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  1. I realize the failure rate for lithium batteries is extremely low The rate of fires in Teslas is lower than in gas powered cars but the intensity of a lithium battery failure is much hotter and destructive than a gas fire. Considering the cost and reserve capacity, it begs the question Why bother.? The weight savings is of value, but not really that significant in the big scheme of things IMHO
  2. Given the explosion and fire hazard of a gasoline powered automobile why would you want to add a new explosion and fire hazard with an overpriced lithium ion battery ?
  3. I have a NOS never been run M-10 shortblock
  4. Sweet Alfa Don't let go of the early FPS wheels If they don't have a casing saying FPS on one of the outside spokes, they are vintage and rare Look to see if there is casting date . I don't think they had them . These wheels were dealer option alloys from back when the car was new They are the bomb IMHO. I had $1100 in the set on my Tii They are 13x5 These are still made today ( FPS is an Italian Company) but they have an much smoother casting and the FPS logo showing. The new ones sell for like $250 each and they are not even vintage correct They have their own center cap and I see you have four Good Job
  5. Here are 195x50x15s with .28 ET all around No rubbing . The car is also lowered about an inch with Eiback sport springs
  6. Skip Please please please don't put Bottlecaps on your Tii As I recall you are working with Polaris ?? There is no Bottlecap in any color that will look good Hows the Alfa coming along ? Rob
  7. Hard to say without knowing the offset of your wheels. 28ET is good. You can safely use 195x50x15 safely even on the fronts
  8. PS I have a fuel filler for you
  9. Dan, I think the Dome light is the culprit. Could be a short in the wiring at the dome light. Alex thinks there could be a bare wire up there Lets fix it .
  10. Considering going to Individual Throttle Body fuel injection on my 75 restomod. It would add a significant level of sophistication over a 38/38 Weber
  11. An old timer told me 1 and a half coils will give the results shown here.
  12. Nice buy Barney No Snorkel Plastic runner tubes no notch firewall Chrome seat hinges ---- Checks all the boxes !!! You'll have to do an exceptional job on this one but of course I'm sure you will
  13. I have doors. Where are you located ?
  14. Mvliotta. You are preaching to the choir about Alfa’s. I have a 74 spider in California Extremely under appreciated but the public perception is vastly different as well Im not optimistic that Alfa Siders will ever achieve the market appreciation of a Tii I do share your view that they are stealth bargains however
  15. I believe it is original. It was a bit sticky during reassembly but with lubrication and careful adjustment it works. Did not realize it should stand upright at 90 degrees , so yes it may be tired internal spring Do those things so wear after 47 years. ???? LOL

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