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  1. The rumor around this is that the matching Speedster is running around LA with a 912 4 cyl in it. The two owners know about each other, but neither party can or will buy the other party out to but the original car back together
  2. pick up the phone and call IE
  3. Correction the comment was posted by PaulTWinterton
  4. Following up on Zanbos advise above, Use some tape to hold the button in during the install of the handle Otherwise you will need three hands to do the job Using tape is better than letting anyone know you can't do this by yourself
  5. Taking my next car to TJ for a “tuck and roll “ interior ,cut the springs to get the car lowered and add lights in the wheel wells Oh I may be showing my age here ?
  6. Sorry to be a dissenter here but I used Los Panchos and got a half ass job on an Alfa. They didn't follow instructions and I took the car there with a friend is is very fluent in Spanish, so there was no misunderstanding. I could have done as well or better in San Diego. I would not bother getting paint work done in TJ It just not worth the trouble of getting your car back and forth There is no consistency as workers turn over quite a bit Some are very talented , others not so much. Who knows you might get lucky. Jrhone will say he got a good value and "Chito " will stand his work--- but not in my case Cuidado mi Amigos. BTW I have Sentri too and you can take your car into Mexico easily but you have to use the regular border crossing lanes to return and you should ask for a receipt that understates the price to avoid any customs issues
  7. Despite your best effort to bleed the system especially the calipers. The calipers can trap small air bubbles Have you tapped them with a brass of plastic hammer to see if you can get anymore air out ? Having had a similar feel before I drove the car for about a week and it cleared up because I think air was finally forced out of the calipers. I guess i'm saying maybe drive it carefully and see if it doesn't get more peddle Sorry I can't add to the discussion about the pre pressure valve.
  8. Thanks for the update Glad you like them too
  9. Yes this was mailed Monday Should take about 5 days
  10. Reminds me of the old commercial where the customer asks the mechanic What does the Thwap Thwap Thwap sound like to you ? To which he responds " Sounds like two weeks in Waikiki to me" Glad you found the problem before it got much worse
  11. PS you can actually set the static at zero and let the distributor do all the work. Get a good smooth idle with a low base static advance, ie 2 degrees and play with this You will be really safe with a total of not more than 36 maybe 38 degrees advance. With a stock motor compression of most likely 8.3:1 you won't get pinging . BTW in my car with higher compression I use 91 octane California blend so-called gas and this works Your set up will be different so keep tweeking things If you have a usb type 123 distributor , you can set two curves and try a second test set up against the base curve until you are satisfied by the laptop or the butt dyno that you have a really good tune Have fun You're definitely on the right track
  12. TodB Remember that a lean mixture. Like Idle and cruise takes longer to burn so the spark has to happen earlier- more advance. People complain about a stumble at mid range. With a vacuum curve the motor is ready to run when you accelerate so it’s really beneficial I think you will be happy with the 123 tune with the vacuum curve
  13. @Cr4tic jetting formula mains. 135 Air. 180 Idle 50 Etube F66 this is at sea level good starting point for a 38/38
  14. I’ll look up the jet settings when I get home

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