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  1. Greetings 2002 TI TII TURBO GETRAG 235/5 RACING CLOSE RATIO DOGLEG 5 SPEED GEARBOX This is a rebuild box.Welcome to set up time to inspect. Will not ship.Also have a rebuild 3.91 or 3:64 Ltd slip diff. with spacers and hardware available for sale to buyer.Best to call do not text. 818-203-0639 leave a voice message
  2. Hi What are you willing to spend on cores ? With knobs?
  3. jfahuna

    Steering box

    Rebuild $449 . exchange with rebuild able core. Best to call 818-203-0639
  4. Have 2 sets 13 x 5.5. and 6." Will not separate.
  5. Call ,have a pair. Can deliver to Brisbane . 818-203-0639
  6. Have drums ,shoes ,wheel cylinders and brake cables for 02 conversion,in L.A. no shipping 818-203-0639 no text
  7. call 818-203-0639

  8. call me with detail on the 50dcoe


    1. Rich


      Hi Jack, I tried to email you last night using the email address 

      jack@probimmer.com and it got kicked back to me, but I might have added too many attachments, does your daughter work with you, if so I can talk to her about it, thanks, let me know, Richard

  9. Have rebuild ones 

    What are you realistically  looking to spend.

  10. call me 818-203-0639

  11. Have rebuild  4 and 5 speeds no dogleg boxes. .

    Best to call 818-203-0639 

  12. Call with tii strutts or 2002 strutts application. Jack 818-285-2385
  13. Have in stock new ones $75. no shipping, no paypal, no pictures. Can pick up here in L.A. Jack 818-203-0639
  14. Have a few dcoe 40s and delortos . $600 pair Can inspect here in L.a. No pictures,shipping,paypal jack 818-203-0639
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