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  1. aholderith

    E30 seats

    Can you do a write-up? I've been meaning to do this, and have two seats.
  2. Have you made any progress with the cup holder?  Any available?

    thanks,  Peter

    1. aholderith


      Hey Pete. Unfortunately no, I couldn't get them consistent enough using my 3D printer to consider selling them. The file is on the post, though, so if you know someone they can print it out for you. If you don't know someone, you could go on shapeways.com or some other site like that and they will print you one out for something likely 20 bucks.


  3. Hahahaha... Unfortunately no. I didn't buy any tickets.Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  4. Hello everyone. I have casted the model in resin and I am a bit... Well... Disappointed. The casting process perfectly copied the existing rough spots of the print and not only that, but it added more. I have pictures attached. From this I've concluded that I am going to 3D print them and offer an optional finish and custom text option. Here are the photos. This was disappointing, but a learning experience nonetheless. I will make a formal sale post soon. Thank you for your ongoing support and ideas, Alex
  5. Wiper Peed... oh man... Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  6. Interesting. I may design a similar one, then. I was also thinking of making one that has a stand of sorts and a bolt that threads into your standard camera so that you could have a forward or backwards facing camera on the dash. I am hesitant to go through with this though; I think automotive camera mounts have been beat to death by GoPro, i.e. my solution wouldn't be as effective. Thoughts?
  7. Awesome. The main reason why I didn't pursue a phone holder is because 1. The dash cubby is good enough for my liking and 2. I felt like it was probably cheaper for someone to get a generic clamp, adhesive or suction mount opposed to buying a custom one from me or someone else.
  8. Don't worry, you'll be able to option yours out.
  9. As in its going to break? I don't think so.Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  10. Hey everyone, quick update. I've sanded + polished a print to make a "master" for a resin mold. Here are a few pictures of the finished print to give you an idea of what the final product may look like. Please note this is plastic and not yet resin casted. I should be ready to get these cast in resin and ready for sale in a week or two. Thanks, Alex
  11. I'll certainly look into it. The curved section might provide a bit of a modeling difficulty, but it's nothing that can't be designed around. I appreciate your input.Alex
  12. The dash contact points are dull by design. Both have flat surfaces with filleted edges. I was concerned about this, too, and after usage I checked to make sure they did not scratch or leave imprints on the dash. My dash gives the grand canyon a run for its money so I'm personally not too concerned either way, but understand why you would be.As an update, the resin casted model is currently in the works, should provide even smoother contact points and should be ready for sale in the coming week(s). Expect prices to be $10 or perhaps a bit lower. Alex
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