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  1. What is your PayPal address? Thank you and have a great day.
  2. What type (H Beam, I Beam X Beam) and MFG of connecting rods and total price?
  3. No it was to my private email. He gave me another email address that I posted.
  4. Steve, Thank you. I can't believe it but he has emailed me twice since asking me to send money to a new email address. I called him a fraud in the one email. Email addresses are so far for Calvin Martin are juanjosevaldez41@gmail.com, mcall8790@gmail.com. Waiting on his next offer and maybe we can collect all of his email addresses and shut him down completely.
  5. 10 AM Monday, I didn’t see the post until Tuesday morning.
  6. Same thing here. PMed me after a getrag trans was sold. He is extremely persistent about using friends and family, even after I said I would cover the 3% they charge. If the admins can’t ban Rayden then maybe we should email dump in his mailbox, shutting him down..
  7. Depending on the weather next week, I would love to. I will take the complete wiper set up with motor and the gauge cluster. The euro turns have to be modified to work with the US system if I’m not mistaken?
  8. I am local, we need to talk. I work in Glenolden but live in Malvern. Would like to check your stash out sometime.
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