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  1. What are you willing to pay? Have single and sets. inspection in l.a. ,no shipping,no pictures, Best to call and set up time to see for yourself. J
  2. Will miss you this year Bo Stay healthy Jack Fahuna
  3. Hi Edgar Give me a call. Jack 818-203-0639 Good day J
  4. Hi Have intake? injectors rail? coolant divider/sensor housing? Call me 818-203-0639
  5. If you cannot find. I could see if yours is rebuildable. Best to call J
  6. call me 818-203-0639


  7. Have rebuild O.D. and C.R. 5 speeds . Best to call 818-203-0639
  8. Have 2 new rears b6 $250. pick up only. May have some used fronts Best to call 818-203-0639
  9. Not hard to find ,just expensive. Do have poor mans s14 :m42 complete driveline out of a rag top e30
  10. Have trim between tailights out of 72 Call me if interestted in 818-203-0639
  11. Have one.$40. Pick up in L.A. Best to call 818-203-0639
  12. How complete do you want the cores to be. Best to call 818-203-0639
  13. Have all that you need . Pick up in L.A.
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