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  1. Then just go and purchase a new synchro and install it. J
  2. And the bearings ? And the sliders ? And the inputt /outputt shaft ? And the shift forks? Last but not least the outputt flange? Or you just care about second gear synchro?
  3. If enought "serious" buyers,can start production. Best to call and put your name on list. Delivery will be in fall. J
  4. When you are ready,do have rebuild 4 and 5 speeds . Call 818-203-0639
  5. Hi Have in Los Angeles. Call 8182030639
  6. That is not my business See with your eyes
  7. Hi I am in van nuys. Call me 818=203-0639 voice Thank you. J
  8. Have a 69 sitting for the last 16 years in the san fernando valley ,clean complete ready to do as you please with it. Steps: Do not asc for pictures Call 818-203 0639 Voice for detail Set up a time to inspect . You like only then will start negotiating. Stay healthy J
  9. Have one in L.A. Do not ship Best to call ,set up a time ,inspect and see if you like. 818 203-0639 Voice
  10. Have one in L.A. Take a road trip to L.A. and see for yourself $350. Best to calll 818-203-0639 voice
  11. Have one in Van Nuys Call 818 -203-0639 voice
  12. Have ,call me 818-203-0639 no text.
  13. Need cranck a.c pulley for a 2002 or for a tii?
  14. have a 1974 ,you will need to add another zero to your price
  15. jfahuna


    Hi Call me on the front tii cranck hub and belt pulley if you have . Do not check e mail. Thank you Jack 818-203-0639
  16. Very good article and well written. J
  17. Have the bmw original Jig in Van Nuys . Can remove ,what will you do when it comes time to install? Call 818-203-0639 voice. J
  18. Do have new Behr front center plates made by parker. Best to cal 818-203-0639 voice. J
  19. jfahuna

    e12 head

    Do not have used . Have rebuild in L.A. Best to call 818-203-0639 voice J
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