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  1. Nice buy Barney No Snorkel Plastic runner tubes no notch firewall Chrome seat hinges ---- Checks all the boxes !!! You'll have to do an exceptional job on this one but of course I'm sure you will
  2. I have doors. Where are you located ?
  3. Mvliotta. You are preaching to the choir about Alfa’s. I have a 74 spider in California Extremely under appreciated but the public perception is vastly different as well Im not optimistic that Alfa Siders will ever achieve the market appreciation of a Tii I do share your view that they are stealth bargains however
  4. I believe it is original. It was a bit sticky during reassembly but with lubrication and careful adjustment it works. Did not realize it should stand upright at 90 degrees , so yes it may be tired internal spring Do those things so wear after 47 years. ???? LOL
  5. Okay. I'm totally busted on the one owner thing Mike G s comment is hilarious and convinced me to face the facts Here is the History: The car was produced May 18, 1972 in Ceylon Transferred to Hoffman Motors on May 19,1972 Sold August 11, 1972 by BMW of San Diego One owner for 46 years in San Diego (garage stored 2003 they 2018) Purchased in September 2018 by me. Title was placed in my name There you have it. If not for the thoughtful intervention by FAQ. I could have gone on in denial about being the second owner Thank you everyone. I feel better now The truth will set you free Rob
  6. Of course not. I will still have my 75 restomod And will remain addicted to FAQ. Clearly the best board on the internet
  7. Greg Yes I registered the car in my name and title is in my name This was necessary to be able to drive the car this past year to sort everything out and have insurance You can view it as a 2 owner car if you like, but since title will be held only for the restoration period in my name I prefer to think of it as a one owner car temporarily owned by the restorer and passing on to the second owner
  8. Tashakes just googled the beautiful parking lot at 1260 Columbia did you ever see the old dealership building ?
  9. To gregp553 it is a one owner car Technically I hold title for registration and insurance purposes but I only consider myself to be a custodian and Stewart Mallory. Be happy to help
  10. rstclark


  11. Shamelessly,I feel to compelled to share the sale of my 72 Ceylon one owner Tii currently running on Bring A Trailer If nothing else, this should be fun to follow. Thanks to all on this board particularly Steve ( Conserv) for your help and support Log on to BAT I welcome you questions and comments as well here Rob https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2002tii-38/
  12. If you need cables, consider a pair from a Volvo 240 etc. they are metal and work better I got a pair from Dave Varco at Aadvark Racing ---- Perfect Also the link to the my tii blog mentioned earlier is good but you should know he installed the felt trim seals incorrectly and later updated the blog. Its still a good guide
  13. Nice car. Couldn't you find any wide whitewalls ?? I think it deserves lights in the wheelwells too This could be a whole new trend Ratrods, Lowriders ? I think I hear the group War singing "all my friends know the lowrider ---- " Congratulations on thinking and doing outside the box
  14. From examples I've seen, the roundtail cars were body color on the rockers and the square tail cars were painted black with a definite masked line in about the middle of the rocker trim . Perhaps the square tails with higher bumpers and ride height got the black paint to make them appear lower ?? If you strive for originality, I would not paint the rockers black on a roundie But I do like the look if that's all you are after Others may chime in here with more knowledge on this subject
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