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  1. Brand new never used Re manufactured Bosch alternator/New voltage regulator..Still in original box. Free shipping.
  2. I Deleted the Smog crap on my 75. Complete wiring harness. smog pump.Everything I don't know if it was working or not when I removed it? The car sure runs better without it! Make an offer its collecting dust in my Garage
  3. I have a complete head I replaced mine with a rebuilt All I know it is stamped 74 on the head.
  4. Thank you guys For the Info! Marks pictures Says it all. Thanks, Mark ..
  5. My Question is, was there a difference in the Distributors used in 1975 between Standard trans and Automatic transmissions?. I'm looking for a rebuilt and all the major auto parts Distributors advertise I can not use the one listed for a standard transmission on my 75 with an Automatic transmission? The p/n on the one I have removed lists to A 71 2002 tii? I'm so confused. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Im looking to buy a distributor for my 1975 auto #0 231 115 072.Or info on how to rebuild one. Mine Locked up? Thanks John
  7. I need a Distributor. Stock. No old Junk Plz. will send Cash
  8. I replaced the stock Solex carb to a new Weber carb, My Question is, On the Solex there is an electric valve . I have no idea what it is?. Is this valve for smog? The Weber came with one, Do i need to install it? Thanks
  9. Hi Jim I still need 32/36 Weber with water choke call me when you have time 701 390 7184 I have bought from you before Thanks John
  10. I'm looking for a rust free right fender. I also am looking for a Weber carb .
  11. Mark92131 You have said exactly what I have thought! Heating that head could cause more damage. Also, your times are what I would have expected. 1300o was to do a complete valve job, I thought it was a fair price in today's market.
  12. kbmb02 I agree it could take time due to unseen problems. I was thinking maybe like an hour or so!!
  13. He wants 900 for removing the head. The total estament for the head gasket was 1300 bucks. He said he could only find a 1982 320i m10 motor in the labor guide to go by to estimate the repair.
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