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  1. There wasnt any real interest, so Im sure its still sitting in the same spot
  2. I watched that auction also. So many similarities but also a LOT of differences. I feel like apples to apples ~7500 sounds about right, but the redone Recaros, the 5speed and even the BBS wheels make me think that something around $10k might not be a bad asking price. I will probably run it by him and see what he thinks.
  3. I hear ya Peter, I will talk to him a little more about price. It was my first time finally meeting him and I think I caught him off guard a bit. He also has a manual E24 633 that he said he would sell for around $2500! I didnt get a chance to see that one up close yet
  4. Yup, they have definitely sold out... Oh well. Hopefully someone is interested in this here on the FAQ
  5. “Quite a bit of rust” is probably an exaggeration considering it’s a California car and the extent of what “quite a bit of rust” means on a 2002... it’s not rust free and the spots under the windshield definitely show some, but I don’t recall seeing any in the fenders or rockers which would be the areas that would really scare me... anyways, BaT declined the car so unless someone here wants to take a look at it it looks like it will just be sitting still
  6. Thank you, I hadnt gotten that far yet. Still waiting to see if they are willing to let me list it with a reserve. I dont know how the owner will feel about a no-reserve auction
  7. OK, I think we are clear on the A/C... Common rust spots to take pics of besides the rear shock towers? I want to document this good to let the pics do the talking
  8. He definitely doesnt want an E30, I had mine with me and he said it was too new haha Im not sure what he's looking to get, nor what is remotely fair. I dont think $5k will do it, and I think $10k might be pushing it for a 76, BUT it has a LOT of goodies and seems to be a solid runner. Like I said, it had been sitting for months before I asked him to fire it up. He put the key in and after pumping the gas pedal a few times it fired up. Im guessing he wants $10k if not more... no idea how accurate any of that is, especially since he thinks it costs $100k for a 914 with a 6 conversion (half that for a mint one)
  9. They are blue, I need to get the car out and cleaned up so I can get good pics taken. Does the A/C look like a stock setup? I doubt it works, but it might be a complete setup
  10. Im on Bring a Trailer daily now as my entertainment lol ... I know what works and what doesnt. My biggest issue would be getting the reserve to what he wants. Its a pretty nice car. I just dont know what one of these commands being a 76, but also having some choice mods, like the 5-speed, the Recaros and a desirable color. Thoughts?
  11. I have an older neighbor who isnt too tech savvy and is thinking about selling this car. Why? Because its a '76 and we live in California. Its a solid car. Original Chamonix color, though it looks like its been partially resprayed, if not entirely. Interior has redone Recaros with matching rear seat. Factory A/C car ( looks factory anyways) and overall in decent condition. Its been sitting, but it fired up right away after the floats were full of fuel. Nice basketweave BBSs also. He didnt mention a price, because he didnt really seem like he had thought much about it, just said "it wont be cheap" but who knows what that actually means. I figured I would post it here to get an idea of what the FAQ can estimate it to be worth. I might have it go to BaT if they will accept it and he wants to deal with it. Id rather it goes to someone here, than to deal with that headache.
  12. basically all its good for now... could turn it into two carBQs also?...
  13. My friend is looking to build a VARA Racer and this seems like a great start, no?
  14. Great build, Im really curious to see this all done.
  15. My cousin has a stalled project that Ive been trying to help him finish, but being 300 miles away has made it hard. We thought we found a place that was going to get us over the hump, but after paying them thousands all we have is a shiny new turbo, beautifully fabricated plumbing, but still a dead roller. The shop got stuck with the megasquirt. We purchased an older version that was already running a turbo M10, is loaded with a tune and has all of the correct parts, but the shop doesnt seem to know what to do next and is ready to have the car leave. Im afraid to have it go to another shop, more thousands get spent and still no runner. Is there any experts that have space and want a "winter project" and will be paid to do so. The $120/ hour we paid added up quick. They charged 4 hours to install the cooling system... The car is in Fremont right now and is in talks with another shop, but I figured I could reach out the to you. Thanks -Simon

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