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  1. 1975 BMW 2002 for sale. I purchased the car from a former BMWCCA national president, out of Columbus, OH. I undertook a full recommissioning of the car, including brakes, struts, rotors, new radiator, battery, water pump, fuel pump, 2-barrel Weber, tie rods, control arms etc. The engine was professionally rebuilt by noted BMW mechanic Tom Hatem in Columbus. The car is fully road-ready and runs/drives/stops beautifully. Sunroof works perfectly, and does not leak. There is only one visible rust spot, about 2" in diameter at the read passenger footwell. Otherwise there is no visible rust on the underside of the car, and no indications of rust. Car was repainted probably 25 years ago, at which time I'm guessing some rust repair was undertaken, but I'm not sure of this. The paint shows very well, but isn't perfect. But the paint looks very good. Interior is nice, original steering wheel, UNCRACKED DASH, carpet good, headliner good, no rips. Seats are from a Toyota Camry, and fit very well. I have the original seats, and I have a seat cover kit from World Upholstery. I just never got around to re-covering the original seats, which will likely need new horsehair. Trunk is nearly perfect. I will be adding additional photos as soon as I find them (or more likely I'll jut take new ones). Contact Rich at [email protected] 2002 1 2002 2 2002 3 2002 4 2002 5 2002 6 2002 7 2002 8 2002 9 2002 10 2002 11 2002 13 2002 12 2002 14 2002 15 2002 16 2002 17
  2. OOOPs, sorry, they are asking $14,900. Here's the link. https://vip-worldwidevintageautos.com/vip/1976/bmw/200/vin-no.-2740570/stock-no.-mhm3175
  3. Hello all, long time since I posted. A '76 Siennabraun with factory AC and sunroof crossed my screen just now, out of Worldwide Vintage Autos in Denver. They are asking around 16K for what appears to be a really nice car. Just thought I'd give a heads-up to the '02 crowd on what looks like a pretty good deal. But I've been wrong before! Check it out and let me know what you think.
  4. For sale in Tampa, my 1975 2002, formerly owned by national BMWCCA president. The president wrote several articles on aftermarket turbo installations around '76-78. I acquired the car about 4 years ago from this gentleman, a real character and great guy. The engine was rebuilt in Columbus, with 76K miles on the clock at that time. Currently showing 82K miles. 2-barrel Weber, still a 4-speed, Bilsteins, brakes re-done at 76K. SUNROOF. Malaga, with repaint about 25 years ago. Car was garaged in 1996, and I bought it in 2014 and re-habbed it. Runs great. Paintwork looks very good. Rust is very very minimal. I think some was repaired with the re-paint back around 1990 or so, but none visible except for slight bubbling at top of driver's door, and one small spot in passenger floor. Floor pans dead solid. Spare wheel well rock solid as are the shock towers. Interior is very nice, no cracks in dash. Glass is all good. Front bumper tuck. This is a really nice car. Call me at 614-989-8328. Thanks, Rich Will get some pictures uploaded ASAP. I thought I had photos of this car on this computer, but now I don't. Ay yai yi...
  5. Nice write-up Ed. I just did all that stuff on a Volvo 122 I resurrected for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Kickoff Rallye on July 1. As usual there was "mission creep", but the car did well. Did the same 4 years ago on my '75 Malaga. I should have taken the 2002 to Pittsburgh this year, as the 2002 was the featured marque for the event, as I'm sure you are all aware.
  6. OK, yes I understand there were 800K units make from 68-76, and that's a lot of units, but I never see one at any car show. My 75 Malaga is always the only one. Maybe it's my geographic location here in Florida...these guys can't think beyond Chevelle and Mustang.
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate your help. I'm always surprised at how much rusty Volvo 1800s or Porsches will bring, but somehow the 02 (despite it's loyal following) can't seem to bring much money in this condition. And that's another thing....is it just that the 02 is so plentiful, ( unlike the Volvo 1800 of which only about 40K units were made over 12 years)?? Sometimes the universe seems pretty random.
  8. Hello all. I had the chance to look at a '71 project car today. I'm considering buying it, but I'm not sure how much to pay. The car hasn't run in about 8 years, but the engine looks complete, and I think it would run with fresh gas etc. It's an Oklahoma car, so the floors look good, as do the shock towers. The spare tire well has some considerable rust-through. The driver's rocker has some rust through. There appears to me mud in the car around the rear wheels and quarters. No apparent accident damage. Paint is bad. Originally Golf yellow, it was repainted red at some point, and then (believe it or not) somebody painted it light yellow with a roller and Rustoleum paint. The seats are nice, door cards are bad. Carpet is gone. Headliner is OK. Dash has cracks. Otherwise the interior seems mostly all there. Glass looks OK. The seller claims that when he test drove the car 8 years ago, the shift linkage broke, so he pushed the car into his garage, and there it has sat since 2010. That's the basic rundown on this car. The seller is asking $2500, but I know I can get the car for less than that. SO, my question is...what's this car really worth? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. Hi Farshid,  did you receive the email I sent about a week ago?  I'm at [email protected]  I notice in your profile picture that it appears you tucked your front bumper...is that right?    Shoot me an email when you get some time, I'd like to catch up and talk guibo too.    Richard

  10. Many thanks gents for your suggestions. And Hello Farshid in Dublin! Good to hear from you my friend. I ruled out the tires as I had the car up on jackstands with tires off and drums removed. The vibration isn't present as the car is revved when up on jackstands in neutral, but is present when in gear. By "low", I mean a low-pitched vibration. It's really pronounced at 35mph. Again, it is present at all speeds, but is less noticeable at highway speeds. The shifter vibrates annoyingly. My instinct was the center driveshaft bearing, and I have access to a lift, so I guess the next step is to lift the car and inspect the center bearing, which was difficult to access without a lift. Thanks again for all your suggestions. I appreciate all your thoughtful insights and non-condescending answers (if you get a V8 Buick, you'll see what I mean!) This is far and away the best old-car forum on the internet.
  11. Hello. My '75 has developed a low vibration at all speeds. I have raised the car and removed the wheels, and run the car in all gears. I used a "stethoscope" to listen to all the joints and bearings, and nothing really sounds amiss. I wasn't able to listen to the carrier bearing. The vibration feels like something is out of round, and similar to an out-of-balance driveshaft or bad U-joint. Any thoughts on what is causing this vibration? Thanks for any help.
  12. It's been a while since I posted on this site. Back 3 years ago, I bought a 20-year dormant '75 2002 base from a guy in Columbus, who I understand to be the former national president of the BMWCCA. His big thing was installing aftermarket turbos to his cars, and evidently he wrote some articles in Rondel about the process. Anyhow, the car is now "restored" (sans turbo), but I just wondered if anyone remembers those articles, or if anyone knew the guy, Hal Noltimier, who is still alive and kicking.
  13. scoopyg


  14. Glad to hear you weren't injured. I lost a Volvo 1800 in the same manner a couple of years ago. Amazingly, his insurance company came through rather generously. At that point I once again started to bug the owner of the 18-year-dormant '75 Malaga. The old guy finally relented, and now I enjoy it almost every day.
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