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  1. Eiremon did you wind up with the 68?I believe I have the original  seats to the car, I don’t know if you saw that. I posted a note on the for sale listing. Let me know if you are interested. 

  2. i have a 1972 2002tii for sale Beautiful car excellent condition 

  3. Those two sentences are in conflict with each other. Let's not confuse the close to original Colorado on BaT which sold for $30k+ with color change, restored cars. Contact BaT - see what they would push for your reserve. They know the market well. I would assume they would recommend a reserve of $15-17k tops.
  4. Still looking... Ideally I'd like either a Tii or a modified base car. An M2 would be ideal.
  5. Interesting to note that on the first 2002 roundie to auction on BaT the screws for the door handles are not painted: http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2002-verona-red/ The recent 2002 Tii Inka which sold on eBay also had the screws painted... I can't imagine this happened at the factory. Here we have another 1971 2002 Base - original paint and heavily rusted, but also shows that these screws were not painted:
  6. Ooops - I must have read "Maine" from your location - wishful thinking on my part!
  7. Thanks for the feedback @bensoucek - Not looking for a race car or anything with a roll cage as I may need to put two little ones in the back seat. @adawil2002 - The black car in Maine looks nice, all original. If I was going this route I might prefer a different color. The Colorado Orange on BaT right now would be preferable for me but I think the price may go higher than what I would want to spend on that car.
  8. I am considering purchasing a nice roundie - please let me know if you have one you are considering selling. I am pretty flexible on original vs. modified. It should be turnkey with no major issues to address. My budget is flexible as well - I know the market and understand that it will most likely take $20-30k+ to get the car I want. I am not interested in race cars, two-color body paint. A nice M2 would be ideal but I realize it's a long shot!
  9. It does not get much better than this. Roundie, Inka, low mileage original Tii. Wow. There are some signs of wear under the hood - closer inspection is certainly warranted. It will be very interesting to see where the reserve is at - not many comps out there for a car like this.
  10. Thanks - that's right next to where there car is located.
  11. I am looking for advice on a good shop to take a car to in the Northern Los Angeles area (near Sunland). That, or if someone is local and would not mind taking a look at a car for me. I am in Boston so I cannot get out there. Thanks! -Alan
  12. I have been waiting for a Henna S14 for a while. Of course when I finally find one it's in a 2002! Looks like a nice car - will be watching.
  13. Thanks - that's a fair price - you should have listed here first!! How would you describe the drivability with the dual 45s? I have never driven with them but have heard they are pretty intense for road use. Also, in terms of selling due to the girlfriend - as far as total cost of ownership goes: car < girlfriend < wife
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