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  1. i can’t copy/paste the photos from their website, but it appears to stiffen the connection of the lower control arms to the subframe. There are some photos of it installed. https://www.danjermotorsports.com/products/front-control-arm-brace
  2. Thanks @Teelinger for getting us all together, and @roadhog0 for leading the way. Hope this becomes an annual thing and that I can take the 02 next time!
  3. I’ll try to catch you there or on the way down. I’ll be in a black (F87) M2.
  4. Very cool! Interested in learning more. I’ve been surprise no one has taken this up and have been jealous about a similar set of adjustable arms from Techno Toy Tuning for the 510.
  5. I put rotors on my A4 recently that had this coating as well. I removed it from the first one, then saw a note either on a sheet in the box, or on the box itself that just said to install as it and it’ll wear off. As usual, listen to @esty and @TobyB, especially when they agree on something.
  6. My 2002 is probably a couple months away from being back on the road, but I might have to come out in a different car. Haven’t driven out that way in years. Thanks @Teelinger for pushing this along.
  7. If you can catch this episode on Motortrend TV, there’s a 1602 being converted in this fashion that they briefly discuss. Just caught it on TV a couple days ago. Looks like a great way to go. There are a couple good shots of the rear subframe/powertrain cradle from the top. Would be nice to see the suspension and what they did there. https://www.motortrendondemand.com/detail/ev-the-silent-killer/145943/
  8. A turbo can be sized to be quite drivable. Power delivery in my 02 is smooth and linear at 7psi, comes into boost a little over 2k. We started the Dyno pulls below at 3k, but boost starts well before that. Higher boost levels can be a bit more frantic, but very manageable. At 7psi (green in the Dyno chart below) it’s a lot like the 1.8t in the B5/B6 Audi A4. I have no troubles in traffic or with heat management, though I’m running both an upgraded rad and an oil cooler. Size the turbo appropriately for what you want for power delivery. This is a Turbonetics SUPER 60 with a small exhaust housing on a stock engine. I did choose a 3" exhaust with race muffler, and would not recommend that if you want something quieter, but that aside, I can drive it to work, or drive it on the track, and it does well at both. A stroker with EFI would be a lot of fun as well. Just comes down to what you want. Sounds like you’ve decided a stroker is a better fit for your wants.
  9. Still a thing in modern BMWs. F chassis 2,3, and 4 series are all noticeably offset.
  10. bento


    7psi is the low setting on my boost controller. Good for 150 hp/tq at the wheels on a stock engine. It’s a fun level of power without having to worry too much about breaking parts. A small T3 spools plenty quickly though, and will provide some extra headroom when you get power hungry. So 50/50 this time
  11. Bento, have a question about the car in your area. Can you pm me (can't message you). Thanks!


  12. Keep in mind that sidewall height is proportional to tread width. If you want something close in rolling diameter to a 195/50r15, but narrower, you may actually want to look for something other than a 50 series tire. However, most tire mfrs will show 195 being the narrowest tire that will fit a 7" wide wheel. I did see an exception from a well known brand on Tire Rack, but it looks like you’ll be shopping All-Seasons rather than Summer tires. And not all 195s are the same actual width. S-drives are on the wider end of the range if I recall correctly. Tire Rack does a great job of publishing tire dimensions. Good luck in your hunt.
  13. This is a 944 core with OE end tanks chopped off and new ones fabricated to fit.
  14. I don’t have A/C, but it looks like the mounting locations on my car would likely work with the condenser sandwiched between the radiator and oil cooler. The oil cooler sits very close to the center grille, so there is a fair bit of space in between. My radiator is also relocated several inches to the driver’s side for turbo inlet clearance, but I don’t believe that changes much. Intercooler is behind a turbo style air dam. Alternatively, the oil cooler could probably mount behind the left side grille if mounted vertically. I have a remote oil cooler mounted on the engine bay side of the core support (you can see the oil lines to the filter plate), so that wasn’t an option for me.
  15. @Markster- please update once you get through the steering box rebuild. I had no idea those parts were available! Found the website for CHS, but it isn’t very informative. https://www.chsauto.com/eng/productos.php#tab4
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