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  1. I have a '76 2002 with an e21 5 speed. How do I check the fluid? I searched this site & Googled it but got nothing.... Thanks for your help!
  2. 2002bob


  3. Beautiful job! I can't believe the progress since I saw you last. Well done! Bob
  4. 9-noon at Vehicle Vault in Parker. Get there early...this one always fills up! Bob
  5. I have a friend who is German. He offered this translation: I am not sure if the description is really linked to the diagram. The x-axle of the diagram shows how much vacuum the vacuum-pump has to produce in relation to the distributor shaft speed. The vacuum adjusts the timing of the sparks for higher engine speed. The centrifugal weights are adjusting the timing of the sparks for lower engine speed. The text describes how to check the engine speed limiter. Here is the english translation: 1) Checking of the assembled engine speed limiter on the test bench EFZV 10: Adjust the spark-gap to 6 mm, raise the speed to 3200 rpm. (They mean here the speed of the distributor, which is half of the engine speed). No dropouts for the sparks are supposed to happen up to this speed. 2) Raise the speed of the distributor more. At 3400 rpm the first dropouts of the sparks have to happen. The dropout have to become more when you increase the distributor speed more. Repeat the test while you decrease the distributor speed. Here is the translation of the diagram: The German word „Verteilerwellenverstellung“ means adjustment of the distributor-shaft. „Verteilerwelle“ is the distributor-shaft „Unterdruck“ is vacuum U / min is rpm (consider that it is the speed of the distributor, then engine runs with double speed) the distance of the contacts needs to be at least 0.4 mm the dwell angle needs to be in the range of 59 to 65 degree (or 66-72% if the dwell tester shows %) I do not know what the 3rd little picture under the diagram means Hope the translation can save the problem. BTW, the best dictionary that translates German/English in both directions is http://www.leo.org it is from the university in Munich and it’s free.
  6. Thanks for all of the speedy replies! I'll definitely go with the IE front & rear sway bars. Do you think 19mm bars front & rear is the way to go for a street car? Are the 22mm bars significantly more difficult to install? Sounds like the strut brace can wait....
  7. I'm looking for some suspension upgrades for my '76 2002 with Bilstein shocks & H&R lowering springs. First, a strut brace that is angled to fit around the stock air cleaner housing. I can't find one anywhere. Second, what sway bars to you guys recommend for a street car? Thanks for your help! Bob
  8. My car is a 76. The PO swapped out what I believe are earlier European bumpers & welded up the body at the front. Looks really great IMO. Bob
  9. That looks great, Harold. I had searched Amazon, but was obviously using the wrong words! That looks great, Harold. I had searched Amazon, but was obviously using the wrong words!
  10. I should have noted that I need something that will wind around the hoses or a slit tube that will slip over the hoses, as I don't want to disconnect the hoses. Thanks for your reply!
  11. I need to wrap the air conditioning hoses (a/c) that run from the compressor to the firewall to protect them from the heat of the exhaust manifold. Can anyone suggest an appropriate material & the source for that material? (Yes, I searched first. ) Thanks! Bob
  12. I talked to my independent mechanic & Safelite & Schomp...all of whom were willing to replace the windshield & all were about the same price: ~$400, as I recall. Let us know what you do...I haven't done mine yet. Bob
  13. I'm late to this party. Does anyone have the contact info mentioned above for the guy selling tail light lenses? Mine is a 1976. Thanks!
  14. Last month's C&C was really well attended! However, there were only three 2002s! Hope to see you there! Bob 1976 2002 Pastelblau Vehicle Vault 18301 Lincoln Meadows Parkway Parker, Colorado 80134
  15. Welcome John! Nice to have you join the group. Hope to see you up north here sometime. Looking forward to pics of your car! Bob
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