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  1. PS. As you probably know The 74s are unique seats. The only year with 7 pleats The top widespread bar for the headrest is unique too Be specific if you order covers to be sure you can retain originality
  2. Regarding a partial replacement of the centers and not the sides That would not be wise. If you’re going this far, do everything The sides may look ok but they they are old and most likely a little brittle They will stitch but they may not hold well In the end you will be happy with a complete job
  3. If the piston is beat up I think we go back to rays original comment ...."Er Off with the head" Re the plug, Never seen that before. If the electrode is still in place and no other pieces of the plug are missing It doesn't seem to connect whatever is beating up the piston. Cracked pistons have there own clacking/slapping sound, so from what you describe it's not likely a bad piston This is good news I think you will have to pull the head to see what has happened Again hopefully it's something relatively minor
  4. Dick if any small part broke off at the top of the piston, you would undoubtedly hear what sounds like a rod knock with the piece hitting the head There is really not a lot of clearance in there The plug would most likely have the gap closed by the banging and the engine would run weak from the remaining three cylinders Common problem with Weber carbs is the the studs and washers holding the air cleaner in place will rattle loose and lay in the secondary side of a 32/36 until you step on it opening the secondary The nut and washer particularly will embed in the top of the piston and create the havoc you describe Ask me how I know . I did this twice on my Dad's Ford Cortina with a weber 32/36 The fix is to take the head off, Remove the offending pieces and put it back together again There is only a very low probability that you have hurt the crank the rod or the piston First check to see If you have any nuts and washers missing from your carb If they are all in place ,Well it's a bigger issue I think you could pull the plug without damage but why bother because you will need to pull the head to see what's happening and go from there. There are most likely suggestion's about this procedure here on the board My only suggestion would can pull the head with the intake and carb and the exhaust attached to save some reinstall work This works well if you use and engine hoist to pull the head and manifolds attached. I have one to loan you , and I'd be happy to help if you need me. Lets hope its something simple Rob
  5. I hope you bought it It's a no brainer Review TobyB's comments Very well said
  6. Okay that should give you a reboot I can sympathize with you After restoring a 72 Tii I was a little burned out with all the meticulous detail that a Tii requires and deserves Best Regards Rob
  7. looks like the car that didn't sell on Bring A Trailer due to a Salvage Title ?
  8. Hey Anthony I'm having a little trouble following what you want here For sale at 7K --No I'm going to keep it --NO winters coming Maybe I'll Trade What do you want to trade for ? With a dismantled Tii and $7 in the bank , Tell me what you want Rob
  9. I was driving a 1973 Datsun 240Z before moving to a 1974 2002 Tii The 240Z was rock solid at high speed like 120 mph but the Tii was a much more enjoyable car all around
  10. I have one that needs a little clean up but I don’t want to separate if from a full Automatic to Getrag 245 5 speed conversion package There out there You can find them from well used to fully restored
  11. I have a complete setup A Weber 32/36 near new ,stock manifold,ram adapter,stock air cleaner and hose available at a reasonable price OK me for further details Rob
  12. Looks like a pretty good starting point
  13. That’s a great bit of history Mike Congratulations. And thanks for you contributions
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