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  1. I have E30 14" basketweave rims. It would appear I am in need of a pair of hub centric spacers 4x100. Would anyone be able to advise where I may purchase them as well as whether I need a pair for the rear. With thanks.
  2. It seems that the inside of the rim is approx 2mm away from the tie rod and I may need to install a spacer to offer a acceptable level of clearance. When I contacted a local vendor , they suggested that i acquire a hub centric spacer as opposed to the universal spacers that they sold. Would anyone have thougths on this suggestion and whether I need hub centric spacers or not. With thanks.
  3. I attempted to mount my newly acquired 14" basketweave rims mounted on 185/70/14 " tires and found that the inside of the rims were virtually touching the tie rods. What spacer would be suggested - 1/8" or 1/4" ? My concern would be whether there would be sufficient bolt length to accomodate the 1/4" spacer which would seem to be the more sensible alternative. Any advise would be appreciated. With thanks.
  4. Would there be a possibility that the 185/70/14 may fit without causing any rubbing issues or should I be considering alternate tire sizes? With thanks.
  5. Driver's side door emits a annoyingly loud creak/groan each time the door it opened. It appears that the pin seems to jump a few times while the door is being is opened or closed. Is it a matter of just replacing the pin (if available) or would the entire door brake need to be replaced? With thanks.
  6. I have been intrigued with upgrading my stock steel 13" wheels to basketweaves for my 76 02. When I came across a set of 14" in reasonable condition and price, I purchased them. However, I neglected to consider that the 185/70/14 tires may not fit and sought the advise of past posts in this forum. It seems that they may not fit but I wanted to confirm this before deciding to sell the tires. Thank you in advance for any cofirmation as to their fitment.
  7. Has anyone polished the lips of these type of wheels before as I have been told to use Mother's metal polish. Based on my limited experience, this task would require some sort of mechanical assistance in addition to just elbow grease. Any further direction would be immensely appreciated. With thanks.
  8. Etsy: Thank you for directing me to the proper channel for member reviews. It seems I have much to learn about navigating this site. I was unsuccesful in locating any information when entering the product name in the search bar leading me to post the inquiry. Again, thank you for your invaluable assistance.
  9. Agreed. However, after much exploration on the web, there appears to be as many detrators as there are supporters of this product as well as many others. Consequently, I have appealed to the members of this forum for a candid response based on personal experience. Thank you in advance for any further insight.
  10. I have just located a picture of a14 " basketweave rim and it does appear to be alloy. Would it possible to polish it and obtain the same results as in the second picture which is a 13" basketweave. Are they entirely different metals? With thanks.
  11. I wondered if any members had and personal experience with this product. It seems to have received some positive reviews on the web and I was interested in the views of the members. With thanks.
  12. Would any members be able to confirm from personal experience whether this type of rim may be polished. I have seen the 13" with a polished lip which looks like a great upgrade. Uncertain whether this could be done with a 14". Thank you in advance.
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