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  1. Are you looking for a valve grind etc.?
  2. TedC


    Well... I would love to tell you the result but my car isn't together yet... but I'm sure I'll like it reguardless
  3. TedC

    Mindhunter on Netflix

    Yeah I just finished it tonight at most there was vw busses and bettles, incredible show!
  4. I'm coming even though I wont have my 02, but I think I'll bring an umbrella..
  5. Thank you so much!! Now I can finish the welding on the car!
  6. Haha point taken its the nose panel... but this did promt me to do the measurements of the frame and it all checked out.. I just wondered if it were a big deal that it was kinked like that...
  7. The more the better!
  8. Well the car sat for a while in the pnw with hard plastic for seals so everything inside had mold on it.. and yeah the trunk and rear panel both were write-offs
  9. Hello everyone! I am looking for some reference photos anyone has for the metal dash frame specifically the lower section since mine is rusted away down there. Thanks Ted
  10. Hello everyone! I was fitting my new front fenders and noticed that the lower section on the drivers side was sticking out maybe 1/4 inch passed the nose cone.. upon further investigation I found that it had been pushed in about 1/4in on that side.. however upon further investigation there is some tweaked metal as shown in the pictures and I was wondering how I should attack straightening it out. some of the photos are of the passenger side for reference
  11. I'm curious since I was thinking of having them shoot the color on my car...
  12. I can tell you first hand that the quality of the restoration design fenders is not there.. I gave up on them and went OEM and the fenders went on with minimal fuss VS not ever getting RD to fit... To say I'm salty about it is an understatement... But that being said, you get what you pay for. Ted
  13. Thank you! I figured I might have to weld a bolt in place of the press-in stud..