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  1. Okay thats fine I'll use a small Priority Mail box to protect it. I can't get an estimate to Canada with the online calculator but it looks like maybe $10 If it more I'll take care of it so $35 total PayPal is [email protected] Rob Clark 760-710-1189 cell/text
  2. Good question. Shipping to Canada can be a pain I believe the best method is FEDX ground. They hand off to Canada post and can be tracked. I'm guessing $15 to $20. At the most
  3. How's $25 sound ? I get some pictures for you if you like
  4. Adams Autosport has very nice reproductions if you want new I have a pair of driver quality and can send photos if you like
  5. Have you checked to see if the cold start valve is spraying any gas on a hot start up ? Thats the typical problem when the cold start box fails and sprays gas at every start hot or cold
  6. I have one from a 72 that has some rust but it's repairable I'm in North County San Diego PM me if you have further interest
  7. Toby. I think we all deserve $50 for following this thread. It has evolved into the subject of EFI I hope somebody does a summary on fuel injecting m-10s I’m sooo happy to be satisfied with a crude metal can that leaks gas into the intake manifold with enough regularity to make the car run
  8. Go back to the wiring diagram done by "Mike" A thermo switch on the topside returning hot to the radiator with a manual over ride is the way to go The fan turns on when the returning water is hot -- not later when it leaves the radiator in a bottom thermo switch installation. and you have the option of just turning it on manually if the temp gauge goes up beyond your comfort level
  9. Oh That's just what I was looking for in case I get a hunting idle LOL Actually good information and thanks for issues to look for because we really all want our Tiis to run like their reputation What's the order you would start this checklist based on the highest probability of necessity ?
  10. Sold for $36,000 Well I would have expected a little more despite a few negatives Seeing it in person may have chanced my thoughts The biggest concern being the 33 year old color change of questionable quality by today's standards
  11. Ceylon Yes a rare color Ceylon now the country of Madagascar What inspired a gold metallic color to be called Ceylon ? gold/orange chile oil ? C'est la vie a term that means That"s Life - a recognition of "Oh well" Great play on words Innica ! I think this car is toast But what are the thoughts about why an early 70's gold metallic color was named Ceylon ??
  12. Two I like One is a two stage silver and clear wheel paint kit by Dupli-Color The other is a silver metallic sold by Mercedes Dealers as a touch up
  13. Here are a couple of photos of the B130 motors They are stock New Old Stock M10 long blocks with Marine attachments Notice the horizontal distributor, the water pump at the rear The oil cooler with the oil filter, the coolant tank at the front which is a part of a two part cooling system The distributor take off is used by some sports car to lower the height profile of the engine. Interesting cast parts for the Marine adaptation.
  14. Reviving an old thread. I can answer some questions about a BMW marine engine Having recently obtaining 2 NOS BMW b130 engines and doing a little research, Here is what I know The original post is bout a b130 Motor This is the second version of an M10 In the 70s there was the 410 - a 115 hp and the 411 - a two solex side draft that made 130 hp in the 80s up to 1987 the b130 was produced with lower compression 8.3:1 The cams are very different Max hp comes at 5400 rpm the biggest difference however is the distributor at the back of the motor mounts the distributor horizontally to achieve a lower profile and has a power take off for an impeller type water pump behind that This pump runs the raw water cooling system Back to Barry’s original question I believe any model of the M10 head would work because the motor has flat top pistons He will need the original cam if it too hasn’t been damaged along with the cam cover at the back of the head for his distributor and water pump If anybody has a desire to have an M10 powered boat to tow behind your 2002 Let me know
  15. That's a bit of a vague question " What is the overall thickness " I can tell you the tank is larger and the core thickness is larger than a stock two core radiator Will the fan hit it ? That's not an exact science All cars are a little different. If you have even a 1/4 inch clearance from the front of your fan to the radiator than it would will most likely be OK Call IE and see what they tell you Or do a search on Radiators for many opinions and suggestions about radiator options
  16. This is funny Don't take Carl's opinion about original wheels It's a standing joke here The original wheels were steel wheels with slots ask Carl for a photo of his original never been repainted wheels They are in absolutely horrible and cosmetically unattractive condition . ( Love you Carl) I've' threaten to re paint his in a parking lot but he won't budge on his " original" wheels . Overall "Stay Calm" don't make any drastic moves on this car ---- unless you want to part with it and I would be "all over " buying my old 74 Tii again My sense is that's not happening So again Congratulations
  17. WOW My first BMW was this same car A 1974 Tii with sunroof and Behr Air Conditioning Lots of fond memories about that car. Congratulations on your acquisition. This Board is absolutely outstanding Don't be bashful about asking a question The Search feature will be of great help Re: the wheels what you have are the dealer option alloys Keep them. The other picture shows e30 bottlecaps- avoid them in your case because Tiis deserve restoration close to original in order to avoid negatives in value. Congratulations and welcome
  18. rstclark

    NOS M10

    Just testing the waters to see if there is any interest in a NOS M10 It was produced in 1984 with an E21 2.0 head stock compression ratio is 8.3:1 Could easily be built to any compression ratio and cam option and new owners desire
  19. I side with Vicleonardo Get a 75 or older Don't block out all of your options by thinking you have to work on your 76 You are seriously conflicted by thinking you want to modify a car for more power and do it with a California 76 Set the emotional attachment aside for a moment to consider the economics of selling your 76 - outside California for the best price - and buying another car. You say you want to do a complete restoration so why not do all that work on a car that will never be a burden for smog ? Side story Since you are in San Diego you most likely are aware of Carl Nelson at La Jolla Independent. I once told him I had a really nice 76 and his response was " There is no such thing as a nice 76 in California"
  20. Steve thanks for clarifying the differences by years My equipment is from a 75 btw
  21. I have all of that. Air cleaner ,brackets ,hose air box for snorkel Weber adatper, air filter element PM me
  22. Good job. Sawcut the middle section out to get started
  23. I have a set of front and back seats for a 1975 ( these are a different style than 69 ) The fronts are black and have all the plastic covers. The backs are navy but can be dyed or vinyl painted black $450 for all you pick up in San Diego
  24. A very practical and easily street motor prescription is: 9.5 :1 Compression 292 cam 38/38 with port matched manifold Long tube header Balanced Spec toleranced May produce 150 hp depending on the quality of the work Most likely it will be a little less on a dyno I believe there are dyno results out there if you search
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