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  1. I got mine all wired up using the E36 loom. Let me look at it tonight and I'll let you know how I did it. I sent you a pm.
  2. I have an air box I'll make you a hell of a deal on.
  3. Booster on C. Price to 73107? Thanks Jason
  4. I wouldn't grind it. I know I read on the forum somewhere that there are shims under that push rod. Buckeye beat me to it. as I was typing this. Can't you adjust the top of the rod to by "lowering the attachment point" in turn relieving the booster push rod. When I did my m42 swap, I had to move the booster and I think I adjusted it there. But then again I adjusted so many things that I can't remember. Jason
  5. No way. Todd has a very nice 02.
  6. How are you a newbie on this forum?
  7. Same here. Why the difference? Inquiring minds want to know. I just installed mine last weekend with the cup washers facing "out" like they were on my stock sway. My ST bar hit the valance at the bottom of the nose. I feel like i did something wrong but it's in there.
  8. until

    What is the schedule of events for this weekend? Mostly what time is the drive on Saturday? Thanks, Jason
  9. I wasn't going to mix. Got two new CA's. Thanks a million for the suggestions. And I repeat; this forum is the best.
  10. Are you sure that's not a pic of my '76? Mine looks just like that. Minus the undercoating. Oh yeah and mines not Polaris.
  11. I INDEED!!!! I'm 99% going that route. I also listen when '76Mintgrun'02 talks. J
  12. So one of my Control Arms got a little banged up. (It happens when you forget to tighten lugs-go easy). So I ordered new control arms that come with these nice new rubber bushings. They look so nice I am reluctant to take them out. I'm currently running poly in the old CA. Is there really that much of a difference? How significant is one over the other? Will I really be to tell the stiffness difference? This is a street car with billy hd's, IE stage 1, and 22mm sways, sitting on 13x6 et18. I posted this the other day but the post was lost during the faq meltdown. Thanks TobyB for your response in the missing thread. Thanks, Jason

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