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  1. Solex, I'll purchase a kit if you can bill me on PayPal ([email protected]). Email me and I'll provide a shipping address. DK
  2. Sounds like you're describing an out of balance drive shaft or bad support bearing. Stretch limousines suffer from the same issue and if it is it will get worse rapidly. DK
  3. Reinforced metal behind drivers side fender...
  4. Looking for someone to donate a used front window guide rail BMW Part Number: 51321813181/2 for a project. Merry Christmas. DK
  5. Solex, I wish I was there to help you through this...two simple things to consider now and if you have mysterious starting issues in the future. One: If the engine cranks but won't turn over...try doing it in the dark and look for electrical arcing between cap, wires, and block. It won't start that way. Two: If the engine cranks but won't turn over inspect the ignition wire to the starter. It gets dry, cracks, arcs, and breaks. Simple fix I should have looked at before considering a broken timing belt. Best of luck on getting it roaring. DK
  6. Figured it out with everyone's help...Closed Topic. Thank You DK
  7. We are in the midst of removing the original paint from our 02 and can't figure out how to remove the Trunk Lock Mechanism. Any suggestions would be appreciated??? DK
  8. Hannaheye...We may be interested. What is the manufacturer and the thickness?
  9. I purchased what is believed to be an NK engine with an E21 head. It has a serial number stamped on it (1255223) which matches a vin of a 523i Limousine. Does anyone know of another way to research what I have?
  10. D.L.S. of Atlanta knows all about BMW drive shafts and advertise in ROUNDEL. They built and balanced my five-speed shaft too!. DK
  11. Does anyone have experience with the linked 02 Wiring harness sold by Sears? http://www.sears.com/usa-auto-harness-usa-auto-harness-sm235552-bmw/p-SPM13629504519#
  12. 2ma2, Tell us what "Newer Heat/AC Unit" you're installing. Is it T7 based? That is what we're considering as a heat/ac upgrade to our 74 02. DK
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