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  1. Oh no I want the twin turbo V8. I think the V10 may be too big for the 2002 body but the V8 is like having a left and right side 4 cylinder.
  2. How much room did you have to make between the strut towers? I will have a spare '76 rusty shell left over after the '75 is complete and I figured on finding a wrecked M5 with a six speed and modifying the floor panels to fit since they need to be replaced anyway. I think the stock suspension may need to go as well. Any thoughts on an upgrade?
  3. What about a 2002 and the latest greatest M5 motor stuffed between the shock towers? Anybody know where I can find that 620 hp beast for cheap?
  4. I can't even find E85 around me at a station. I am actually considering getting a license to distil alcohol for a fuel. It adds up to about $.80/gallon and it burns like high octane fuel with little to no emissions. My 02 will be used primarily for going to and from shows and a local track day or two. I know the jets need to be opened up to the size of a garden hose. I partially agree with you on Honda reliability. You have to do some serious mods to the block on the B series engine if you want to see 6-800 hp reliably when turboed. Even then the block stiffeners/dart sleeves aren't always enough.
  5. After seeing the E85 fuel being offered up, has anyone put any thought into running a M10 on straight alcohol? Anybody know what compression a NA motor would need and would a single DCOE 45 with the linx manifold be enough to fuel that?
  6. Missed the free, will you be available this Saturday or Sunday? If so PM your address and a good time to meet up.
  7. PM sent on a few of the parts. I can pick up but it may be a week or two.
  8. Wish that you were closer. I think that shipping may be too expensive going coast to coast. Would love to get a spare 2.0 Block and crank.
  9. PM sent on all braking lines calipers, rotors, drums.
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