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    Hi Thank you for getting back. Is it rusty? dry? serviceable? Looking for core support ,grills ,hood ,bumpers,radiator, condenser.. What is left of the car? Need to do numbers and see if it is feasible to ship to laland Thank you for getting back Jack
  2. Any one in this community ,has a hood ,core support for a barbaria.here in socal? Call to speak 8182030639 do not text.
  3. Need to move up in funds to find a somewhat decent running car
  4. Have some bulb holder plate light fixtures$15, each with correct new bulb $20 . Can pick up after show this saturday. "Call" 818 2030639
  5. Read Paul's . Cannot beat the stock on ,even on the dyno.(truth telling device)
  6. Have a new schrick 336 with springs.
  7. Have new old stock pair will not separate ,ship. I am in Los Angeles. "Call" 818-203-0639
  8. Hi Have one out of a 74 . Will not ship . Welcome to inspect here in L.A.and see if you can make work for your application.
  9. Have one Marchal not Amplilux. Call 8182030639 no pictures no text Welcome to inspect in L.A.
  10. Not bad ,can be fixed. If you must have ,new and used in stock 8182852385
  11. Stripped off anodizing ,straighten and polished. $200. "Call" me or can meet after swap meet Saturday at the shop (10 minutes from park) 8182852385
  12. Hi John Will have on all recovered with matching grain glove box front this Saturday, Going rate $1400.
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