about $10 a pound, witch makes a little over a gallon and a half of solution.
  7. I'm looking for a good drivers side seat recliner mechanism for my 73. Right now if i lean back, the seat falls back. Its driving me nuts, and it keeps getting worse. I live in San Diego country.
  8. also make sure you set the dwell angle before you set the timing. Edit: In other words, when you change the dwell angle you are also changing the ignition timing.
  9. How off are we talking? If you are only getting 20° dwell with 016 gap then there is something majorly wrong but if you are getting 50 or so at 016 then i wouldn't worry and set it off the dwell angle. Dwell angle is what matters. points gap is just to get you by if you don't have a dwell gauge.
  10. Just had a second look at the picture from RealOEM It seems there is a black paint line down the center. Is that correct?
  11. Brushed chrome it is! Never even heard of that before. I'm having some new lenses made for the lettering if anyone is interested. They will be 3D printed so i'm not holding my breath on the quality/clarity of the plastic. Ill make a post about it when they come some time in the next few weeks. Ill attach the FreeCad and stl files to this post just in case someone else wants to have them made. Edit: My bad to anyone who downloaded the cad files. They are wrong.
  12. Just wondering what the original finish was on the heater leaver covers on a 1973. Was it originally chrome? Every one i have seen online has a dull metallic finish such as the one on RealOEM. Almost looks like silver metallic paint? Mine look like this. No sign of paint on it but it does seem to have a layer of copper under the surface layer witch makes me think it was originally chromed.
  13. ScottCLo


  14. this helps. That build seems to be the go-to build but i also find allot of topics about the 304 with 10:1 but i have not found a single thread about California gas as a variable in any build discussions. Thanks for the help and yes i cant wait to get that seven on the road but the 2002 will be my daily driver so the lotus takes the back seat for now.
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