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  1. At the Performance Center today!!
  2. I will purchase a pair. Thanks, JH
  3. Do you have pics of the airbox? With or without curved indentation on the underside for the brake booster? JH o=OO=o
  4. I am also looking to improve the battery to chassis ground by installing a nut and bolt for a more secure connecting point. Is using a stainless nut bolts and washer the best, is stainless a good conductor for this application? o =OO= o
  5. Just a grocery getter today. Many 02 fans wanted to chat, the grocery didn’t do so well in the NC heat. Due to delays, got caught in the afternoon downpour.
  6. Harvanj


    Found what I need, thanks. JH
  7. Harvanj


    Looking for 2 knobs and two adjuster knob rings for a 72 Frankfurt.
  8. How much for the Frankfurt stereo?
  9. Do you have a Frankfurt US stereo? if yes, how much?
  10. Brandon, do you have a brake booster from the Tii? If yes, how much? JH
  11. Looking for a Ti brake booster. Have a 72 02 with Weber side drafts installed. I have a Ti air box I want to install, needs room to clear the booster.
  12. Is the brake booster for a Ti? Still available? How much? thanks, JH
  13. Just want a set to put on for the winter months when I drive less. Just to avoid flat spots on my summer set.

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