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  1. Not My quote: " How fast can you afford to go"
  2. Hello Have rebuild not used o.d trans /245/5 In L.A. If you have someone that will crate it . I do not ship. Best call 818-203-0639
  3. Have in L.A. Best to call 818-203-0639
  4. Have rebuild. Best call 818-203-0639 land
  5. Have Can pick up in L.A. call 818-203-0639 no text
  6. What are you looking for e21 parts? Best to call do not check e mail or text 818-203-0639 Jack
  7. And where did you read to send money? Money has not even been brought up? It's perfectly normal that people do not have the ability to read . J
  8. Do not waste time with used ones that have been remodeled by creative tow truck hookers/so called operators . Get new ones. J
  9. Mix and match you will end up with caboom
  10. Call 818-203-0639 to set appointment. Bring cylinder head . Will have cam out . next day $75. If you wait and watch and be entertained $100. Cash is king
  11. Picture does not show the rest of the jig Part that holds the head.
  12. Only have rebuild . Best to call 818-203-0639 In person transaction ,no shipping
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