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  1. All pumps will make car run. Now will it run like a tii should ? Mix and you will get just a running car: There must be a reason for all these delivery cam in the pump and we have not even entered the alpina,schintzer,and on and on. 1969-71 2000tii PL04-124.01A-1 & A- 2 92 004 010 1971 2000tii and PL04-124.01 B-1 or 92 004 011 1972- 73 2002tii PL04-124.01 C-1 92 004 012 1974 2002tii(USA) PL04-124.02 A-1 92 004 020 Happy new year to all. J
  2. Can take off ring gear ,move it 35 degrees or replace and reweld,step grind and balance . Now yours is repaired.
  3. Have some rebuild . What do you have in mind for paying? Thank you J
  4. Have some late flywheels not early. What do you have in mind to pay? J
  5. Hi Sherman

    Phone no worki

    Call me 818-203-0639

    Season Greetings


  6. Looking for what gear ratio? Have some rebuild . What have you got in mind to spend? J
  7. Have flange only $ 200. Call 818-203-0639
  8. Have a pair of tii strutt housings with ventted calipers new bearings and seals and threaded studs to keep the 19mm lug nuts. Can also supply you with new rotors. Call me 818-203-0639
  9. jfahuna


    Hi Thank you for getting back. Is it rusty? dry? serviceable? Looking for core support ,grills ,hood ,bumpers,radiator, condenser.. What is left of the car? Need to do numbers and see if it is feasible to ship to laland Thank you for getting back Jack
  10. Any one in this community ,has a hood ,core support for a barbaria.here in socal? Call to speak 8182030639 do not text.
  11. Need to move up in funds to find a somewhat decent running car
  12. Have some bulb holder plate light fixtures$15, each with correct new bulb $20 . Can pick up after show this saturday. "Call" 818 2030639

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