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  1. Worm gear has not been available for a few years. Someone should delete information.
  2. Have some early bumper parts in L.A. for inspection and pick up only Best to "call" 818-203-0639
  3. Have some ,in Van Nuys Call 8182030639 voice to set up time.
  4. Have a brand new never installed s14 flywheel not aftermarket ,purchased new from BMW Motorsport Best to call 818-203 0639
  5. Hi Need manifold and down pipe? What you have to spend? Best to call 818-203-0639
  6. Hi Do you a porsha steel syncro or brass? Only have rebuild ones ,no used. Call me with what you have for a core? Thank you J 818-203-0639 leave message and not in text
  7. Need to come up with another half added to your budget.
  8. Thank you for getting back J
  9. What have you got to spend on S/T springs and bars and koni adjustable?
  10. Have 3;45 ring and pinion and ltd slip spool. What have you got in mind to spend?
  11. Have kit that includes rebuild calipers,threaded studs Keeping 19mm f. & r.,correct used hubs ,new bearings and seals ,new rotors. and pads. Will not separate. Happy 4th.
  12. What have you got to spend?
  13. Hi

    Would you know the primary tube diameter?

    Cracks ?

    Will anything will be left after glassblowing?

    Building a race car reason you are not using?

    Thank you



  14. If you cannot find ,have some original new old stock . Best to call 818-285-2385
  15. Greetings 2002 TI TII TURBO GETRAG 235/5 RACING CLOSE RATIO DOGLEG 5 SPEED GEARBOX This is a rebuild box.Welcome to set up time to inspect. Will not ship.Also have a rebuild 3.91 or 3:64 Ltd slip diff. with spacers and hardware available for sale to buyer.Best to call do not text. 818-203-0639 leave a voice message
  16. Hi What are you willing to spend on cores ? With knobs?
  17. jfahuna

    Steering box

    Rebuild $449 . exchange with rebuild able core. Best to call 818-203-0639
  18. Have 2 sets 13 x 5.5. and 6." Will not separate.
  19. Call ,have a pair. Can deliver to Brisbane . 818-203-0639
  20. Have drums ,shoes ,wheel cylinders and brake cables for 02 conversion,in L.A. no shipping 818-203-0639 no text
  21. When 245 end ,the 240 is the next gearbox for the 2002 conversion.
  22. call 818-203-0639

  23. Best to call 818-203-0639 Will not ship

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