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  1. i'm also interested in a black set. but i agree with jdeitch. the center portion needs some work lol.
  2. beautiful set of seats you got there buddy!! any chance you have any fabric for a pair i have? ^^^ to the top for a cool and trustworthy guy! ^^^
  3. waiting on a set to be done myself! can't wait
  4. Hey guys thanks for pointing me the right direction! Met Blake, hktbmw,. Really cool down to earth guy. he showed me around his town, and got some parts off him. Really trustworthy guy. Don't be scared to buy parts off him! or be scares.. more parts for me Thanks again blake! and great meeting you!
  5. Anyone know of any good sources for parts in bankok?
  6. gonna have to pass on the webers.. ultimate spark package still available
  7. oh in that case! can u send me pics? dm'ing u my email now.
  8. I would have been if I weren't doing the m20 swap
  9. Still available.. Price drop $450 Also up for trades.. Suspension, Lsd rear diff, recaro's.. Lmk what u got
  10. I have a brand new in the box ultimate spark package from top end performance for sale. Never been used or opened. I was going to install it into my car but decided to go a different route. Top-End sells these for $495. I'm selling it for $475 firm. save a couple bucks.. package includes: MSD-6A Capacative discharge box, Tach Adapter (So your tach reads correctly), 8mm Wire set, Pertronix Electronic Ignition conversion, Bosch Red Coil, NGK BP6ES Spark Plugs, Detailed Wiring Instructions. Pm for more info.
  11. Does any1 have any experience with these? i originally was going to go with the complete kit from blunt tech, but i don't need the ball joints, control arm, etc. Plus, i got an amazon gift card for $170.00. i'm in the process of refreshing my front subframe bushings. But i don't know which exactly to switch out (i don't know the names to them). I know to be safe just replace all of them... here are some pics:

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