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  1. FYI - I tried a non-Wurth brand, and it failed. I then used what I knew I should have and bought Wurth brand. Worked a charm. Very sticky stuff and dried pretty quickly too. Thanks to Adawil2002 for the quick assist.
  2. What glue did you all use for the seals? I have a rubber cement, but after purchase it says something about for use with "punctures". I've just applied it to keep the long black rubber seal on the back of the panel, but yet to see how well it holds. Any photos of the glue/cement you used to keep the front/rear seals on would be much appreciated!
  3. Joe, Sorry, no idea how I missed your question, but I just saw it. (Oops.) I'm in Cincinnati, OH. I still have the driveshaft, if you're still interesting...a half year later! Again, my apologies. NM
  4. Mine are E21 wheels as well, with rings. I personally love the look. I've not taken mine off, so I can't speak to the scratching of the paint, but it seems logical that they might.
  5. I'm in the market for a header. It's for a late model '02 and I'm looking for a small diameter, long header or a shorty with or without a stock downpipe. Or, if someone happens to have a tii manifold, I'd be interested in that too. Hit me up, I need to get this car back on the road...it's Spring fer crissakes! NM
  6. Swapped to manual due to auto. transmission slipping in gear. Looking for $200, but I'll take best offer. It's in good shape. I'd prefer pick up (Cincinnati, OH), just because shipping could be a pain, but any shipping cost would be on top of cost agreed upon. Thanks! NM
  7. Looking for a late style shift lever for a '75 car. It's number 21 on the diagram below. Also needing #'s 9 & 19 on same diagram. The shift lever needs to match the bottom of the two in the photo. thanks in advance! NM
  8. Thanks everyone. I've sent back the MT-90 and ordered the Sta-Lube that Buckeye recommended. Much appreciated!
  9. I'm in the process of refurbing my front suspension, and was going to replace the oil in my steering box while it handy. RedLine Full Synthetic gear oil (MT-90) was recommended. I ordered it, but while looking at the back label it says, "Not designed for Hypoid differentials." Is this not the correct oil? SAE 75W90 API GL-4 Gear Oil Thoughts? NM
  10. Wish I could help, but mine has been completely removed, but can see where it was. (Jan. '75 Automatic, original paint) If there's anything I can dig from my manual for you, let me know. NM
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