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  1. Mike....thanks for the response. I only noticed the sound as I slowly creep forward or in reverse. The sound disappears (to the best my ears can tell) as the gear is fully engaged, unable to hear anything beyond that....2nd...3rd. New pilot bearing, new clutch kit..flywheel machined and the trans was a pick up from Aardvark 02 parts. No grinding or shifting issues I can speak to. I'll try to get a sound clip today after work. Nate
  2. Getting ready to back out of my garage...I step on the clutch put it in reverse. As I release the clutch it makes a low whistling sound...almost like a turbo, not near as loud. I only hear it as I begin to back off the clutch, reverse and 1st gear. This is the cars first trip around the block since installing my motor and trans (5 spd). Didnt notice it while driving. TIA, Nate
  3. Longdrawz

    BBS 15" wheel refurb finished!

    jrhone...those wheels came out sharp!
  4. Folks...any trick to getting the adaptor (#10,#3) out? I removed the screw, speedo cable popped out, adaptor...not so much. TIA, Nate
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    Getting there
  6. Longdrawz

    Rear Suspension is in!

    Great video!
  7. Longdrawz

    Sundays are for Church (4)

    That's just a great shot!
  8. Longdrawz


    Looking good Antoine! Keep it up!
  9. Longdrawz


    pm sent Scoob
  10. Longdrawz


    thanks rover1 more to come!
  11. I'm a little partial to the grey....
  12. bought driving lights from Resra......great communication, packaged well and great quality. Very fair shipping prices.
  13. Longdrawz

    Exterior almost complete

    Very nice!!
  14. Longdrawz

    02s Around the Lake

    Looks like a great time. Look forward to joining the trip next summer