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  1. All I see is Jennifer... as in Lawrence, Aniston, Lopez and a bit of Monroe too! Beautiful shot.
  2. BTW, for those whom are interested in seeing better shots of My 02. If you have a copy of Bimmer Mag's April 2017 issue you'll find it under, "1976 2002: Stealth flyer." Shame! I wasn't told it was printed or given a copy. (Out of curiosity I searched today.)
  3. I will need to take some new pics. I was caught in a sand storm recently with 70mph winds. Needless to say my front end looks like it was hit with a few shells of rock salt. The attached pics are long before the storm.
  4. Received mine earlier this month. Just wanted to say it was worth it!
  5. Don't need the manifold, but if you happen to have the fuel rail, wires, vacuum tubes, and sensors I'd be interested. (Basically all that connect to the manifold) Any pics of what involved?
  6. You wouldn't happen to have another AC setup would you? Or know where to get one? Truthfully I just need a faceplate. Rusty02
  7. Hello Mike,  


    I just experienced a broken door lock cylinder/tumbler on a 76 02.  It broke on inner end of the tumbler.
    Do you still have info on ways to fix this issue?  The door will not open from the inside or outside of the car.

    Inside/outside door handles are useless.  I don't want to risk damaging the door card trying to remove it with the door closed.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.




  8. PTW is right, but perhaps you can find some black rubber caps that will fit over the struts. (Lowe's, Home D, Harbor Freight?) You also have the choice of dipping the gray dust covers in Flex Seal, which shouldn't crack like paint will on rubber over time.
  9. Sweet, but your interior my GOD!! I gotta get some e24 rear seats.
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