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  1. Fusina ED Swart edition also sold.
  2. The splines are the same, so it will fit your 02. You would need to replace the horn button contact ring by a horn button contact pin.
  3. Number 3 is still available, number 5 sold.
  4. Available again... Now $250 + FREE SHIPPING!
  5. Brand new. What you see is what you get. Price $150 ex. shipping
  6. One pair in pretty good condition( see photos 1-7 ) The other seven aren't ( see photos 8-14 ) THESE ARE NOT 9 PAIRS. I HAVE 3 PAIRS AND 3 SINGLE PIECES WHICH MAKES 9 PIECES. I PREFER ONE BUYER FOR THE LOT. Price $300 ex. shipping.
  7. Fits you spare tire. In pretty good condition. Price $200 ex. shipping.
  8. It's probably just a shell 😉

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