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  1. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and opinions. Truly grateful for this community. I think my first step is to make sure the car is actually running correctly first before I get to carried away and then determine what the next move is. Thanks again - I'll keep you guys posted
  2. Thanks guys for the responses... I truly appreciate the thoughts. When I bought the car I was told it had 15K on a factory rebuild. I have no idea what that means and unfortunately I don't have any paperwork to back up that claim. This is my first 2002 and frankly the only one I've ever driven. Patrick at Midnight Motorsports has always offered to have me come on down and drive some different setups (side drafts, M10 Turbos, M20, M42s, etc) which I suppose is a logical next steps. I've never had it on a dyno and have always been curious as to what it would do. Probably not a bad next step either. Admittedly, I've been convinced to keep the tii powerplant the way it is and not mess with it in fear of it depreciating the car. I've also been led to believe that the infamous Kugelfischer, while stout and mighty, shouldn't be messed with. But perhaps putting the K-fish on the shelf and throwing in a new cam, high compression pistons, and some jenvey ITBs wouldn't be the worst thing for it. And all fairly reversible if one wanted to go that route. Right? As far as the reason for more power... that's one of those questions that's kind of hard to answer. I don't reeeeally need more power, I just want more power. I just feel that the fun factor could be increased if it was putting 175-200hp at the wheels. I don't need 300hp or anything ridiculous... I bought the car to be kind of canyon carver. I don't know... frankly this is the first time I've vocalized my thoughts out loud so I suspect I'm using you guys as some sort of therapy. lol!
  3. Hey Everyone, I’m reaching out to you guys to see if there’s maybe another alternative that I haven’t thought of. I currently own a 1972 2002tii with the original matching numbers engine. I love the car, I love the color (Colorado), and it checks a lot of boxes for me except I just wished it had a bit more power. My car runs great especially with the e21 rear diff and the 5 speed swap. If I had the space, I’d likely just pull the motor out and put in something else and keep the matching numbers motor in the back of the garage. But I don’t have the time nor the skills to really make that an option. It’s my understanding that there’s really not much to do in order to modify the tii unless you get rid of the Kugelfischer and do a different fuel management system which I’d have a hard time doing. Not to mention the rest of the engine work. I’m not a complete purist, it’s just that this car in its current form is likely perfect for someone else, just not me. My gut is telling me to sell the tii and find another 2002 with a built motor in it to satisfy my HP craving. In a perfect world I would trade it for a similar condition car with an S14 in it but the prices seem to be getting a bit ridiculous. The M20 swap also looks a bit interesting. …… At the end of the day, I love the 2002 platform, the community, and frankly this exact car. I just wished it had another 50hp or so. What do the tii guys do if they want more power? PS – I don’t autocross, or race, I just like having spirited drives in the country. Thanks in advance for the emotional support
  4. If it's not to late, you should consider going with an old vintage plate. It operates just like a collector plate but is more period correct. I have this on both my Datsun and my 72 2002 Tii. I bought one of my license plates here: https://www.oldlicensefarm.com/
  5. Hey Folks, A good friend of mine is looking for 2 doors to complete his 71 2002 project. Anyone have a lead on a couple of doors? Looking for one drivers door and one passenger door. Thanks! Jesse
  6. I haven't checked these guys out yet, but Show Quality Metal Finishing in Tukwila has been recommended to me a couple of times. I've not used them, but I'll likely give them a try.
  7. Thanks Russell - I appreciate your thoughts. I suppose maybe I just needed someone to give me a confidence boost to give it a try. I'll report back for those that are curious!
  8. Hey Folks, Does anyone have any experience driving on a ferry with a lowered vehicle? I'm running basically stock suspension on my 2002 but I do have an aftermarket turbo front ait damn. I can get over speedbumps without any issue, but the approach angle on the ferry's change greatly especially depending on the tide. I live in Edmonds and have been tempted to cross over many times but have chickened out due to the potential headache factor. Anyone have any experience / advice on attempting this or should I avoid this at all cost? Thanks! J
  9. Oh sh*t! That M20 with ITBs is the business! I'm now thinking of dirty thoughts. You should do that!
  10. This Colorado? No spoiler on this one =) I'll try and find a pic of the rear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Slavik - I suppose if I were in your situation, I would fill up my tank and then top it off every 100 miles or so. Good luck!
  12. I'm likely in the minority on this one, but this actually ticks a couple of boxes for me. I think the BEAMs motor is out of a RAV4 if I'm not mistaken. I bet she's fun! I also love the rusty patina. Thankfully it's about 2000 miles away from me cause I would likely have to go look at it! lol!
  13. Good detective skills! I didn’t think to search user activity. In any case sounds like a cool swap. Not for everyone, but being a car guy I can respect it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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