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  1. I have an air box I'll make you a hell of a deal on.
  2. Booster on C. Price to 73107? Thanks Jason
  3. I wouldn't grind it. I know I read on the forum somewhere that there are shims under that push rod. Buckeye beat me to it. as I was typing this. Can't you adjust the top of the rod to by "lowering the attachment point" in turn relieving the booster push rod. When I did my m42 swap, I had to move the booster and I think I adjusted it there. But then again I adjusted so many things that I can't remember. Jason
  4. No way. Todd has a very nice 02.
  5. How are you a newbie on this forum?
  6. Same here. Why the difference? Inquiring minds want to know. I just installed mine last weekend with the cup washers facing "out" like they were on my stock sway. My ST bar hit the valance at the bottom of the nose. I feel like i did something wrong but it's in there.
  7. until

    What is the schedule of events for this weekend? Mostly what time is the drive on Saturday? Thanks, Jason
  8. I wasn't going to mix. Got two new CA's. Thanks a million for the suggestions. And I repeat; this forum is the best.
  9. Are you sure that's not a pic of my '76? Mine looks just like that. Minus the undercoating. Oh yeah and mines not Polaris.
  10. I INDEED!!!! I'm 99% going that route. I also listen when '76Mintgrun'02 talks. J
  11. So one of my Control Arms got a little banged up. (It happens when you forget to tighten lugs-go easy). So I ordered new control arms that come with these nice new rubber bushings. They look so nice I am reluctant to take them out. I'm currently running poly in the old CA. Is there really that much of a difference? How significant is one over the other? Will I really be to tell the stiffness difference? This is a street car with billy hd's, IE stage 1, and 22mm sways, sitting on 13x6 et18. I posted this the other day but the post was lost during the faq meltdown. Thanks TobyB for your response in the missing thread. Thanks, Jason
  12. Thanks guys. This might have been the easiest repair ever. Pulled the other two bolts. At least a 1/4" of the old bolt was sticking out. But on a nut and it threaded in so I tried the other way and out it came. Love this forum. You guys and gals are a LIFE SAVER!!!!
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