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  1. I haven't checked these guys out yet, but Show Quality Metal Finishing in Tukwila has been recommended to me a couple of times. I've not used them, but I'll likely give them a try.
  2. Thanks Russell - I appreciate your thoughts. I suppose maybe I just needed someone to give me a confidence boost to give it a try. I'll report back for those that are curious!
  3. Hey Folks, Does anyone have any experience driving on a ferry with a lowered vehicle? I'm running basically stock suspension on my 2002 but I do have an aftermarket turbo front ait damn. I can get over speedbumps without any issue, but the approach angle on the ferry's change greatly especially depending on the tide. I live in Edmonds and have been tempted to cross over many times but have chickened out due to the potential headache factor. Anyone have any experience / advice on attempting this or should I avoid this at all cost? Thanks! J
  4. Oh sh*t! That M20 with ITBs is the business! I'm now thinking of dirty thoughts. You should do that!
  5. I've always found that these car storage offerings interesting. I'm sort of interested in this myself but I'd like to see how it all plays out first. The Redmond option is a bit too expensive for me but I suppose if I had a McLaren P1 I wouldn't give a sh*t. But then again, maybe I would have a big enough house to hold my collection. Either way, I think it's cool but not sure I would be a member. The Shop on the other hand is a bit more interesting to me cause you would always have a place to park if you wanted to see a Seahawks / Mariner game....kind of prepaying for parking. The only other spot I know about this is this place: http://www.garagetownfederalway.com/seattle-classic-car-storage.htm. You effectively own your own garage. Cool concept especially if you live in a Apt or Condo or a small house with out much parking.
  6. Speaking of Redmond... you guys see this place that's being developed. http://drivers.club/
  7. I'm not sure when this place will be open but it might be an option for you guys: http://theshopclubs.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Time for some mid day exercise
  9. I don't know of any other events but I'm interested in a Spring get together. Count me in!
  10. Thanks Andy for the recommendation! If you don't mind, I'd love to reach out to him. Thanks!
  11. Hey Guys, I picked up a Getrag 245 not to long ago and before i install it I want to make sure it's in sound working order. Is there a favorite tranny shop around the Seattle area that the 2002 community loves? Thanks! Jesse
  12. Hey Jack, I'm not sure I'm going to be much help. Part of the reason I asked was that I'm also looking for a body guy. I've also been told to go to Eurotech and talk to Mark (I think he's the owner) but am curious if there's another place around. A buddy of mine had his 911 duck fin resprayed there as well as his S4 Avant front bumper repaired. I've seen the work first hand and it looks the part. I'll likely go there as I know that his daughter drives a colorado orange 2002 and he has done work on her car a few times. So it sounds like he's familiar with 2002s. I've heard others on this board are not too excited about that place but I personally haven't heard anything bad. For what it's worth, I was driving down 15th in Ballard and I saw an Inka 2002 getting some pretty serious front end body damage repaired at Phil's Auto Body. I know zero about that place but I did see a 2002 there. Not sure that's helpful. If you end up going somewhere and you're happy with the results, i'd love to hear about it otherwise I'll likely be going to Eurotech.
  13. Hey Jack, Did you ever end up finding someone to do the work? -Jesse

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