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  1. Thanks. I’ll be running 200tw something- Hankook RS4, probably. So maybe I’ll start at 350/400 and see how that goes.
  2. Thanks Marshall. I miss the 2002 on the track after a couple years of driving cars that are nearly 2x the weight of the 02. Hoping to get it prepped to be my primary track car later this year. I’m behind schedule for most of this season, but should be safely ready for next year. Still hoping I can get a few fall days in though. I’m running 300lb at all corners currently and it was good for the street, if a little soft in the rear, but too soft on track. This is a helpful starting point.
  3. Very creative solution for reducing the roll bar stiffness. Are you still running 350/450 f/r as your track rates? A quick search of your thread seems to indicate that was what you were on a couple years ago, but maybe I missed an update.
  4. Oops, mis-stated boost levels in my previous post. Fixed for posterity.
  5. It’s probably the most expensive option for 200+hp, short of an S14, if you’re paying a professional. If you’re able to do the fabrication work yourself, you can do a good job with wiring, you understand enough about how an engine runs to tune it yourself, and your engine is still in good condition, you could probably do it for ~$5k. I promised myself at the beginning of my 2002 project that I’d never total up what I spent on the car, so I can’t give you a precise number, but I went the route of paying a professional, and it was probably closer to $20k. I had him convert to fuel injection first and add the turbo later, and I bought a lot of the parts myself, so the total was spread over two years. A stronger clutch is probably something to budget in, but I did that with the 5 speed during an uncommon bout of foresight. The main challenge for either approach is finding a good exhaust manifold. There’s a guy on another forum that makes one, an eBay China special, or custom. I chose to go with the latter as my mechanic was in the process of building a jig to aid fabrication for some other customer turbo cars anyhow. Not sure that would’ve been a viable option for me otherwise. Then you need to be willing to do some cutting of the nose. My radiator was moved a few inches to the driver’s side, and a hole was punched through the core support for the air filter. The valence was cut so an intercooler could be installed behind a turbo style air dam as well. My car is far from pristine, so this didn’t bother me, but I’d struggle with doing the same thing to a nice car. A stock engine will make 180hp/200tq at the rear wheels with just 10psi, or 160/160 at 7psi.That’s almost enough for such a light car. Note how broad the torque curve is. I’m confident this would be reliable power for many years on a low mileage stock M10, but my motor was tired, and the turbo made that more obvious (blow by pressure in the block is pushing oil out all the seals), so now I’m waiting on parts for an engine rebuild. I’m going for a stout build that’ll allow for more boost if I want it, but will be specced pretty close to a mild street build. I-beam rods, 8.75 or 9:1 compression forged pistons, some port work, a turbo cam grind (higher lift, but lower duration than a 272), and an o-ring head gasket. I’m hoping the cam, and port work will gain a bit more 5k-7khp with the same boost levels, but I’m content with current torque, and from what I’ve read, 200lbft is about the limit for what the 245 trans, guibo, and e21 lsd can reliably handle. I don’t really want to test this, and take on the added expense and weight of moving up to the 26x trans and medium case differential. As is, boost is immediate above 3.5k, and comes on just above 2k. Very streetable, usable power and the car will easily keep up with traffic on the freeway. On a track, it still feels underpowered vs most of the modern cars that run at local DE events, but still a massive improvement from N/A and pretty fun.
  6. Just ordered a set (and a shifter boot). Cracked a headlight recently and have been looking for a protection option. Would like to hear more about those flares....
  7. until
    Hi everyone, since Stu is without a 2002 currently, I’m picking up the torch to keep this tour going. Eric ( @bluebeem ) is game to lead us on another tour starting from Harvey Field and looping through the Snohomish County countryside. If you haven’t been before, we meet at the airfield around 9, enjoy coffee and donuts while waiting for everyone to gather, then head out for a tour of some nearby backroads for around 60-90 minutes. For those that are able, we’ll stick around for lunch at The Buzz Inn at the airfield. Turnout has been a dozen or so 2002’s. Look forward to seeing everyone again! RSVP not require to attend, but I’ll use this to gauge interest for the new date.
  8. Why don't you try the injectors you already have? How big are they? I had my car converted to megasquirt last year with plans of a turbo this year, so sized everything accordingly. I have had no issues with getting a solid idle on 52lb injectors on the current stock can & compression, naturally aspirated configuration. Is your car up and running with the big injectors? If so, are you having problems dialing in the idle tune? To Jim's point about throttle bodies, with 98HP at the wheels, I find the 325i throttle body a bit hard to modulate throttle input. It's probably bigger than I need right now, and probably more than I'll need for the turbo. I'll find out in July or August. I've gotten used to it, but it is much less linear than a factory EFI setup. Again, I'd try what you have. Maybe your extra 20-30hp and higher compression can make better use of a bigger throttle body, not sure.
  9. Yep, leave the carb in place. Everything is accessible and you'll be able to get it back up and running in about 5 minutes to try each jetting change.
  10. Agreed, those storage options are interesting. Costs aside, the Shop would be more my style of the two, since it's more hands on and would probably be a fun place to hang out. If I lived in a city condo nearby, it might be a great option. I hadn't considered the stadium parking, but that could be a nice benefit too.
  11. Their mobile site is working. Haven't tried the desktop site. $1800/yr membership that includes access to lifts and tools. $200/mo more per car to store a vehicle there. Not cheap but probably a good option for an apartment/condo dweller that can't work on their vehicle at home.
  12. 5 minutes from my house. Interesting to see two different takes on how to address this market opening on such similar timelines. Any others coming @jfunk?
  13. What a cool concept. I hope it works out for Ethan and the members. The FAQs say it's opening in June.
  14. That clip was on my new sending unit. I was just reading through and about to ask "did you remove the wire clip that secures the float for shipping?" Glad to see you figured it out!
  15. Fan contacting main heater flap inside the heater box? I didn't get mine adjusted quite right on the first try (fan is a friction fit fore/aft on the shaft) and in certain flap positions, the fan blades contact the main flap. Got it better on the second try. I let a pro do it for the third try... There are weights on the blade to balance it as well. Maybe one of them is contacting something?

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