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  1. i snapped a cv on my 2002 and need a new one! i would love a pair if i could! if they are on the car still i would love you to mark them on how you took them out i also need a driver side door latch.. the part that is mounted on the body and not the part that is mounted on the door! maybe even the driver door key lock, with out without the key to unlock it! but i realllllly need the axles!! josh
  2. i need a differential case so i can take out the crappy inside and put a LSD from an e36 inside the case! ill buy that broken differential you have no use for! just need the case i live in San diego califonia 92078 josh
  3. Hey guys! Im trying to make a caravan to go up to bimmerfest for all of us guys that can't keep up with the big dogs that goes 80mph plus on the freeway. I have a little group together that wants to drive up with us so far and stick together as much as we can. Me personally, drive 65mph tops because of my 4.44 diff. planning to get tons of driving shots and stuff on the way. Thinking of meeting at the esco westfield mall. Everyone need to be there at 6am in front of sears and red robin and then leaving at 6:30am up to the fontana motor speedway! Any bmws are welcome! invite all your friends and we can try to make it a big group!! let me know for any question! cheers
  4. im in need of stub axles with hubs..im not able to drive my car because of it:( the gears are all roached.. josh
  5. yeah ill get a e12 one soon enough...anyone think i should get a different booster? the one i have a little on the weak side..if i do get a different one what should i get? what do people usually use for a upgraded booster?
  6. I need to push hard on the pedal to stop basically i feel like if I had a different master cylinder that pushed more fluid to the bigger brakes, it would make the brake pedal easier to push down
  7. hey boys, i did the volvo 240 vented brake set up (dual brake lines per side) with the e21 vented rotors and i also put on the rear vw mk2 brake calipers with the mk1 rotors. my question is that i remember reading that i need a new master cylinder and maybe brake booster... does anyone have this same set up? cuz my brakes are still not the best.. i have a 1968 1600 so i think my brake booster is a little smaller than the 02, i think i remember reading i need the e39 master cylinder...i need to push more fluid is to why i think my brakes are still not the best..any ideas lads? i also have a nice little biased valve to take away some power to the rear brakes if the new master is pushing too much:)
  8. good question... i was originally thinking going up the 15/210/134/101 but i guess it depends how many people wanted to meet us half way. so we can make a check point on the side of one of the freeways. we can take the 5 all the way up or even the 5 to the 405 also I'm open to any suggestions...majority rules i guess
  9. hello all! I was wondering who from san diego was going to be going to the socalvintage? I wanted to put a caravan together if nothing was already planned. If no one knows of anything then I'm planning on meeting at the escondido tillys maybe around 6:30am on saturday the 8th. if some of your want to drive up with us and you are a little more up north then we can make a pit stop half way in between escondido and woodley park if needed. nothing is set in stone yet and I'm open to ideas! I have alittle group of e30s, e28s and some e10s. i would like more e10s to roll with us! we probably won't be driving very fast because i have a 4.44 geared differential so i can cruise at around 65-70 mph. respond to this forum if you are wanting to caravan with us or if you know of anything bigger! let everyone know about this because i want to get a decent group to drive up with! if you can't make this then ill see you at the event! ill be the guy with the green patina body with a m20 powered 1600 with all the crap on the roof rack! stop and say hi:) cheers, josh
  10. I'm going to be going to the socalvintage at woodley park on october 8th. i also need a differential spare cuz I'm welding the one i have for "mad drifts" if you have a differential that you would like to sell and are also going to socalvintage then contact me so you can bring it to the show for me to purchase. i would prefer to have a 3.90 or higher gear ratio. i want something good for the freeway. the one I'm welding is a 4.44 from a e36 that i swapped the insides because my 4.11 blew up. thank you guys!
  11. I need some rear hubs and stub axles my splines are junk on my car i would like to have the castle butt aswell! i have a 1968 1600 i believe all the e10s are the same... i need them asap cuz I'm trying to make it to a car show! Thank you!! josh
  12. Do you still have some rear hubs? Do you have stub axles too?
  13. Do you still have the 3 pod gauge cluster? I'll take that!
  14. Can you do $30 for the 1600 emblem?
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