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  1. Freshly restored late sixties Moto Lita steering wheel. Has a custom made adapter for the small bolt pattern. Comes with a hub of your choice, black or polished, for all 02 models or Neue Klasse models. I also have the following fitments available: E3, E9, E12, E21, E23, E24, E28, E30 etc. It took many hours of work to achieve this result. The spokes are smooth and polished, the wood has 5 new coats of the highest quality. The hub and horn button are new and unused.
  2. I have two Blaupunkt radios for sale, both in working condition. One sixties Blaupunkt, speaker set up and window antenna included, suitable for 6V and/or 12V. Speaker frame has a few cracks and the mounting points broke off. Terrible sound because of its original speaker. The other one is a seventies Bavaria S in very good condition, period correct knobs included. Both radios have been tested and both work. Asking price $300 for the both together, shipping included.
  3. These look stunning! I'm glad you didn't copy the E-number because that will be the only option to recognize the difference between original and repro.
  4. Fusina ED Swart edition also sold.
  5. The splines are the same, so it will fit your 02. You would need to replace the horn button contact ring by a horn button contact pin.
  6. Number 3 is still available, number 5 sold.
  7. Available again... Now $250 + FREE SHIPPING!
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