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  1. Probably great for a mk1 Rabbit etc.
  2. The rust should go away now that the car is in California
  3. I see it as something you do with a 2002 that's to rotted around the bottom to be worth saving. Set it on a shortened E30 or E36 chassis
  4. You could do a FWD conversion with Kia engine and automatic transaxle. That would keep the price down
  5. We believe this to be an early BMW 320i M10 Intake, If identified wrong please let us know. Lower section that goes between the runners and head is missing. We'd really like this to be taking up space in your shop. $80. Free shipping in the lower 48 Thanks Darin
  6. Dropping off at the Post Office today Thanks!
  7. Carbotech Performace Rear Brake Shoes - CTS 478 913 for E21 rear brakes and conversions. Carbotech 913 Kelated Metallic is D.O.T. approved high-performance compound for performance street vehicles and race cars. We have 4 sets of 4 shoes. 3 sets with out the e-brake link attached and one set with. The set with the e-brake links has heavy pitting in the cores. $80 per set of 4. Free shipping with USPS with in the US. Thanks
  8. The above mentioned 195/60/14s by Ohtsu (Falken) get my vote as they are what I plan to use myself.
  9. There are adapters to bolt the Honda all aluminum J series V6 from the Odyssey mini van's etc. to Miata 6spd and 5spds. SOHC so it's not to wide, light and well over 200 and lots of torque.
  10. "Cheapest way to 200 hp?" Lie!
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