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  1. A second hub cover will be added to this offer.
  2. Selling the following items as a package; - Two 380 mm sports steering wheels - One horn button - One hub - One ( crack free ) hub cover - One horn contact pin - One horn contact ring - 7 Bolts ( in stead of rivets! ) Basically, one complete Petri sports steering wheel WITHOUT leather ( part number 32 33 1 120 145 ) en one Petri 838 sports steering wheel ( identical to a Turbo wheel ). Build your own steering wheel. Fits all 02 models and E21 models. Price: $300 firm. ( ex. shipping )
  3. Selling this unique, gorgeous, late sixties white-striped Personal! Probably the only white-striped Personal for sale world wide. Recently restored, new vanish ( 7 layers ) and polished. Plug & Play. Fits all 02 models. A polished hub is optional. Note: This is a late sixties steering wheel. Traces of age are visible.
  4. You forgot to mention the VW hub. This will not fit any BMW.
  5. Fits all 02 models. Brand new horn contact pin. Leather in beautiful condition, but has a tiny cut at 3:30 O'clock. Stitches 100% intact. Size 380 mm ( 15 inch ). PRICE INCLUDES WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES.
  6. In beautiful condition, leather and stitches 100% intact. Note: the original E21 hub has been replaced by a 2002 hub, which sits quite tight on the upper steering spindle. I had to use some WD40 and force to remove it ( splines are not damaged ). Comes with a new horn contact pin. PRICE INCLUDES WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES.
  7. Hello fellow 02ers! I have a wooden MOMO for sale. - Type GL37 - Size 370 mm - New varnish - Brushed aluminum horn ring - Momo Horn button - Brand new hub ( fits all 02 models, I also have hubs for other BMW models ) - Spokes have some minor flaws - Plug and Play - World wide shipping included ( Note: due the Covid 19 situation, shipping may take some time ) - PayPal fees included
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