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  1. Sorry for the late reply guys. Cibies still available as well as the ignition tumblr. Feel free to email me for faster response. Transmission has sold. All else still available. Thank you!
  2. BUMP, will consider reasonable offers. Email me at [email protected]
  3. Hello Spyke, sorry for the late reply. I don't log on much anymore. Email me at [email protected] 4speed and 5 speed transmissions sold.
  4. Bump, getrag 4 speed sold. Cibie pictures added
  5. Hello guys, I'm come to the realization that I may not be able to build another 02 for awhile due to some life changes that are upcoming. Anyway, looks like I'll have to accept and unload the parts I was collecting for future build. Emailing me would be best at [email protected] because I don't log on as much anymore unfortunately. I'll add parts as I go. Late 2002 1 piece DashBoard. It's been sitting in garage but is clean from what I remember. Switches and Vent tubes included - $850 Solex 40PHH. Used condition. Includes linkage, manifold and aluminum tube. Just missing the airbox and rubber hose to complete. $650 Used Good Condition Door Handles with ignition tumbler and a New Key to match all 3. $350 Getrag 245 5 Speed - $OLD Cibie Headlight housings - $100 Getrag 4 speed - $OLD
  6. Car looks great! So you don't recommend the URO door seals? But the windshield seals ok?
  7. You can scan it and have it 3d printed. At least for the handle portion of the key.
  8. Hello, Just putting this out there in case someone had a pair of 15x7 BBS mahle they are looking to get rid of. Email me at [email protected] Thanks
  9. I had taken the transmission to a friend who is very knowledgeable with cars and he concluded that 2 of the gears engaged at the same time. We ended up prying the transmission apart and he confirmed it. I don't really know how this happened. All did was pull the transmission and put it in the parts washer bin to clean it. I did move it in different positions so I'm not sure if I put it in an awkward position that caused 2 gears to engage at the same time. Anyway, now my clutch change had turned into a transmission refresh . I was really hoping to drive it this 4th of july weekend. I will probably post a blog for whoever cares to read. The synchros still looked good. I will be refreshing the getrag 245 with new bearings and seals. Would also like to thank Le from 02garagewerks for taking the time to help me out!
  10. Hello fellow 02 owners. I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with my issue. I recently replaced my clutch last week. I used a 228mm clutch and a 323 longer throw out bearing with my getrag 245 5 speed. After putting it all back together and bleeding the slave cylinder, the car stalls as if in gear after starting in neutral.I could start the car, put it in gear but the car won't really move. I tried leaving it in neutral after starting, then after I let off the clutch pedal slowly, the car will move as if in gear and then stall. I left the car at my uncles shop, he has a spare lift that he lent me since I can only go there after work hours. I also noticed that it was a little hard to get in to 2nd gear and noticed now that it won't go to 5th gear. I've tried searching online, the closest thing I could find online was a guy with an e46 who had a similar issue, all he did was drain the fluid, put cheap fluid, ran the car on a lift for about 10 min to flush the system, and then put new fluid and it worked. Does anyone have any experience with this that can help me diagnose the issue? Anyone with good transmission/clutch experience that can chime in?
  11. I was thinking if it might be a good idea to have a section for 02 owners to post their issues and others can share ideas or past experiences of how to fix issues in their 02? I know its pretty general but I don't know if you guys want it to be as detailed as having separate sections for engine/drivetrain/interior/exterior. I know there's an 02 discussion that is somewhat similar but I was thinking a separate topic section where 02 owners can post their issues and others can help share ideas and suggestions on the issue. Just another information sharing area for issues since its not exactly easy to find a mechanic that's very experienced and familiar with these car. Just my .02 cents! Have a great 4th!
  12. The car was used, then had the head rebuilt. Put back and never started. Lol
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