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  1. Hey everyone I just picked up a 1972 2002 that is running nicely, however, I have an electrical issue that is proving beyond my basic skills. I think I need some "professional" help with this and was wondering if anyone is able to suggest somewhere to bring the car in Vermont (hopefully around Burlington). Basically, the PO rigged up this "custom" switch system to turn on the turn signals and the headlights. I now have the standard turn signal lever arm installed however, I have been unable to rewire this to function properlly. I would also ideally like to re-wire the headlights to turn on with the standard method, rather than this extra switch (however they are currently working with the "custom" switch so I can live with it if I have to. Thanks!
  2. I know this thread is a bit old, but I just picked up a 1972 2002 with a leaking reverse switch. I will be replacing it with the crush washer as suggested here. Thanks for the information.

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